November 24, 2020

my birthday surprise

remember the birthday prank i played on my deskmate earlier this year? well my friends decided to continue the tradition even though we're in lockdown and stuck working from home.

their initial plan was to sabotage my car, or something like that. but nah, that ain't happening, office tutup. lucky for me, too bad for them.


they got creative and decided to send the surprise to my house instead. no one is safeeeeeee

birthday surprise - the kids were the happiest to see thissss
thanks guys!

you know that mco joke where they say now's a good time to go kutip hutang, coz confirm everyone will be at home? yeah well... that's how it was more or less.  

funny thing was, they had to send the surprise one day before my actual birthday, only because the courier service is closed on Sunday hahahha. so i received alot of early birthday wishes this year. i seriously did not expect this. i was just told to make sure i was around on Saturday. and in my total surprise (i was stunned i tell you, STUNNEDDDDD), i did not realize the mascot was a cat, and not a mouse. 

cat or mouse?

bongok tak. kene bahan lagiii *smacks forehead* i'm just glad they didn't catch me in my pajamas, hahahahhahah.

never mind. next year can balas dendam. january is comingggggggggggg hahahahhahaha

btw, the cake they sent me sedap gila. here's the number in case anyone's interested in ordering:

love desserts - 0126191548

on Sunday, i had brunch with v at VCR. v's a pro at cafe hopping, so her recommendations doesn't disappoint. i found out that doughnuts and ice cream go perfectly together. 

bersama geng masuk hutan
this is v's. she forever eats clean =P
i ordered... thisssssss
am i 18 or am i 18?
donuts + ice cream = yum yum

v also had the bright idea to order from kak od her infamous salmon asam pedas and kek batik. so of cos i pun nak la menumpang sekali, heeee~~~~ huwaaaaaaaa i miss random makan-makans in the office. now to figure out how to pass all that to v. why la you live so far away from me?

asam pedas kak od!!!

ended the day with Sushi King with the family and berry pavlova from Alexis. the husband had already bought an early birthday gift for me about a week ago. my old device died on me, and as much as i'd like to revive it, it's time to move on and move to greener pastures =P. 

mini family celebration

also, a good friend of mine decided to surprise me with this slice of cake. thanks babe! love u mucho =D

November 15, 2020

demam norwex

so have you heard of Norwex? that kayangan cloth that advocates microfiber + water.
no, i'm not selling. just wanna jot down my opinion on this cloth because i too, am in search of the perfect absorbent microfiber cloth. most of the cloths i randomly buy in stores just doesn't do the job.

i purchased my first set from a fellow Kedahan of mine, mainly because she was one of the few people i've seen posting about this cloth on instagram (now practically everyone is selling Norwex) and her postings didn't annoy me so much unlike some others (LOL) because she focuses her posts on the cloths capability rather than 'come join me', iykwim.
my first norwex purchase

i got the:
- Envirocloth in Graphite
- Window cloth in Purple (hidden between the envirocloth in the photo LOL)
- Kitchen cloth in Charcoal

these cloths i purchased to be solely used by me, of course =P

the first thing i did (to test out the cloth) was to wipe all the TV screens downstairs (there's two in case you start to wonder, cakap kemain mcm ade 10 bijik kekekkeke). first wipe with a damp Enviro, then finish to shine with the Window cloth, my friend advises me. 

for a first impression - ok la, not bad. didn't have to use any of those LCD spray cleaners and yet managed to get rid of those pesky fingerprints. the screen didn't end up with more scratches either. the Envirocloth is more of a multipurpose cloth. it is made super-dense so it can be used to absorb more liquid, can effectively pick up dirt and clean larger messes effectively. i won't go into the specifics, for that you go find a Norwex consultant, k.

i don't really know how to use the Window cloth on its own; i kinda prefer to pair it with the Enviro to get that satisfactory sparkle. i haven't tried it on windows or mirrors yet, my room is currently 'under construction', i'm waiting for someone to service (clean?) my bed before i clean the whole room. my closet mirrors need sental-ling, yo. my friend swears on it for all the glass surfaces in the house - super fingerprint eliminator and unwanted streaks.

what i couldn't do was to remove a small stain on one of my older bags; i saw someone's testimonial that they only needed the Enviro to restore a bag to look almost new. i think it depends on what type of stain it is and how long the stain is as well. the longer the stain, the more effort needed to get rid of. no kidding - sometimes i penat tengok orang menyental in their videos hahahhahaha. you could get their cleaning paste, dubbed as elbow grease, to help remove those tougher stains. so don't really expect magic from this cloth k. they don't disinfect surfaces, they don't disinfect themselves after.

remember those Axion tv advertisements a long time ago? in the advert, u just need to touch the cloth to the plate and wallah, terus shiny. well, that ain't happening here, woman. hahahahahhahahah

now the kitchen cloth, oh gosh, how i love! it's thinner than the Enviro, because i think it's supposed to easily absorb grease and grime in the kitchen, and in turn makes it easier for you to clean the cloth afterwards. i use mine daily to clean my oily stove - other cloths just seem to smear the grime all over, not to mention the watermarks it leaves after it dries. with the kitchen cloth, i don't even need to use soap, only water. i practically use it to wipe most of the surfaces and appliances in the kitchen. i have yet to try to sental my cooking hood (you know how icky and grimy a cooking hood can get); my friend has tried already, the cloth works wonders ok. oh and you can use them to dry your dishes too, up to you =D 

i love wiping my hands on it as well, but mcm too kayangan to just dry hands, don't you think? LOL so... i got myself some cheap Ikea cloths to wipe my hands on.

Ikea hand towel on the left, nay kitchen cloth on the right

that being said, you might to spend a bit more on their cleaning paste for stubborn stains, or their special detergent to launder the cloths after heavy usage. despite claiming that you can just dampen the cloth with water to clean, water alone cannot remove stains from the cloth, so i believe you still need some form of detergent to clean your cloths thoroughly after usage. because i is stingy, i just use my own liquid soap to wash my cloths after use (but that's just how i do it, please read the disclaimers first and don't blindly follow me k, kang void warranty i is not responsible). for deep cleansing, depending on how often you use the cloths, the cloths should be immersed in hot water (not boiling k) for half hour minumum with just a bit of detergent to effectively remove all the grime.

i got myself a few more kitchen cloths (in Navy) and another Envirocloth (in Plum) because i had hoped to use one of it for the husband's bicycle. but then i started to wonder if chain grease can be removed from the cloth. we've been reusing those old white mas hand towels as multipurpose cloths in the household, and so far no matter how you wash them, those stubborn black grease marks CANNOT disappear. i mean if you need extra effort to get rid of the grease from your hands, think about the tough time you'll be having getting rid of it from your cloth. hahaha.terus tak jadi bagi, hoader forever yo.

oh just to mention, the new Envirocloth i purchased in Plum is made from 70% percent recycled materials. don't ask me what's the difference, but supposedly the performance should be the same as the normal cloth. i asked my friend about it since i just noticed the label wrote 'RECYCLED'. haha.

speaking of recycled, i also got myself some counter cloths, which are also made of 50% recycled materials. they're supposed to replace paper towels due to it's high absorbency. don't know how it differs from the kitchen cloth, but the look is different, and they're both different in size. i actually bought it because i was conned into thinking it could 100% replace the use of kitchen paper towels; i saw people using it to lapik fried food to absorb oil. word of caution - never put fried food directly from pan onto the cloth ya. someone said her cloth kinda melted due to the hot oil... yikes. you can try it for yourself if you wanna see if that's true or not. or you can get your agent to test it out for the sake of testimonial purposes, jahahahha. you can also use them to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in the fridge, but i have yet to try that out. so many veggies, only three cloths, how lar.

kitchen cloth (the navy is gorgeous irl!), counter cloth, Enviro

so i tried out the counter cloth yesterday since the husband requested his mojos for supper (kudos to those who can still remember what they are; i don't). i'd usually put them directly onto a plate and serve but this time i moved it onto the cloth AFTER the potatoes had cooled down abit. the husband says it tasted much better than before because of that oil-absorbent cloth, but he always terpedaya liddat (like for example he takes a supplement for the first time then terus rasa sihat. hahahah. itu semua mentality ok hahahahhahahah).

mojos! the kids love them too
see all the oil it collected?

ask me later if i manage to remove all that oil from the cloth. i've already washed it, now waiting for it to dry to see the outcome.

i'm waiting for my friend Nini's testimonial on facial pads to see how effective it is compared to normal cotton pads, kekekke.

there are many more products Norwex has to offer, it's up to you what type you're looking for, and for what purpose. you can't expect one cloth to work for all; where's the business opportunity in that for Norwex? (same thing like getting a bike - you're going to have to buy the lights, the helmet, the whole outfit ensemble, and who knows what other accessories you think you need to ride a bike hahahahhaha)

i'm not getting paid to write any of this, i simply love this cloth find, wahahahha. and this is my final take on it:

  1. Norwex falls into the 'nice to have' category
  2. if you're hoping to make old or stubborn stains disappear easily with Norwex, guess again. you're still gonna need to put in the extra effort to tonyoh and sental all the dust and dirt away
  3. cleaning is not a one-time process - Norwex will not magically make a messy household become spanking clean with just a snap of your finger (ha! wouldn't i like that)
  4. for people who are exceptional house cleaners, don't put too much expectation and expect an obvious before and after because your house is already sparkling to begin with (kudos to you! now come sental my house please) 
  5. you reduce the usage of cleaning agents, however you still require them when it comes to stubborn stains and heavy duty cleaning PLUS you still need some sort of detergent to clean your cloths after usage 
  1. it will help you simplify the cleaning effort and effectiveness though. that's just my opinion k.

some might say that for a kain buruk, the price sure is hefty (truth be told, that was my first thought also hahahahah). i mean sure, they're made from good quality material with BacLock technology that would no doubt give you a run for your money, so why else would they have given you a warranty for a cloth if the company wasn't confident in their own product? at the very least you can try browsing through their catalogue and carefully choose what suits your cleaning style best. being able to clean without using additional cleaning agents is a plus point for me =D.

BUT bear in mind what works for one person might not work for another. like how someone wouldn't mind purchasing a RM35,000 bike while another person might think it ludicrous and would rather instead use the money to buy a second-hand car that has door, a roof and air-conditioning instead. bahahahhahahah 

if you're still unconvinced, you can always check out the many consultant's impressive videos online (thank technology for emptying my pocket in lightning record) and see for yourself. hehe.

so i'm going to admire my cloths now and use them (because you know how much of a hoarder i used to be =P). thanks for reading my rambling nonsense! #jakun