October 10, 2018

tragedy October

you know that song, 'Tragedi October', sung by Awie?
it's the current story of my life.

so far, October doesn't seem to be turning out to be the month for me. for starters:
- V's car insurance is due on the 8th;
- I's car insurance is due on the 3rd;

not to mention those unforeseen incidents that just had to happen simultaneously:
- pool pump decided to stop working completely
- watermark appearing on the plaster ceiling in my room, indicating that there's a leak somewhere in the roof
- tenant's washing machine broke down *nangis*
- my stove also decided to sputter and die T____T

oh did i mention last week i was driving home stuck in the infamous federal traffic jam when i heard this dragging noise coming from somewhere under my car? @_@

first thought was: alamak, engine mounting dah tercabut ka? *kut2 la ada bende penting tercabut hahahahhahaha* *no i'm serious*
inspected under the car, the cover (or whatever you call it) protecting the undercarriage looked like it was about to fall off. sigh.

lucky for me Lobo opens at night, so i drove the car at a snail's pace to his workshop, and was able to fix it on the spot by reconnecting it with screws that mysteriously went missing (damn you uneven Malaysia road conditions grrrrrrr).

and each of these incidents are draining money from our pockets faster than you can say "po-kai".

allow me to curse for a moment.


i feel 50% better now. HAHA

but then i'm reminded of some of the things my friends and people around me always say; everyone is tested one way or another in this world, and that everything is temporary and shall soon come to pass. *amin*

moving on to another stressful subject (for me that is), final year school examinations are coming up, and i'm pulling my hair out simply doing MATH revision with D1 and D2. i only tutor them in Math (and occasionally Science) - i tend to turn into Green Hulk which results in me piling up more weight on my left shoulder *sheepish*

D1's main problem is understanding long-winded math questions in BM (eg. kawan ada ini, kawan lg sorang ada lg bnyk dr kawan tadi, so berapakah itu ini, hahahahhahaha) aaaand she easily gets confused by fractions - pecahan tak wajar and nombor bercampur.

D2's main problem is more straight forward; learn today, forget tomorrow T_____T. i die like this. but my yellings are nothing compared to the Daddy's; D2 freaks out each time i threaten to call Daddy to teach her, Mommy is on the verge of throwing in the towel already.

for their Math paper, i always tell these two to a) never leave any questions blank, and b) show all their jalan kerja on the paper, just in case the teacher is kind-hearted enough to spare a few half marks if the final answer is wrong (8-7=8, apa punya math niiiiiiiiiiiii).

the thing is with answering Objective questions is, you can always 'tembak' your answer without bothering to attempt the question yourself, because there's always a 25% chance that the answer is correct, no? just because i say "don't leave any questions blank", doesn't mean i'm asking them to simply hentam the answer *smacks forehead*.

i remember asking D1 to attempt a Math practice Paper 1 by herself and when she handed the book back to me after answering all the questions, the pages were totally spotless, not a single scribble in sight - so you know what that means. selalunya kalau jawab soklan matematik confirm kertas penuh dengan contengan kira2, kan?


D2 loves to do this too. punya pemalas tak nak kira. does she think she's trying the perfect the art of 'ting tiong tiang'? kalau kene loteri bagus jugak ini hahahahahah what's the point of doing the exercise if you don't bother to utilize your brain and find out the answer yourself?


i keep telling them it'll get more complicated as they get older, if they can't grasp the basics now, what'll happen later on when all those other unbrainable equations come into the picture?

that's Math for you. i haven't even touched Science yet. *insane laugh*.

and we're only 10 days into October! 21 more days to go yuolls X_X. 12 more days to their finals. i've stopped all ipad access until further notice, limit the tv until 8pm each night (the other two minions included); the kids' PC is temporarily out of order so that part's settled (R*oblox je tak habis2). made Popular richer by purchasing more revision books (plus Dork Diaries and Stilton books) and pens that Mr.Pilot tend to lose in the cockpit (the more i buy the more they are prone to go missing it seems).

i'm off to find lunch now. abandoned during lunch hour is like a norm already, hahahhaha. i wonder how Nadia is doing; breaking into an existing clique is not easy ok.

oh before i go, here's to Pink October!