July 10, 2012

another trip to lgk

i went to Langkawi for the weekend. the last time i went was in April, and since the airfares were really pricey for such short notice, i didn't really mind braving the bus (AND the ferry) both ways.

although, the bus did encounter a masalah teknikal on the way up north, we hadn't even reached Ipoh yet @_@. it even started raining just as the bus started to move again after getting help from goodness knows which bengkel that was still open in the middle of the night. i think i spent almost 9 hours on the bus that night? gilos. luckily my dad was accompanying me for the journey.

note to myself: when traveling by bus, always bring a blanket. or a size 4 wrap. and empty your bladder before boarding the bus.

i can't really call this so-called trip a holiday, even after leaving the kids at home with the maid. nope. sitting on your buns all day staring squinting your eyes at navigational charts with latitude and longitude coordinates being your best friend is not what i label as fun. it's like geographical nightmare revisited. seriously. ok fine so i'm exaggerating. but it beats having to cry each time purchasing coupons fail, or if non I non P tak jalan. HAHA something refreshing!

the flying bible? @_@

it rained alot too, so there wasn't much to do anyway. we just stayed at a hotel - of which i will review later - and only went out for that new Spiderman movie. i wanted to dye my hair but time wasn't on my side. pffft.

scouted for the plain Cadbury bars in Kuah but somehow they were non-existant!!! they only had those weird flavors that i do not fancy because they're all manis nak mati. literally. my friend almost got a migraine stomaching it. haha.

what atrocious flavors are these???

so i leave you here with photos of food. Significant Other took me to Wan Thai (i actually just wanted to go to that simple place where he'd always go to - nasi putih, ayam goreng kunyit, telur dadar, sup kosong, cili padi, betui ka yang? lol). the last time i was there was with mil and family, she did the ordering and everything was super (and me being the idiot blogger that i usually am, i forgot to take photos and i seriously can't recall what he had that night, sigh).

each dish listed down in the menu sounded so exotic and foreign, just by staring at it i really couldn't recall whether i've tried it before or not. anyway, this time i took a photo of the menu. the chicken and beef section that is. so that i know what is what and whether i should order it again next time. HAHA.

beef options

option #3: Nue Ob Yodphak

chicken options

option #5: Gai Ho Bai Teoi

a must to order when dining with Significant Other lol

Significant Other loves the way it is more than me

i just wanted to tempek here the standard ferry schedules back to from LGK to Kuala Kedah. the only one i remember is the last ferry at 7pm, because that's the one that i usually take =P. but do note that the last ferry during fasting month will be at 6.30pm.

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