July 20, 2012

ikan bakar Bellamy

epal susu. nostalgic.

since this was the last day on a weekday to stuff our faces during lunch hour before Ramadhan, me and my two peeps decided to buat keje gila and go for ikan bakar at Bellamy.

'jom pi lunch ikan bakar!'

i used to hear my colleagues say when i first joined the co. it took them 1.5years for them to realize that invitation. AHAHAH.

my other two peeps... said they had to deliver cuppies at P1.
wondered why it took soo long to deliver cuppies to the basement (P1 as in level P1 parking lot =P) that they couldn't follow us.

"P1 WIMAX la bengong", was her reply (ok she originally said 'sayang' in her msg, i re-edited to bengong for a touch of idiocy on our end AHAHAHAHHA).

ikan bakar @ Bellamy be closed for the duration of Ramadhan, but i read one of the notices on the wall informing that they'll be opening a stall at a Ramadhan Baazar in Sg. Penchala? aiya didn't read properly.


selamat bangun sahur di pagi hari nanti =D

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