December 31, 2008

bye bye 2008

... see you next year, people! =)

December 30, 2008

a realization

i just realized that more and more people are getting to know the existence of this blog.
so i hafta be careful of what i post here. lol.
again, i write for f.u.n. ;)

p/s. i am so annoyed with my hair right now, i feel like straightening it and highlighting it red. watcha think?

fourth month milestone

i'm in front of the pc working from home, with Dayana on my lap. tomorrow she'll be four months old (and the last day of 2008!), so here is a list of her progress that are on top of my mind at the moment:

1. drools exessively and blow bubbles with her saliva, in which she ends up wetting her front shirt. sometimes i offer her my knuckles to bite on. i end up being droolified by her. hoho.

2. has this habit of biting her bottom lip. i dunno why.

3. can grasp her rattle or toys for a short time if you put it into her hand. sometimes she shakes them a bit too wildly and she ends up banging it on her head. then she cries. hehe.

4. holds her head more steadier during tummy time, but until now she still doesn't like tummy time. fuhhhh.

5. babbles even more than before and cries when there's nobody around to layan her. sudah pandai complain ok.

6. she recognizes people better now, and even has a preference for certain people. but she gets too overwhelmed whenever there's too many people around and she ends up crying sampai keluar air mata, like that day during a relative's engagement.

7. she wiggles alot whenever i wanna change her diaper. her kicks are getting really strong now too.

8. if i'm nursing her in front of the telly, she'll pause in between to check out what's on the telly. imagine a swimmer doing the freestyle and coming up for air in between? dayana seems to be doing something like that. lol

9. needs someone to be beside her when it's schleepy time. and i need to mummify her. or else her hands will be all over her head and she'll refuse to sleep.

10. seems ticklish! haha

December 28, 2008

Dee's wedding

congratulations to Dee and her hubby on their wedding!!! Dee is my colleague. she's also a friend of Nedd's. eeriely enough, she reminds me alot of my cousin. lol. Dee has been preparing for months for this day to come; i've never seen anyone go nuts over every single wedding detail... i'd label her a bridezilla if i could. hehe.

it was a very hot day, so i left Dayana at home with Significant Other and went alone... i got lost along the way looking for the right exit on MRR2 so i arrived just as Nedd and Tariq were about to leave. luckily a bunch of my colleagues were still there, so i just crashed their table =P. Zaila (with bf), Nadia (with hubby and baby Zara), and Shakirah (with fiance) were already half way through their food =D. even Am was there, i didn't notice until later because he was busy taking photos.

i absolutely loved her wedding ensemble, you looked really gorgeous that day dear =). Dee was too busy fluttering around from table to table, mingling with the guests and taking photos for their wedding album, so we could only manage to grab a photo with her as we were about to leave.

with the bride and groom

Dianah with Nadia and little Zara

Shakirah, Dianah & Me. OMG i look fatttt!

the best thing was, on the way back to my car, i crossed paths with Putri, who was just arriving with her bf. and summore, sempat take photo with her before i left =P.

with Putri

December 26, 2008

the first day after christmas

today there is practically nobody in the office. how quaint. if i had known i would've just stayed at home and vpn to office to do my work. i could save petrol, for one thing. the good thing is my colleague says there's gonna be a pest control fogging at my office level so i got a valid reason of going home early. heehee. let's hope the people in EMEA are on holiday too (tis the season to be jolly~)

i initially planned to go window shopping during my lunch hour. i had been going ga ga over cloth diapers websites the past week that i needed an excuse to drag myself away from my lappie, otherwise i'd be ending up clicking the 'Add to Cart' button a one time too many. yesterday my mil told me Zara was having sales, so after stopping by the bank to pay my car installment and deposit a bit of cash, i dropped by to see if there was anything interesting to get. luckily there wasn't anything that caught my eye. i also dropped by MNG since my colleague Susu went nuts there during their earlier during their sales, but i still didn't find anything interesting. hmmm. i think since my colleague resigned and isn't around to influence me and such, i sorta lost interest in clothes shopping for myself. or maybe it's because it's more exciting to shop for Dayana even though she doesn't have a clue. i should drag Significant Other the next time i wanna buy something. we seem to have different tastes when it comes to ladies dresses. haha.

anyway, decided to drop by La Senza since it was opposite MNG to check out whether the item on my wishlist was still there or not. most of the collection was already gone anyway, i guess i waited too long. but they were having an offer of Buy One Free One on selected items. so i ended up buying that. and two other cotton bras =P haiz. i think i'm gonna add more items to sell on my for sale entry...

oh yea. i wanted to check out the Twilight book series at Kinokuniya. and i totally forgot about it =P

you wanna know what's on my mind at the moment? i'm thinking if i should go nuts and get some Blueberry Minkys. despite thinking that i would NOT go nuts over cloth diapers, i ended up spending more than rm300 at Mia Bambina over cloth diapers *faint faint faint*. i bought two Bum Genius 3.0, one fitted from MPB + Bummis cover, and one Drybees pocket diaper. then i bought one GAD, a Cute Tushies fitted and some inserts from ezMotherhood. habisss all my gaji gone to colorful diapers that i'm not using for myself. hahahahahha... anyway, can't wait to try them out (and face the horrendous task of washing them afterwards)!

December 22, 2008

my weekend

last Saturday morning Significant Other's best friend Hafiz got married. he was present during our nikah last year, and came for both receptions on Significant Other's side, so it was without question that he would be there for his best friend's big day. he got up early (actually i woke up early to wake him up, cheese) and left the house at around 8am. it was also the day my friend Wak and his girlfriend (now wifey) decided to tie the knot. congratulations! heehee. i bet my mil is really happy for you (your best friend, right? lol). hopefully i'll try to make it for the wedding in Melaka. we'll see.

i tried to improve my baby wearing skills with my Littlepods pouch that afernoon. i haven't really had a chance to use the sling outdoors yet. we usually bring the stroller whenever we go out so we just put her in there. she's happy to snooze in the stroller while we go for our shopping rounds. anyway, she was also a bit cranky at the time and since i didn't know what else to do with her i decided to use her as a guinea pig =D. so far she seemed ok in there, although mil was worried she might be kemek or senget if she stayed in the sling too long (Dayana didn't complain, so i guess she didn't feel squashed in there, can i assume so?). if that was the case, they wouldn't be selling them to the mommies in the first place, am i right? at one point she fell asleep in the sling, but not for long.

in my Littlepods pouch

later we went to Italiannies for dinner at OU with mil. we tried this new thing on the menu called 'Bowls of Pasta' where you get to choose 4 out of 10 bowls of - what else - pasta! i can't really recall what we ordered though except for the Chicken Lasanga (which was only so-so), but there was one that i really liked, and it had mushrooms in it. i stuck Dayana in my sling so that i could make use of both of my hands =D. she fussed for a bit, until she decided on being contented with taking in the surroundings (which she loves to do), which made it easier for me to enjoy dinner. i just needed to make sure no food falls on Dayana (it happened once actually during my confinement. i was trying to get to the Barley stuck at the bottom of my glass i sorta overtipped it and bits of barley showered all over Dayana. hahahahahah). Dayana decided to poop at Italiannies just as we were about to finish so i changed her first before we did a quick round of shopping. i ended up getting a bag at Dorothy Perkins, 50% off.

At Italiannies

yesterday we went for Hafiz's reception and it was a hot day so we left Dayana at my fil's house for a while. when we came to pick her up we found Bibik with her outside of the house, Dayana in a gendong. apparently 4 ounces of milk wasn't enough to settle her and she seemed rather contented in the gendong. hahaha. we stopped by Subang Parade after that for a stroll since it was already 5pm and we had thought of going to Significant Other's grandma's house later and didn't want to go home just yet. i finally found the stretchy flare pants that i'd been looking for for ages, in black and with different color material at the waist. i bought two; one in red, the other in turquoise. yay!

we stopped by Nedd's house to pick up Dayana's clothes that my aunt had bought for her from UK. they were busy preparing to go for a wedding so our stay there was brief. Dayana was all smiles when Nedd took her from me, but out of a sudden for no reason she burst into tears when my uncle took a turn to hold her. secretly Significant Other thought she got surprised at his jambang hence the sudden outburst. lol. oh, and Dayana decided to poop there =P. next time, Auntie Nedd, we'll drop by and stay longer, ok?

after that we went to Significant Other's grandma's house as planned, had dinner there, and got back home at around 10.30pm. i really should try to teach Dayana to go to bed earlier. she seems to drop off into a deep sound sleep only after 12am. i tried to put her down at 7pm once, but i only succeeding in accompanying her lying on the bed with eyes wide open for two hours. haha.

oh yeah, before this i always bathe Dayana in her hammock. her baby bath tub has this hammock which you can attach to the tub in case you're afraid your baby is too small and might slip and slide in the tub while you bathe her. now that she's almost 4 months old, i decided to remove the hammock and use just the tub. i brought Mr. Rubber Ducky along for the splash. she seems to like it, splashing her feet in the water, so no complaints there =D

Rub a Dub in the Tub

so that was more or less how my weekend was like. nowadays i'm going back home from work later than usual to accomodate the customer's time zones (but i am definitely not going to go home at 1am).

gwah. next week there'a a gift exchange session in the office and i have no idea what to buy.

December 20, 2008

cloth diapers


some CD images from the web:

Diaper Anatomy - Baby Beehinds

Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper

Itti Bitti D'lish AIO

Pocket Drybees

lately i've seen more Mommies preferring cloth diapers over disposables. i've never used them before. i first realized their existence when i read Farrah's blog (she's a crazy CD Mommy) but i didn't give it much thought because i knew i wasn't the type of person who loves getting down and dirty with soiled diapers (ewww, yucks, smelly, blablabla). but recently even my best friend has started to go nuts about them.

did you know that there's many different styles and designs of cloth diapers? fitted lah, aio lah, pocket lah... kepala pusing. i've been browsing through million of CD sites and so far i've gotten even more confused. haha. but i love how they had many stylish cloth diapers of different sizes and colors. and the designs that they come in, enough to make a CD mommy crazy! (which got me to wondering. why are those fitted diapers colorful if they need to be paired up with a diaper cover in the first place? =P). but they're sooo expensive to begin with, although they're cost saving in the long run.

since i'm new to this cloth diapering thing you'd be better off browsing someone else's blog for more information. i just wanted to publish here some of the CDs which had caught my eye. i have no idea what to start with as a newbie though. although i can't believe i have the potential (and i hope i never do) to go crazy over them. haha.

December 19, 2008

total excitement

congratulations Eiwa busyuks & Aida chomey!

oh oh , and guess what arrived in the mail for me today? *excited*

see how lovely the packaging is?

whee~! i just love getting mail

i haven't unraveled it yet =P

p/s. the announcement from the Ketua Kampung was sooo confusing =P

December 17, 2008

controlling the skies

wahhhh... my friend works as an air traffic controller!!! how cool is that??? last night i was busy fretting over a couple of work emails and how i didn't have enough information to continue my work (total panic i tell you, especially when you're dealing with people in totally different timezones) when a friend of mine messaged me on Yahoo!. i haven't talked to her in a while ever since she quit her job to become a research assistant at a local Uni while furthuring her studies, so we had a short catching up session. bits and pieces of the conversation went something like this:

j***an_a**el: hallo
jaz***yn: hi
j***an_a**el: pic anak ke tu?
jaz***yn: yea
j***an_a**el: :)
jaz***yn: :P
jaz***yn: further stadi lg ke

j***an_a**el: tak, i quit, dpt jadik air traffic controller
jaz***yn: har?
jaz***yn: u jadiek air traffic controller?
jaz***yn: :o ur kidding
j***an_a**el: kat subang
jaz***yn: oo yeke
jaz***yn: :D

j***an_a**el: seronok giler
j***an_a**el: dpt direct pilot
j***an_a**el: =))
jaz***yn: seriously :P
j***an_a**el: direction kat pilot
j***an_a**el: i kena area control
j***an_a**el: so, tak nampak la aircraft
j***an_a**el: nampak bintik2 kcik kat radar jer
j***an_a**el: :D
j***an_a**el: tapi stress skit la kalo byk aircraft
j***an_a**el: come la, join the club
j***an_a**el: :D

wah, i pulak terover excited. she's actually still excited herself since she just started the job recently. this is the first time i've ever heard of it. hahahah. i mean, it sounds soo kewl! but she did mention that if ever an airplane were to collide with another on her watch, they could take her to court. scary. but anyway, she had to take a bunch of tests and exams and go through a final interview before she actually qualified. she told me she waited for quite a while before they called her for the qualification process (that's what the government do best, they keep you waiting, hoho). but she works in 12-hour shifts, so if you're already in a commitment, it'll be a bit of a hassle, especially if you're a woman and have a kid at home to take care of. well, that's what i think. i'm away from home almost 10 hours every day and to me that seems so long that i don't even have time to unwind properly.

whatever the case, her job sounds soooo much more happening than mine. i want to travel!!!

December 15, 2008

on being baby-friendly

i just love baby-friendly places! they make diaper-changing easier, and provide you with a comfortable place to feed your baby, especially for breastfeeding moms who prefer a sense of privacy. for me, this makes my life easier as i don't have to bring EBM around in my diaper bag and worry about how to warm it up for Dayana should she request for it. although some older built places didn't provide facilities such as these so there was a time where i had to change Dayana's dirty diaper in the car. luckily we had those scented plastic bags to keep the smell at bay (later i threw away the diaper but i kept the plastic bag for future use. sayang lah! those plastics are darn expensive! =P).

last Saturday two weeks ago, Megat and Hasmah came over and we had breakfast at Old Town White Coffee. we brought Dayana along. i just love bringing her out for outings these days =). later we went to MV, along with mil. Dayana is getting more agreeable with her stroller these days. she would doze off in her stroller after awhile. i bring Mister Spidey along for the ride. she does tend to get fussy sometimes when she's awake, but i don't have to carry her as often as before. anyway, Significant Other bought a bunch of stuff in MV. i only bought the sweater i mentioned about previously =D. when it was time for feeding (judging by Dayana's level of crankiness) i used the baby room in Jusco. there was another family in the room while i was in there. at the time i felt so glad i bought a nursing cover from Fabulous Mom (promote, promote =P. mil had wondered what kind of cloth was that when she first saw it. haha). i thought the funny smell i was smelling at the time was from the other baby. actually after nursing i found out it was coming from Dayana. she pooped *faint*. later mil treated us to Chilli's. i tried the lamb shoulder Fahmi was raving about (he's so into chilli's it's kinda scaryyy). it was kinda yummy. i would've enjoyed it more if i didn't have to juggle holding Dayana and eat at the same time though. i also nursed Dayana in the restaurant under the nursing cover =P. luckily it was kinda dark too, so i guess people didn't really notice. i didn't mind. all the better if people didn't notice!

so that was my first experience using a baby room and nursing in public. the next day we went to MV again because we wanted to exchange an item. this time i used isetan's baby room. they had a separate area curtained off for nursing, something like a dressing room, so you had a better sense of privacy as opposed to Jusco's baby room where they provided only couches. during school holidays i notice the baby room is always occupied with some family or another (along with babies and toddlers in tow). hehe. i never noticed that many strollers being pushed around in shopping malls. it's only when you have your own stroller to bring your little one around that you notice the existence of others!

the only thing i dislike about using strollers is that you have to wait for those slow moving elevators to get to different floors. and when the elevators finally arrive, they're full. so you waste time just waiting for elevators to arrive. unless of course you would take the risk of using the escalators (escapators), which i'm not really sure if you could do that or not. i think i should learn how to use my Littlepods sling properly. i bought this ages ago but never had the opportunity to use it. i wanted it in red, but they only had my size in blue =(. two days ago (Saturday) i tried putting Dayana in the sling because i wanted to get her things ready to send her to Bangi and she refused to be play by herself in her crib. relying on Significant Other to look after her was hopeless because he was too engrossed with his PS3 game, Warhawk. at first Dayana was a bit reluctant to be put in the sling because her Mommy wasn't skilled at getting her in yet, but after a while she seemed okay with being in there. at least, she didn't seem to complain. to me she looks a bit squished in there. mil was afraid she would be squished too. haha. i really need someone to tell me if her positioning is right or not. anyway, practice makes perfect, right? =P

oh yes, i cut my hair yesterday! eGad! i almost cried when i saw the thick locks of my hair on the floor. but oh well. i needed a change in hairstyle anyway. now without weight, my hair has become abit untamed and frizzy. i was thinking if i should straighten my hair again. i don't seem to favor the poker-straight look so much anymore. maybe i'll just highlight it or something. red perhaps. what do you think?

happy birthday Nizar! my longest and dearest best friend ever. i can't believe we've known each other that long, huh? i hope you haven't thrown away that piece of chalk. hahahhahahahaha

December 14, 2008

express cut

i cut my hair =P~

December 12, 2008

monKey business

what i do with my own money is my own business, aite? and if i end up unexpectedly poor, it's my own freaking fault and it will be my responsibility to get myself out of any sticky situations that arise, get that?

so long as my little one is happy...

December 11, 2008

preloved for sale

last updated: 06 July 10 - updated items sold

i update this section periodically so keep coming back for updates! if there's anything you find interesting please lemme know, aite? email me at ririyana[at]yahooDOTco[dot]uk if you have any questions or are interested in any of the below mentioned items...
shipping price inclusive in each item.

items are separated into three categories:
- accessories
- apparel
- shoes

alternatively, you can just visit my Lillies shop... i've created a separate blog for easier view... =P
i need to do some serious destashing!


Maquillage Dramatical Gel Eyeliner, 3g
Bought this recently from Shiseido. thought i'd be needing it, decided i'd rather not poke my eye out in the attempt of using it. Black color, waterproof. according to the salesgirl, gel is more easier to apply than liquid. great for eyeliner users!
Condition: Brand new in original box.
Selling Price: 50.00
Status: Available

Scarves - 3 available
Lovely scarves purchase by me, one of which is from Tie Rack. Color: as shown in the photos. Especially for the scarf lovers out there =)
Condition: Brand new.
Selling Price: 60.00 for the oblong TR, 16.00 each for the rest
Status: Available

Stila Eye Color Convertible in Onyx
Convertible eye color from Stila, black color. Manufactured Date is in 2008. Decided to let go because i already have 2 other colors.
Condition: Brand new in original box.
Selling Price: 55.00
Status: Available


MNG Basics Knitted cropped Cardigan
Love this to bits, but it's a bit too loose for me. I prefer a slightly more fitting cardigan. Size US XS.
Condition: Excellent, worn a couple of times only.
Selling Price: 43.00
Status: Available

Radioactive Purple Bubble Skirt
This is definitely for the young at heart. The cutest bubble skirt ever! Waist is elastic.
Condition: Brand new.
Selling Price: 40.00
Status: Available

Topshop Grey Miniskirt
Lovely grey skirt with detailed sequins. Purchased from Topshop KLCC, Size 6.
Condition: Brand new, tags still attached.
Selling Price: 95.00
Status: Available

Topshop Stripey Swimsuit
Lovely stripey halter bikini swimsuit. Purchased from Topshop KLCC, Size 6. Bought on impulse, selling way lower than the price paid.
Condition: Good, unworn.
Selling Price: 55.00
Status: Donated

Lime Green Top from Zara
Lovely halter-ish top in a lovely shade of lime green from Zara. rarely reach for this top in my closet so am hoping to sell it to someone that will do it better justice than me.
Condition: In good condition, worn a couple of times only.
Selling Price: 35.00
Status: Available

Blook Purple Dress
Lovely dress in a lovely shade of purple, brought to you by Blook. material is really soft to the touch. Size: 10. the bodice is lines with purple sequins.
Condition: In good condition.
Selling Price: 63.00
Status: Available

Naf Naf Dress
Lovely black dress with floral print, bought at Naf Naf KLCC. bought last year when i was pregnant but unable to fit into the dress after deliver =( comes with ribbons at the side to tie at the back. Size: XS.
Condition: Excellent, worn a couple of times only.
Selling Price: 95.00
Status: Donated

Eclipse Turquoise Top
Turquoise top bought from Eclipse, isetan KLCC. Size: i (smallest size). the long straps you see in the photo can be worn in different ways, up to you, either tied around the neck like a halter top or around the bosom for a back ribbon effect. Material at the back is elastic.
Condition: Excellent, worn a couple of times only.
Selling Price: 35.00
Status: Donated

SODA Exchange Skirt Size 26
Description: Material: jeans-like (top) with diamond studs; polyester (bottom), the skirt is of bubble skirt type. Waist size is 26 on the label (~35cm if laid out flat on the floor). The length of the skirt is 38cm.
Condition: Excellent. Worn less than 3 times.
Selling Price: 25.00
Status: Available

MNG Basics Lilac Top
Tank top from MNG. Size EUR: XS, USA: XXS. Sizing is a bit generous, is made to fit an M sized person as well. Material is 96% modal, 4% elastane. Material is really soft to wear.
Condition: In good condition, worn a few times only.
Selling Price: 37.00
Status: Available

MNG Basics Top in White, Orange
Description: New tank top from MNG. Size EUR: S, USA: XS. Colors available are white with black lace trim (in picture), and orange with light brown lace trim. Please specify which color you might be interested in. Made from stretchable material, this top can fit an M sized person as well. Material is really soft to wear.
Condition: Excellent. Worn less than 3 times.
Selling Price: 27.00
Status: Available

Zara Tank Tops in Dune, Dark Green & Turquoise size M
Description: Tank top from Zara. Size: M. Tags still attached. I think this item is from the formal workwear collection. Made from stretchable material, 90% rayon 10% spandex.
Condition: Excellent. For the Turquoise and Dark Green tops, worn a couple of times only.
Selling Price: 27.00
Status: Available

Light Pink Blouse from Mphosis
Description: Pink blouse from Mphosis. Size: S. Material is 100% viscose, very soft material. Has tie ribbons at the end of the sleeves. Neckline is elastic, can also be worn as off-shoulder.
Condition: Good condition, hardly worn.
Selling Price: 39.00
Status: Available


Red Primavera Slingbacks
Very nice red heels from Primavera. Bought during offer, but rarely worn. Size: 5; Color: red
Condition: Looks a bit seasoned but is still in good condition. Kept nicely in its box. I've worn this pair a few times only.
Selling Price: 30.00
Status: Available
Silver Vincci Heels
Stylish heels from Vincci. Size: 5; Color: silver
Condition: In excellent condition, kept nicely in its box. Worn once only (during my wedding reception, lol).
Selling Price: 43.00
Status: Available

Sold Items

Modernmum Maternity Jeans Size S *sold*
Description: Size S. Maternity jeans from Modernmum. Absolutely love the color and is really comfortable to wear. Worn as low waist, and the top part material (see picture) is expandable to accomodate the growing tummy. The top part can be removed so that the jeans can be worn even when not pregnant, as low waist jeans. Has elastic on both sides at the waist to enable to modify the size of the waistline accordingly. Length of jeans from the waistline is 38.5 inches.
Condition: Worn only 3 or 4 times, selling because i don't really prefer jeans during maternity. Perfect for women who wish to remain stylish even during pregnancy! =P
Selling Price: 90.00

Brown Primavera Heels *sold*
Description: Stylish heels from Primavera. Size: 5; Color: brown
Condition: In excellent condition, worn less than 5 times.
Selling Price: 28.00

Black Vincci Pumps *sold*
Description: Formal pointy heels from Vincci. Size: 5; Color: black
Condition: In good condition, worn less than three times.
Selling Price: 38.00

Baby Blue Slingbacks from Guess *sold*
Description: This is to die-for. Perfect for those who finds high heels a challenge. Lovely peep toe slingbacks, reminds me alot of Dolly Parton, mainly because of the sweet color. Size: 6M; Color: baby blue
Condition: Worn once only, decided stilettos weren't for me. this is in great condition.
Selling Price: 130.00

Pink Nose Heels *sold*
Description: Stylish open toe pink heels from Nose. Love the sweet pink color and ribbon details at the heels. Size: 5; Color: sweet pink
Condition: In excellent condition, kept nicely in its box. Never worn.
Selling Price: 47.00

Black Vincci Heels *sold*
Description: Stylish heels from Vincci. Size: 5; Color: black
Condition: In excellent condition, kept nicely in its box. Worn once only.
Selling Price: 47.00

Purple Mphosis Heels *sold*
Description: Satin-like heels up for grabs. Size: 5; Color: purple.
Condition: In excellent condition, kept nicely in its box. Worn less than 4 times.
Selling Price: 53.00

Oblong Tie Racks! *sold*
Description: Lovely oblong tie rack scarves brought all the way from the UK. Color: as shown in the photos. Especially for the tie rack lovers out there =)
Condition: Brand new.
Retail: available only at Tie Rack, KLIA (or other online retailers)
Selling Price: 55.00 each + 5.00 postage

MNG Casual Sportswear Top *sold*
Description: Long sleeved top from MNG's Casual Sportswear line. Size EUR: X, USA: XS. Material is 100% cotton.
Condition: In good condition, hardly worn.
Selling Price: 33.00 + 5.00 postage

La Senza Flowery Thong *sold*
Description: Flowery thong bought from La Senza. Size XS, tags still attached. selling because i'm not a thong fan.
Condition: Excellent, new, never worn.
Retail: RM19
Selling Price: 15.00 + 3.00 postage

Oblong Tie Racks! *sold*
Description: Lovely oblong tie rack scarves brought all the way from the UK. Color: as shown in the photos. Especially for the tie rack lovers out there =)
Condition: Brand new.
Retail: available only at Tie Rack, KLIA (or other online retailers)
Selling Price: 55.00 each + 5.00 postage

Blue Nose Heels *sold*
Description: Stylish pointy heels from Nose. Size: 5; Color: blue
Condition: In excellent condition, brand new in box.
Retail: RM60 - RM80 range
Selling Price: 50.00 + 8.00 postage

Green Primavera Wedges *sold*
Description: Stylish wedges from Primavera. Size: 5; Color: green
Condition: In excellent condition, kept nicely in its box. Worn less than 5 times.
Retail: RM150 - RM200 range
Selling Price: 60.00 + 10.00 postage

Benefit Lipscription Set *sold*
Description: New Benefit Lipscription set for sale. If ur a fan of dr feelgood, then this is a must-have for you. contains:
1.buffing up lip beads (0.6oz) - 'wonder lip scrub' with AHA, jojoba and scrubbing beads you'll kiss goodbye prudish lips and unattractive dry flakes.
2.silky lip balm (0.5oz) - it's the 'bomb' balm for sumptuously kissable lips. massage this balm loaded with feelgood ingredients onto lips anytime.
comes in an attractive box too. you can check it out at any Benefit counter.
Condition: Excellent, never used. Kept nicely in its original packaging.
Retail: RM130 +
Selling Price: 100.00 + FREE postage

Aqua Topshop Bag *sold*
Description: Brand new and unused bag bought from Topshop. detachable strap included.
Condition: Excellent. Item has never been used.
Retail: RM105+
Selling Price: 90.00 + 8.00 postage

La Senza Turquoise Thong *sold*
Description: Turquoise thong bought from La Senza. Size S, tags still attached. selling because i bought the wrong size, tags indicated XS but is actually S size.
Condition: Excellent, never worn.
Retail: RM39
Selling Price: 30.00 + 4.00 postage

Stila Lip Glaze in Tangerine *sold*
Description: A yummylicious lip gloss from Stila. This is the ultimate must-have for the gloss obsessed. Bought it on impulse due to the lovely shade. Tangerine flavor, 2.4ml.
Condition: Used a few times only, (am not much of a lip gloss fan) kept nicely in its original packaging.
Retail: RM70 - RM100 range
Selling Price: 30.00 + 5.00 postage

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for PS3 *sold*
Description: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue showcases the automotive experience that is imminent with Gran Turismo 5. Featuring over 40 meticulously detailed cars - including vehicles by Ferrari, Lotus and Nissan - for users to race on five beautifully rendered tracks from around the globe, Gran Turismo 5 PrologueTM runs in stunning Full High Definition at 1080p. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue supports up to 16 players racing head-to-head online, complete with global leaderboards, to quell any question of who is the best driver in the "World of GT".

Item bought at Sony retailer, however some of the game menu is in Chinese, and since I don't understand Chinese, so selling to anyone who is interested
Condition: Brand new in its original packaging.
Retail: RM189.00
Selling Price: 115.00 + 8.00 postage