July 18, 2014

pray for MH17

barely halfway through the year,and yet another tragedy has been bestowed upon us.


our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers, crew and families of flight Malaysia Airlines MH370.

July 17, 2014

burger factory

it is always preferable to break fast at home, only because it is crap to find a place to dine in. i keep calling up different restaurants only to get the usual 'sorry, dah penuh' or 'try walking in after 8pm' answer.

these people ah, they call and book days in advance kah?????
(i'm reminded of all those posh US restaurants that need booking months in advance T_T)

anyway, so Significant Other attended an iftar with the other fly boys earlier and brought me along. this is my first time dining at the factory.

syafiq came down all the way from Dubai for an interview, hebat tak. another friend of theirs joined us shortly after breaking fast, he got stuck in breakfast traffic. service was a bit slow, but the staff were really friendly.


i keep seeing people taking photos of their burgers, so it's not a crime to follow suit, teehee. there were so many burgers i didn't know what to pick. so we ended up choosing based on what they dumped into the burger. the charcoal bun seems interesting.

izam tried to see if he could fit the whole burger into this mouth, he failed miserably. for burgers like this, i think you're gonna need to eat it per layer, like some person i know *cough cough arif cough cough*.

volcano, just because it wrote there 'spicy'
texas, for chicken's sake

the Burger Factory is located at Oasis Square, the same place where i had iftar at that Arab restaurant, on the opposite side. Malindo and Eaglexpress offices are located around this area. so... do drop by if you can find the place =D

July 16, 2014

let's bully Phia

the youngest one is getting cheekier and cheekier every day.

she's at the age where she's getting real good at expressing herself. like:

- she'll pull her sister's hair - mode geram haha
- insists that i rescue her from her jail cell every time i pass by
- and when i do pick her up and attempt to put her back down, she'd arch her back and squeeze her legs around me so that i'm forced to continue holding her hahahhahahaha
- finally knows how to use a handphone - she'd jab at the ipod screen and then hold it to her ear, haha
- pandai berebut vitagen with her elder sisters, haha
- "ppbbbbbbbbbbbbt"
- shakes her head sepenuh hati until she gets dizzy

(i still don't know why she can't do the twinkle twinkle hand gestures until now no matter how hard i try to teach her T_T)

well anyway, i purchased a couple of headscarves for the kids from Ladorn last week. my friend wanted to stalk a LovetoDress outfit at Modvier so while she was busy trying and deciding, i grabbed once each for the elder kids - a yellow and blue (because i was sick of the 'i wan pink one!' mandatory color haha).

bibik suka bully Sophia. my sister came by for the weekend and we were lepakking downstairs with the kids when this appeared at the doorway:

haha! a minion

omg cuteness overload, i almost didn't recognize her, chubbiness and all. sporting pulak cik kiah ni pakai tudung, haha. she kept running in and out of the room, occasionally letting out a 'ppppppppppppbbbbbbbbbbbbtttt' in an effort to mesh into the minion role.

luckily she ain't yellow, else she'd make a perfect minion, kekekekeke.


bibik mau buli lagi, she had her wear Dinara's school backpack.
minions go to school too, you know.
at age of One, all set to go to school already. ish ish. 

all set for school

L'adorn NADE EL LUNAXyra in Light Blue

this one is Mommy's doing, i bought a skirt for Dinara at the Vendeur Festival last weekend and slipped it on Pia, bahahhaha.

evening gown haha

Onulaa Julia Maxi Skirt

and yesterday since it was a holiday i took the kids and bibik to get their ears pierced. bibik wanted to pierce her ears and convinced Dinara to pierce hers as well. sampai meleleh air mata Dinara ok haha. i had to bribe her with a lollipop afterwards. Dayana had already gotten hers last year, tapi sibuks mau lollipop as well, chis.

after bibik's turn they asked me if i wanted to do the same for the baby. i didn't even know they could do so, since she was only a little after One year old. but i was like ok, why not? and up on the stool went baby. she cried all right - crocodile tears, hahahaha. chomel!

with short hair and earrings she reminds me of a junior gangster, bahahahahha.


so how has puasa been treating you?

July 8, 2014

zatgebo reflections

i was lucky to have been able to own this beautiful wrap for awhile before it flew off to its new owner earlier today. this wrap came to me quite unexpectedly, the previous owner was looking for a trade and i jokingly offered my zatgebo nightfall (of which the length and colors were not quite my taste). who knew she was actually interested, and so we traded for each other's wraps. and so home it came to me =).

the mastermind behind the beauty of Zatgebo is Wendi Stemmons. did you know each letter in the brand name represents the name of each of her children, in order of birth? planned or coincidence? lol.

zatgebo reflections, heather weft

zatgebo reflections is 100% cotton, it's a size 4.1m, plain weave, heather weft. it's a blue wrap, so what's not to like? i was already had as soon as the mama sent me her action photos, hahaha.

solid, sturdy

i find this wrap a bit denser than my previous zatgebo nightfall. nightfall was deliciously broken in, reflections wasn't quite so, despite having traveled in an effort to be broken in, still felt the stiffness of a freshly washed wrap. i'm not a fan of that white stripe on one side of the rails, but i love the soft shade of green on the other rail of the wrap.

flat shot

if that 11/13 on the label depicts when the wrap was created, then i guess i actually sold a wrap that has the same birth month as me :O :O :O

zatgebo wrap label

i lent this wrap to a friend for awhile and she offered me to sew on a middle marker. i told her she's going blind the wrap already had one. there wasn't any obvious markers to see, but if you look closer, it actually does have a middle marker. i'm not sure what you call that type of middle marker, but it's a thicker thread that's woven into the wrap, like in the photo below:

middle marker
i love this rail colors
under artificial light
a lousy action shot

ish. just seeing my action photo makes me have a twinge of regret about selling it. to further pour salt onto my injury (haha, ayat!), Significant Other told me the night before that he likes the wrap. and he doesn't do that often ok. but i realize he tends to say stuff like that AFTER i sell them. chis.

am now iso-ing a twill weave zatgebo, just to satisfy my curiosity. i've never have any luck with draws, so i'm glad that my friend has offered me to try her twill for awhile to see whether i like it or not.

and maybe another blue wrap. since i'm a blue color lover, that way. hee~.

reflections stock photo from the weaver

July 7, 2014

aviax in motion

hi uolls. i got a free makeover yesterday! this time round Aviax decided to produce a short video clip for i-do-not-know-what and my friend was supposed to be in it but she bailed last minute, so i had to substitute T_T.


here's me with the makeup artist, and she does decent work. she used to intern at Aviax and know she's helping the peeps on a pro-bono basis =P!~~~ anyway, she's available for make up slots if you need a fix-me-upper. you can check out her instagram here. excuse the eyes, when i smile, they turn into black evil slits. HAHAHAHAH.

meet the makeup artist, Daisy

the Aviax family loves to camwhore. for this edition they brought along their gopros, their monopods and their i-dunno-what-pod suction-thingy that you can mount onto the wall (Daisy asked if she could mount it on her head, they all told her to go right ahead, no problem =P~~). so naturally, out comes all the batang cangkul for photo assists!

the aviax clan
Significant Other's first crazy Sifu.

question: how many people can we fit into a cockpit?

my friend finally came not too long after we finished the video session.

the latecomer

since everyone was together under one roof, we + a bunch of other aviation junkies went for iftar at this Arab place in Oasis Square (but you can't beat Saba restaurant in Cyberjaya, though. like 1000+!). i didn't even know a place such as this existed, the scenery was so pretty and serene! there were a bunch of other restaurants here too that you could choose from. i saw a bunch of families strolling by just to take in the view (+ camwhoring hahaha).

arab buffet
oasis square, gorgeous night view

mana group photo nie????

so here's a final me in my vamp look (i am so not gonna comb my hair for the next couple of days *_*), photo effects due to my lousy front iphone camera. hahahhahahhaha. toodles!


July 4, 2014

a thousand spires

images source: google

Charles Bridge

Old Town Square

someone told me this was the place to take beautiful photographs,
if you were an avid photographer.

fine architecture can be found almost anywhere in the city.

someone also told me the chicks were hot here too.


more raya goodness

how has fasting been treating uolls?

are you in raya shopping mode yet? fashionvalet has been churning out new designer works week by week, i've lost count already. i think if you started out planning to get only 1 or 2 outfits for raya this year, you'd actually end up getting 3, or 4 or even 5 if you're not careful. HAHA!

so here is me, stalking 'stuff' on instagram. have you seen nora danish's raya collaboration with fashionvalet? monochrome seems to be the in thing for her. i was skeptical when fv labelled her collection as affordable (you should see the prices listed for some of the other collections, i cry just looking at them!) but once they were released, at rm199 they are affordable. let's hope they don't disappoint. there's 8 designs to choose from. i like the second from left outfit in the top row.

nora danish for fv

apparently this Kate Dress is also something to drool about, a collaboration between Ashh&Annas and designer Mazlianul Maznan. it's the first time i've heard of them. this dress has pretty detailing on its sleeves, and the bodice sports a chiffon cape that may or may not tickle your fancy. however this outfit is not breastfeeding friendly. did i mention that they come available in XS size? i'm sooo in for designers that take time to create sizes for tiny-challenged people like me. i still remember those Jovian crazed days, when i bought an outfit XS size but it still came off as too big for me, so i sold it off to another crazed fan, bahahaha. is this outfit inspired from Kate Middleton?

anyway, the Kate Dress is available in 6 colors, all of which i hear are already sold out. BOO. i hope they restock, i think many fans were not able to get their hands on a pair, including yours truly.

the kate dress

btw, this nurita harith outfit is rubbing off on me, but i don't think i can pull off such an outfit. i think i love the pastel colors mainly (i'm a huge pastel fan).

nurita harith on fv

oh speaking of raya outfits, i just had to post this photo from ladorn_kl:

look familiar?

Aurora top Kaftan in Pink Orange
Let It Go Skirt 2.0 in Fuschia
both from L'adorn

i initially dropped by to browse through Kree else but ended up deviating from my original objective T__T.  the younger sister didn't want to oblige for a photo; for some reason she was in a cranky mode and refused to don the skirt, despite me threatening her in various ways. oh well.

Ladorn and Kree were having a pre-raya sale the day i dropped by and i think they'll be appearing at this weekend's Karnival Teratak Glam Raya at the Shah Alam stadium. lotsa celebrities will be there as well (Lisa Surihani is, i follow her instagram hahahaha). i reckon the crowd will be crazy, so for my safety i'm gonna stay away.

(p/s. Kiss & Tell should really design shoes that are abit lower in height, i love the print, but their heel height can be back-breaking T_T).

there's so many sellers on instagram these days, selling every single possible thing you could think of. i came across this seller on ig. these blouses were selling really cheap so i got a couple. it didn't disappoint; loved the feel of the blouse material! sometimes online shopping blows because you don't get to try before you buy, so when decide to purchase something and it arrives at your doorstep, it's really upsetting to find that it's a tad too small or wayyyyyyy too big, phooey. or you find that the material sucks for the price that you've paid, as another example.

if you know nuts about fashion, or aren't a fashionista yourself, i recommend purchasing stuff based on reviews. but don't get swept up in the hype, just because someone purchases a truckload doesn't mean you have to as well, set your own pace and be happy =D.

'mng' off shoulder top, very happy colors

to end my shopping post of the day, here's a photo of my very happy minion. recently she perfected the skill of raising her hand. she raises her hand whenever i ask, 'siapa nama Sophia, raise your hand!'. gosh, she looks like a boy in this photo. ish.

the other two raising their hands

in bibik's point of view, each time the maid buat tangan penumbuk kasi tunjuk Pia, she'd raise her hand also, minus the clenched fist, hahahhahahahha.