July 4, 2012

malam nisfu syaaban

Nisfu Syaaban falls on the 15th day of the month of Syaaban in the Hijrah calendar.
it's the day that our book of deeds is raised to the heavens, and we get a fresh page to start on.
on the eve of Nisfu Syaaban, it is sunat (encouraged?) to recite the surah Yasin three times after the Maghrib prayers, followed by fasting the next day.

i found this useful info here.

Bacaan kali pertama, memohon supaya dipanjangkan umur dan taat kepada Allah serta sentiasa beramal soleh.
Bacaan kali ke-2, memohon supaya ditolak segala bala bencana.
Bacaan kali ke-3, memohon supaya tidak berhajat kecuali kepada Allah

after each recitation of the Surah Yasin, this doa was to follow:

i found a great website on how to perform Solat Taubat here and here.

you never know when your life might get taken away from you.

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