March 31, 2017

cerita Emma and Sophia


i tell you this girl absorbs words from her sisters like a sponge.

where are you?
 - lol this is new. i heard her awake in her crib one morning and purposely didn't go in to greet her. she then started calling out, "mamiiiiii??? where are you?" LOL LOL

ah happen?
- as in what happened? if the youtube channel suddenly stopped working, or something out of the ordinary happens.

- with the palms up expression and everything. then pretend to look for that something. yo-yo je.

- requests this every single time, many many times sampai Mommy pun tak larat nak hug. hahaha.

- recently she's calling her Trolls Papi, irregardless of whether it's Branch, DJ Suki or Guy Diamond.

- what she calls them Yellow minions. haha. her grandma pun dia panggil Nana =D

- happy birthday to you =P

Pia has this morning mantra that she would go through every morning before i drop her off at school. without fail she will utter these few questions despite already knowing the answer:

1. what time is it?
2. where are you going?
3. hi-5!
4. cut my nails?


March 13, 2017

yaya's wedding

date: 11 March 2017
location: Naili's Sentul

my gorgeous cousin's finally married!

am just going to let the photos do all the talking.
i didn't attend the akad nikah the night before, but i made it for the reception.
the groom reminds me alot of Anuar Zain. seriously. #anuarzainlookalike #haha
it was a great family reunion, all my Uncle and Aunties (on my dad's side) were present, coming all the way from as far as Kedah to attend.
Nedd, why you no come? i wanted to meet and greet your belly!

carved in ice
the bride and the groom
with my lovely not-yet-married cousins
wefie with Danny
my ladder of success
with the tall and gorgeous bride
kaki selfie je these two
more photos with Ashu
and another with Pak Cik
and one with the Daddy
waiting for their ride back home