May 22, 2014

faux cabin crew

well... ok. technically, not everyone is faux. the two ladies behind there aren't =P.
one of them is an actual crew.

the others in front already have their license to fly.
only awaiting for their wings.

p/s. i think the one on the bottom right is still single. i could be wrong.

more photos when i have the official ones yeah.
i had one heck of a time taking them. f.u.n.!

p/s. kalah Kidzania hahahahahah

May 20, 2014

roses and mermaids

i'm running out of things to list!

roses pimpernel 100% cotton.
bronze rings.
measures 72" from rings to rail.
shoulder done by Oscha.
asking rm460 all inclusive.

beetlebums full buckle made from natibaby mea.
standard sizing.
hood is stuffable.
asking $330 all inclusive.


bebesachi pelangi black weft, twill.
green rings.
original bebesachi shoulder.
asking rm260.

May 15, 2014

why dogs can't eat chocolate

me and Significant Other have been sacrificing spending our sleeping hours watching Supernatural (oh emm Castiel!!!!). we're currently at Season 9, and there was this episode where Dean drank some kind of potion which enabled him to talk to animals. one of the side effects included him exhibiting animal behavior, depending on what animal he's been interacting with.

so during this scene where the dog advised Dean not to eat chocolate, Significant Other asked me,
"why can't dogs eat chocolate?".

"i dunno, but i know that they can't." because i read about it aeons ago but never bothered to store the info into my long-term memory. so i told him i'll look it up later.

Chocolate is severely toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine. This is a stimulant that effects the nervous system and heart muscle, as well as increasing the frequency of urination.
Dogs can't metabolize theobromine as effectively as humans. This allows it to build up in their system until it reaches toxic levels of concentration.

taken from here.

apparently, chocolate is not the only thing animals should stay away from:

- fruits of the vine (grapes, raisins, and sultans) are also emerging as a new concern for pet owners.
- onions, garlic, leeks, and chives are also toxic to pets.
- avocado is toxic to pets, and so are macadamia nuts.
- alcohol is deadly also to pets (i must think you're crazy to even give your pet alcohol to begin with).

basically, just avoid feeding your pet human food.

SoOoOoOOoO... aren’t you glad that you were born human? =P~~~
PMS = eat chocolate.
stress!!! = eat chocolate.
mau diabetes = eat chocolate by the truckloads.

on another note,

this Dinara still pronounces words like nobody's business.
here's both of us last night after reading one of them princess books.
i was trying to get her to pronounce Princess Jamine's name properly.

me: 'say jasssssss!'
dinara: 'jassssss!'
me: 'minnnnnnnnnnn!'
dinara: 'minnnnnnnnnnn!'
me: 'JASMINE!'
dinara: 'JAQ-MINNNNNNN!!!!!'


Dinana, ooooOoOOo Dinana. sigh.

May 14, 2014

happy birthday, Sophia

Tuesday marked Sophia's First Birthday!
we're definitely excited.
the celebrated? not caring in the least.
but she was all smiles the whole day =D.

then and now

we took her and the kids shopping for her birthday present!

the elder two got consolation prizes too.
sorang tu wanted angel wings. the other one didn't care, so long as it was PINK.
the birthday girl? didn't show a single interest in anything specific. haha.

although, i had to wonder, whose birthday are we celebrating again?

she still allows me to wear her, so that's a good sign.
i tried gauging her weight based on (me+pia) - me = pia method.
she should weight about 7.9kg.
i find that heavy, just carrying her with my bare arms.

a little on the progress of the birthday girl:

her two top pearly whites are making an appearance now, woot woot.

kids at this age learn by observation. the proof? we batuk, she batuk.

me: *cough*
Pia: *cough*
Daddy: *cough cough*
Pia: *cough cough*
Daddy: *cough cough* *COUGH* *sputters*
Pia: tergamam sekejap. thinks Daddy's overdoing it


she waves at you if you wave at her.
depending on her mood ok.

when we say 'cak!', she tries her best to imitate us, complete with the intonation.

she discovered the 'art' of expelling liquid from her bottle by turning it upside down and pressing on the teat.
i woke up one night drenched in water. and her water bottle?
empty T__T.

 she sways violently from side to side whenever she hears music, haha!
i must catch this on video one day.

has huge stranger anxiety. seriously.

she finds blowing raspberries amusing.
especially when there's milk in her mouth -____-

happy Birthday Sophia! we love you!

May 12, 2014

mother's day 2014

last year i spent Mother's Day preparing myself for the birth of my third daughter.
this year, well... i'm spending the day with 3 kids, haha.

celebrated on the second Sunday in May in Malaysia

happy Mother's Day to all the mother's in the world.
and to the fathers who had to take on the role of the mother as well.

being a mom rocks.
them kids might turn your world upside down,
the end result is usually worth it.

so... here's my take on Mother's Day... from the elder two kids' perspective.


i told her to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.
you know what she did?
she said to me, 'Happy Birthday, Mommy!'
and then proceeded to sing the whole verse of the birthday song for me.

birthday pun birthday la, nak. lol.


she was pretending to be a fairy godmother and so she told me to make a wish.
i asked for a car.
(an image of a Mercedes was floating around in my brain).
she gave me this:


and Sophia...?

she's turning One tomorrow! yay!

May 11, 2014

tlc sports day 2014

this year tlc held their Sports Day indoors, at Setia Badminton Academy. and since it was held indoors, they held the event in the afternoon instead of the usual morning.

each year they combine students from other tlc branches for the event - Damai, Kota Damansara and Ttdi Jaya. it started to rain when i arrived, so the event got delayed while waiting for other parents to arrive. the hall started to feel stuffy too.

so on Saturday we used Waze to get to the location. upon registering, they kids were given a colorful door gift each. Dayana had to wear a turtle hat for the marching ceremony, hehe. she was sorted into the Red team, Dinara was put into Yellow.

door gifts

after the march past and the kids' performances, the first event was for the 4-year olds. spot Dinara in the line-up below! muka selamba je. the kids had to run from one end to the other and carry out a small task before running back to the other side. anak orang lain kemain lagi lari, anak i pula? lenggang kangkung sambil makan angin, until one of the teachers had to drag her along, hahahah. gila tak competitive Dinara ni -___-.

minah gediks in the line-up

*shuffle shuffle shuffle*

then i waited for the 6-year olds turn. there's Dayana lining up below, with the turtle hat still on her head =P. her first event was the 3-legged race. these kids did pretty well actually, shuffling from one end to the other without falling. they also had a balloon-blowing competition, but we all know Dayana knows nuts about blowing balloons on her own haha.

i met one of my neighbours here, her granddaughter goes to the same school as Dayana too.

spot the turtle

three-legged race

this year the kids didn't go home empty-handed. they each got medals! mak pulak excited.

my medals!

the happy camper

there was also a competition held for the kids' parents, mainly the men. they had to create a three-tier human pyramid, like what cheerleaders do best. here's a photo i took from afar. our tlc branch got 4th place, bahahahah.

human pyramid

going home now. toodles!

going home!

May 9, 2014

home flight sim

so.... awak ado?
sanggup sacrifice sleep to set this up.

now in search of a triplehead2go.

" supports the use of multiple monitors over a single video source by splitting the output of a video source, providing an enlarged workspace or gaming environment "

you know what i need right now?

a bigger room.

May 6, 2014

melodies of life

Ate monaku samayotte ita
Tegakari monaku sagashi tsuzuketa
Anataga kureta omo ide o
Kokoro o iyasu utani shite

Yakusoku mo suru koto monaku
Kawasu kotobamo kimetari mo sezu
Dakishime soshite tashi kamete
Hibiwa nidoto kaeranau

Kioku no naka no te o furu anata wa
Watashi no namo yobuko toga dekiru no

Afureru sono namida o
Kagayaku yuuki ni kaete
Inochi wa tsuzuku yoru o koe
Utagau koto no nai ashita reto tsuzuku

Tobu tori mo mukou no sorade
ikutsu no kioku azuketa da ro o
Hakanai kibo o mo yume mo
todokanai bashyo ni wasurete

Meguru aunuwa guuzen toi yeru no?
Wakareru toki ga kanarazu kuru no ni

Kieyuku unmei de mo
kimi ga ikite iru kagiri
Inochi wa tsuzuku eien ni
sono chikara no kagiri doko made mo

Watashi ga shinou tomo
kimi ga ikite iru kagiri
Inochi wa tsuzuku eien ni
sono chikara no kagiri doko made mo tsuzuku

by: Emiko Shiratori

tried looking this song up in Spotify.
(blame my deskmate for tempting me to try it out lol)
apparently they don't have the one where Emiko Shiratori sings it.
so i youtubed it. bahahahahahahah.
if only this game is compatible with the latest Playstation console..!

i started playing ff viii, and stopped mid-way of playing ff-xii.
i sacrificed alot of sleep just to progress through the game ok.
especially since i'm the type to die-die just to complete every single side quest there is.

p/s. don't rename your hero character as 'Steve'. it isn't funny ok.

if you're a classical/instrumental junkie, try listening to these:

Within Attraction, Yanni
Pacific Rim feat Tom Morello, Ramin Djawadi

just sayin'. =D

May 2, 2014

klia2 open day

being married to someone who has his foot partially through the door of the aviation industry *touch 1000 pieces of wood*, it would not do to miss KLIA 2's Open Day, on the 27th April. Significant Other had a class in the morning so it we could only arrive there at 4pm.

Open Day was actually from 9am - 5pm, but due to the surging crowds, they extended their hours until 7pm. MAHB estimated about 20,000 people to visit; i think the actual numbers ran three times more than that, hee~.

klia2 open day

i hope that with the 6000+ parking bays made available to the public, we won't be experiencing the horrible congestion just trying to drop or pick up passengers like what we usually see at lcct. oh wait, i just hope parking prices aren't crazy.

passenger drop off (or pickup?) at klia2

did i mention that this place is huge? even the main occupants of the building agree =P. a pilot friend of Significant Other says it's a 45-minute walking distance to get from the office to the tarmac - and that's if you're not in a hurry, haha.

the departure hall
departures board

we had to register first at the check-in counters to get our boarding passes. kids below 12 enters for free.
there was a full tour you could participate in: checking-in at the local departures, getting on a bus ride through the new runway, disembarking at the international arrival hall and passing through the Skybridge. or you could just go straight and visit the Skybridge, the bridge that only international passengers will be able to pass through once the airport is fully operational. we went for the full tour: it covers the whole airport anyway so you could kill all the birds with one stone.

our boarding passes!
waiting for the tour bus
on the tour bus
flight gates... we're missing planes here
our tour guide

the length of Runway 3 is about 4km. of course, the bus didn't take us to the end of the runway ok. HAHA.

the new Runway 3

the first flight to land at klia2 was Malindo Air flight OD1027 from Kota Kinabalu, which landed at about 0005 hours on May 2nd. naturally, they welcomed the plane in style:

first flight to land in klia2
img source: Irwan's fb 

Cebu Pacific Airways flight 5J502 to Manila was the first departing flight from klia2 at 0120 hours. just in case you'd like to know. naturally, the passengers were the first to utilize the check-in counters, lol.

budak2 jakun
shopping lady haha (no mothercare here btw)

i would call it an overstatement if the day passed without a single glitch. the below escalator connects international passengers to the departure/arrival gates. unfortunately for us when we got there, the escalator suddenly went kaput and the 2 available elevators weren't working. they got it to work, eventually. but just imagine if this happened while the airport was fully functional, hahah.

being glitch-free is an overstatement...
see? even the elevator was confused.

ok so i didn't realize they set up this board at various checkpoints throughout the tour so i only managed to start snapping photos of them from checkpoint 8 onwards, oops.

checkpoint 8

the Skybridge is the first in Asia and only the third airport Skybridge in the world. the only thing missing during our visit to the Skybridge was the AIRPLANES! so we had to make do with the planes that you can see over at KLIA, hahahah (and only Significant Other's camera was able to take close-ups).

the skybridge. a plane can pass underneath the bridge
in the skybridge. check out the travellator at the back
view from the skybridge... sans aircrafts
klia from afar... check out the old livery
checkpoint 9
at arrivals - immigration
checkpoint 10
baggage claim
arrivals hall
checkpoint 11

the best checkpoint of all - Gateway@klia2.  i was beginning to wonder whether this place was more of an airport or a shopping mall. the main occupants voted the latter, bahahahah. seriously they have so many outlets here, i even found toys r us somewhere down the lower levels. oh they even have Pandora here =P. dayana took one look and said 'look Mommy, it's your store!' T___T. it opens today, and someone who's already gone there said they have a 3% discount. so if you think it's worth the journey (or if you live nearby), sila pergi hahahahahhaha.

there's a Pandora here! no need boarding pass! LOL
excited punye budak

the new ATC tower (seen in the background in one of my earlier photos), stands at 141.9 metres above sea level and is the tallest of its kind in the world, can you imagine? the tower costs RM55 million in total if you can imagine summore, and was built by Malaysian firm Perkasa Jauhari Sdn Bhd. it has 33 floors and a rooftop where the Surface Movement Radar is located. i think the old ATC tower at Subang is currently the third tallest.

apparently we own the tallest tower. kewl eh?
third tallest tower

klia2 will be fully operational on 9th May. so... good luck and let's hope everything will be going smoothly (although, i've been advised to stay away from low cost flights for the first couple of months to allow the new occupants to sort themselves out at their new home).

ok so that's it, end of story. we unloaded the exhausted kids at home and had dinner with bil at Chillis =D. Auntie Enn had a swollen foot so couldn't join us. i have no idea how she plans to climb Mount KK this week in that condition, haha.

late dinner w bil