January 28, 2011

holiday keepsake

photo originally from here

isn't it sweet? soon to be chopped.
anyone interested in the extra when it arrives?
or maybe i can turn the extra into a mini blanket for Dinara. lol.
created by a very talented mama =)

p/s. frust punye pasal i can't score a red kasuri til now, hahaha.

January 27, 2011

i not sure

kecik2 sudah pandai jawab T_T. i don't even know where she got it from. probably learnt it from Daddy when Mommy wasn't looking? tsk.

when playing flashcards with Daddy she had the cheek to answer the following:

'i don't know!'


'i not sure!'

she answers like that for fun sometimes even though i know she can clearly identify the pictures on the flashcards.

summore when shown a flashcard with a picture of a lion on it, she says 'i don't know',
but when shown a flashcard with a picture of a tiger on it, she answers 'lion'.


a funny one: when shown a flashcard with a picture of a blanket on it, she answers 'wee'.
i was blur at first until i realized she was referring to her smelly blanket. haha.

'mana busuk'? she likes to ask. busuk as in that particular end that she likes to sapu2 at her nose. the busukness of it probably calms her whenever she goes to la-la land. haha.

one last one: when shown a flashcard with a picture of a dragonfly on it, do you know what she answered? -------------------- > 'monster'.

aiyak. mana datang itu monster? T_T

hmmm. i probably should take pictures of the cards. would be a more interesting read if there are photos, don't you think? =P

btw, Dinara is 5 months old yesterday! wheeeee~ more on her later, she's been nenglected these days in my blog, lol.

January 23, 2011

Dayana's first hand painting

we bought some color paints from Toys R Us ages ago but we never got the chance to utilize it until recently. i didn't want to imagine the messiness that i would have to handle so i kept delaying this activity. one weekend Dayana seemed bored so i decided to bring out the paints once the younger one took her afternoon nap.

i didn't have proper art supplies for her to use so i improvised with A4 papers, plastic containers to put the paints, newspapers and used one of my old smallest sized tshirts for a smock. the A4 papers got soggy after awhile, so i guess proper art paper would be more suitable.

since it was her first time, every single one of her masterpiece turned out to be a big mess, haha. and she kept straying to only one color when i already prepared several colors to choose from. i guess you could say she enjoyed the experience. at least it didn't occur to her to start hand painting the floor, the walls, the furniture, etc.

let's get dirty!!!

some of the masterpieces she created - the neater ones, i did =P

adding more color to her masterpiece

purple seemed to be her favorite color at the time

January 19, 2011

ushering in the nabbit

Chinese New Year is coming up. long holidays for the Chinese this time. Federal Territory happens to fall on the same week as CNY, so people are taking long leaves like no tomorrow =D.

it was pretty obvious as to what animal will be the reigning this new year according to the Chinese calendar. take the Empire, for example.

with a mascott that huge, if you still guessed wrongly i would just have to shoot you dead =P

a photo with the carrot-yielding critter

it was pretty obvious that Dayana totally amazed at the sight of a rabbit in real life; the only animal she's familiar with is 'Nasty'. lol. it was by chance that we were there during the hour when the petting farm was open, Dayana got to see the rabbits up close and personal, haha.

more nabbits!

looking in awe

only kids aged 4-12 years were allowed into the petting farm, which didn't really bother Dayana much. she was intrigued alright, but not to the extent of allowing herself to be cooped up together with the rabbits. i think there were almost 20 of them in there? and they were of the really tiny cute ones, not the old grandpa-like looking ones you see at Bukit Tinggi.

we stayed until petting hour was up, then it was time for the rabbits to go home. Dayana refused to budge until every last single rabbit was caged up and brought away. one of the caretakers saw Dayana perched at the edge of the white fence so he took a rabbit out and allowed Dayana to pet it.

like i said, she was intrigued, but not THAT intrigued. but she did manage to pet it after a little coaxing.

hmmm... feels like Nasty

and what was the LO doing? snoozing away. hoho.

so it got me to thinking, what was last year's animal?

Dayana was born in the year of the Rat, which probably explains why she always gets eksaited whenever Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on the telly.

Dinara was born last year, and that makes her a full fledged Tiger. cool or what? =D. she shares the same year with her Atuk and her Angah. hehehe.

long holidays coming up... should a day trip to Bukit Tinggi be in order? LOL

January 17, 2011

back carries!

for the record, i have recently started braving back carry in the house. lol. once i've started, it's addictive. and like galileo, i now feel like chopping all my wraps into a shorter size *evil laugh*.

thing is, i have yet to learn how to carry without the initial help of a mirror and the bed. the first time i tried, i only managed to get her on my back before i admitted defeat due to backache. kah kah kah. the first carry i attempted was RTIF. ok so i followed an RUB tutorial but i had excess tails. so ikat lah sana sini keliling pinggang lol. the first wrap i tried was with a 4.2m. wayyy too long.


second attempt was with a 3.6m. wayy better, but still with a little bit of access.

zara infinity

a friend of mine commented it was like i was bringing a back pack. haha. it's actually soo much easier to be able to carry her and yet be out of your way as you make your way up and down the stairs doing chores and whatnot.

i just haven't tried attempting it outside yet. all dolled up and nowhere to go. summore i don't think 'some' people would have the patience to wait for me to do up the carry. too bad i can't pre-tie in the car. hahahahahah.

can't wait for the 3.4m and 2.6m to arrive. and then i'll be able to decide which length suits me best =).

ok ok... lepas ni i should be shorty-shified. unless a cool 50% linen comes along.

no cicaks, snails and fishies for me anymore please.

yesterday we went to watch The Green Hornet at GSC One Utama. jay chou = chunnnnns =P~~~ the main actor has this aura which makes me think of only one thing: annoying. i dunno why. not that they're lousy or anything. it's the same feeling i get whenever i see will ferrell acting. probably because they don't come across as having the chun factor. hahaha.

January 14, 2011

ramblings from the mouth of Dayana

while reading her handy manny book:

Dayana: mommy, apa ni? (pointing to the orange wrench)
me: itu Turner
Dayana: (contemplates for a while) tu Nasty (Rusty) lah!
me: aiyak, sorry, mommy silaplah

lol, even she knows better than me. hahaha.

her favorite phrase: apa ni?

apa ni?
apa ni?
mommy, apa ni?
apa ni?
apa ni???????

@_@ = me

@_@??? = me

T_T = me

it gets frustrating when she wants something but i don't know what. like the other day she was asking me for something that sounded like 'eko'.

what the heck is an 'eko'??

her Atuk storied that the other day at my parent's place she wanted to ask my mom for milk... but her Tok Ami was busy in the kitchen, she got so frustrated for being ignored that she plainly asked my mom, 'Boleh takkkkkk, susu?'. hahaha.

she sudah pandai say 'No'. chis. and the more we tell her not to, the more she'll do it just to irritate me.

yesterday i was busy on the PC (as usual) when i overheard Dayana mumbling behind me on the floor. so i decided to stop what i was doing and focused on what she was doing. Dayana was on the floor sitting smack in the middle her Aqua Doodle and was naming each of the pictures that represented the alphabet as best as she could.

lol, i didn't even know she could do that.

on the Aqua Doodle, apple represented A, ball represented B, cat represented C.

me: (pointing to the Apple) ini apa?
Dayana: tu Apple. nyam nyam.
me: (pointing to the Ball) ini apa?
Dayana: Ball.
me: clever girl! (pointing to the Cat) ini apa?
Dayana: tu Nasty.


i was surprised she could name some of the other pictures too. oh here's another one i wanted to laugh at.

on Aqua Doodle, rain represented R.

me: (pointing to the rain) ini apa?
Dayana: sim-pool.

sim-pool = swimming pool.


on the Aqua Doodle, box represented X (i think this is abit dumb because X should have been represented by xylophone), yacht represented Y, Zebra represented Z.

me: (pointing to the 'box') apa ni?
Dayana: tu pesent. (present. at first she told me it was Dibo)
me: (pointing to the yacht) ini apa?
Dayana: tu.. tu... uhhh... *babbles in her own language* --- yoyoyo boat! (dengan penuh bangganya hahahahahhahahaha)

yoyoyo boat = row row row your boat. lol.

me ---> T_T!!!!!!!! rotflmao

me: (pointing to the zebra) ini apa?
Dayana: itu zee-ba!

haiz. she's still in tak-reti-nak-sebut-R mode.

and then we spent the night dancing to 'sorry sorry' by that korean group and 'nobody' by the wondergirls that Daddy played on youtube. despite all that, Dayana still slept late. haiz.

she's growing up reallll fast. in the following photo these two looks pretty much the same. i remember me not looking anything alike compared to my second sister. so of course they're sisters, they're supposed to share a bit of resemblance, right? =)

before bedtime

oh and another thing, Dayana likes to address herself as 'meh'. like,

'mana iPhone meh???'
'mehh nak tdo adikkkkk'

i dunno where she got this. my mom addresses herself as 'mek'. but then Dayana hasn't been around her grandparents for awhile. so mana blaja...? hmmm.

January 13, 2011

this is for meself - RS

ok so i've just justified to myself why i NEED to do this: i can't remember for the life of me if i've missed anything out. thanks God for that spreadsheet of mine, lol. i just hope i don't get too lazy to update it.

just for the record, i started venturing into babywearing since Dayana was 5 months old, i still remember my first babywearing gathering at Tiny Tapir. dragged Sarah along to come for company. met a few veteran babywearers there, including Adrin (who was heavily pregnant in that lovely yellow dress =D - i still remember because at first i thought you were Chinese), rayhana and jess. at least, i think it was Jess. whoops. correct me if i'm wrong.

anyway, i've done wraps. now moving on to RS. despite the kids getting heavier, i still love them, they make quick trips easier to handle, easy to bring around, and they come with sleepy dust too =). i used to love short tails, now that i'm used to BFing in an RS i prefer my tails long. material-wise my collection consists of shijiras, pure linen, soft linen, wrap conversions, a silk and a couple of others. in terms of shoulder preference, i seem to favor my SBP shoulder alot more than the others, i have a mixture of Jumpsac and Pslings as well. my silk is Eesti, the CJs are hybrid.

i'm thinking of adding another kasuri and a couple more WCRS before i can declare myself RS-stashified =P.

two is currently not in the photo, one has yet to arrive, the other is my CJ silhouette, which i've borrowed to Kakak to use.

rs = 11 + 1

added 14/01:
L-R: brick blue shijira, marshmallow shijira, cherry drop avant grad, green kasuri, cj grad, eesti silk, js pure linen, js softlinen, chococabana wcrs, ulli wcrs, cj silhouette (not in photo), shijira (otw)

the last hook: for my planning 2 wcrs =P

January 11, 2011

this is for meself - wraps

ok so this is for babywearers eyes only. if you don't get my enthusiasm it's best to just stay away from this post.

if you still plan to continue on, just think of wraps being similar to shoes, tudungs, or whatever it is that you prefer to collect a.k.a. hoard or put to good use based on what color you're wearing that particular day =).

i love wraps. ok so i might have gotten a little carried away with wraps, but they're the best alternative to carry a growing baby. especially if they're still too tiny to get a good fit into soft structured carriers, and yet too heavy to support them with a ring sling for longer durations. i'm not mentioning mei tais because i have to deal with 4 straps, with wraps, only two ends =D.

before i begin, i'm just putting this shot just for me to drool and keep track of what is what and where is what, also as a form of size control and to estimate last year's damage... haha... should i even call it as that? lol. i'm not even going to pin point each one, nonono. not just yet. i'm just going to wait until the end of the year to see how much has churned. i find that fun to note.

but i do have to list the ones missing from the photo so that i don't forget: red-ivory (travelling), blue-grey butterflies (accessorized), and violet dyed wine pfau (which i forgot was in the car when i took the photo).

so here's to entering 2011:

wraps = 13 + 3 (otw) - 1

update 27/01:
updated for a few that has just recently joint the threshold:
- bbslen fruit cocktail 2.6
- tsf dyed blue 3.4

and otw:
- flower 3.7
- metal 2.6
- azur 4

recently sold and will be leaving soon: emerald island azur, soon to be leaving for sampan country. lol!

currently fs:
- natibaby turquoise-grey butterflies 5 $130
- natibaby pink purple butterflies 5 $120
- red-ivory indio 5 $130

thanks for looking =)

January 10, 2011

le masquerade

i was fortunate to be able to attend the company's company dinner that was held last weekend. i could also bring a partner, so i dragged Significant Other along. theme of the dinner: Masquerade Ball, so we had to come in masks else suffer the consequences of wearing a paper bag on your head.

knowing small companies like this one, the word 'formal' will definitely be misinterpreted from its actual meaning, lol. when i asked the guys what they were wearing, they said they were going in jeans. jeans???? but ok lah, at least they said they were gonna wear long sleeved shirts, to 'formalize' the look. haha. i say this because if you ask an established company like EY, their interpretation of formal is going all out on black tie formal. lol!

judging on how ugly my bony legs are, i decided to go with floor-length so the number i was wearing would be my very first purchase in 2011 (TSF would rank a close second haha). decided on a color apart from black (although i wished i'd bought black, but this means i have an excuse to hunt for an LBD in the future =P). so i did my hair up (with Dinara in tow thanks to my psling), and left Dayana overnight with her grandparents so that i didn't have to worry about her getting in my hair.

i actually didn't have to worry about being overdressed. it was a mixture to formal + semi + plain psychotic. heck, we even had Beckham among our midst, hahahah. a number of ghosts + ghouls were present too. bad enuff that i haven't had the time to get to know the people in the company yet, not being able to see their faces just made it a bit more confusing. earlier i didn't have an inkling as to where Park Royal was situated in KL so it was our luck that we happened to see it after the SMART exit, and we arrived just in time for the end of the speeches before digging into the buffet table =P.

i remember a year ago when masks were scarce i helped a friend of mine get a mask for his masquerade ball, and i remember it was quite costly. i got our masks from Teddy Tales. there are some places that do sell them expensive though, and can also range up to rm200+. i told shisi you'd need to eat, sleep and go everywhere wearing the mask in order to get your money's worth. lol. shishi's mask was nice though. if you rajin korek2 at sungei wang, you can get pretty lovely ones for a steal =).

all in all the dinner was ok. we were put into groups and the games began. Significant Other was put into a the same team with the CEO (heck i didn't even get to meet him prior to this!). we had a bit of fun, i even won something for the lucky draw! whee! (compare to my first company, i've never won a single thing for the past 5 years i've been there T_T). my current deskmate won Best Dressed. ehehe.

the Black team disguised

Black team group photo

Significant Other's frame photo haha


with shishi lol

after dinner we spent the night at SR just for the sake of soaking in the bathtub in our canggih bathroom. hehe.

i'm off to the posto now to post 'langsir' (bak kata my ex-deskmate) to pah =).

comparison of the two dots

here's a couple more shots of the kiddos i found in my HDD. i can't compare the two in terms of age, Dayana's photos were taken when she was almost merely a month old, Dinara's photos were taken almost 3 months after she was born. but i'd like to post them up here anyway due to the bits of similarities here and there =)

i definitely need to spend some time organizing photos. they're everywhere!

January 8, 2011

what's your name?

what's mommy's name?

what's Daddy's name?

what's your name?

what's your full name?
Daina Semina!

what's Adik's name?
Diyaya! / Baby-lah.

adik's full name?
Diyaya Amani!

January 4, 2011

my daughters

so... who's who? =D thought i'd do this for kicks. haha. chomel tak? the only other difference is their ages. Dayana was roughly about 5 months + in the photo, Dinara just turned 4 months. Dayana was still really tiny at this age, with Dinara i can already feel the strain with one-shoulder carriers. hehe.

i haven't been updating as regularly as i should. off to complete my WR =D. and i'm not seeming to generate the very same error. geramnya!!!


January 1, 2011

happy new year 2011

lol wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2011.
here's to entering the new year without an organizer!!! sniff

as much as i would like to list down my 2011 resolutions, i feel that it's better not to because i'm more inclined to break them all. rotfl.

i will try to be good with spending this year.
i will do my best to get my condo up and rented out by the first quarter 2011.
i will tryto get myself motivated to do insurance part-time *vomit*
i will tryto be more patiend with my double Ds.
i will tryreduce another credit card by half by the end July.