July 29, 2011


i was AFK for half an hour to pump and this is what i found when i got back to my desk.


July 27, 2011

azur comes knocking

i like! no, wait. i LOVE! and the purple is just the shade i can tolerate too. might be different from its twin i suppose. now i need a name for it. Alex will always name her creations. i wonder if i could possible bug Iza to name this one? =P~

the downside? it's a beast. sunset wasn't this bad when it arrived, due to its prior owners i guess. so mari-tido-bersama-azur malam ini =D.

the kids are down with fever and i'm down with the flu. daddy pulak? silently spreading the virus all around - he was sick first!

ok i'm going downstairs now (i'm still at the office), pak super has yet to arrive and i'm hungry so i'm gonna see if i can get meself KFC before they close. more pics later. daaa~

i'm melting~~~

writing this here because FB loves to eat up my posts:-

daddy is a big fan of slurpee, so's with Dayana (she inherits daddy's sweet tooth). so one time i took out leftover slurpee from the freezer and handed it to her, told her to wait because it was still frozen.

waiting... waiting... waiting... (guess she got bored of waiting because not long after that...)

dayana (bringing me her frozen slurpee):
"look mommmy, it's loading!"

~~~~~~~~~~~ T_T (apekah?)

a friend of mine commented:

"nampak sangat anak programmer lulz."

oh tidakkkk. mommy and daddy wants her to be an engineer.


third time lucky

i was half asleep when i commented on Desi's post on FB. i think that was about the same time Puder Seide was released? (i don't do online weekends, kepala pusing tengok skrin kecik telepon epal).

i woke up at 6am to check my mail when i got the PM. woh, uber eksaited. actually i thought i was being punk'ed. i'm like, ehhh betul ke ni. i never win anything. so i went back to sleep. kakaka.

at 8am, someone started a thread post. and i received a PM from a very eksaited mama who is also sucked into the commenting craze as me =P~~~.

so betul la tu. i won. technically not that i won it for free. but i won the opportunity to own one. syiok! (ok now i feel like i'm 8 again).

i showed the picture to a colleague of mine, she said she didn't like how it looks (apekah??). mind you, she'd rather spend her hard-earned income elsewhere (read: fashionistas in MV).

i say third time lucky because in my life i don't think i ever won anything, or ever been outstanding in anything. in ballet exams, the highest i'd score is below distinction (the examiners have grudges against me!!!). heck, i scored 2nd place for my afternoon Agama classes and the Ustaz looks at me and thinks i cheated. chis. i wasn't a shining flower, and always kept well in the background. gamelan kept me happy during my Uni years. a dear friend of mine acted as the anchor for me to keep on believing.

do prove me wrong if you think any of this is untrue. haha.

first time lucky: a lucky draw during an antenatal class i dragged Significant Other to when i was pregnant ith Dinara. tak mengaku langsung that that was my second pregnancy (buat malu je hahahaha). the class helped alot, i managed to channel my energy towards breathing and pushing during labor, seriously (that was about it lah, mainly because i already went through everything 2 years before haha).

second time lucky: at my current company's dinner lucky draw. ok so i wasn't lucky enough to score meself an iPad like my friend did, but i managed to win rm200 vouchers at i-forgot-already some deparmental store. imagine i spent 5 years at my former company and not once did i win anything! chis dah chis lagi (i resigned because of that haha).

third time lucky: totally unexpected.


the question is, will this be mine or the kids'?


July 22, 2011

random Dayana pics

here are a couple of random photos of Dayana. lol i am soo out of ideas on what to blog.

taken in March 2011:

she was in the stacking phase and this was one of her achievements. she did this by herself!

she insisted to take a photo with the rabbit

and taken in July 2011:

with Baby Bop!!! =D

she'll be three years old next month! woo-hoo~!

July 18, 2011

july mbw gathering

last babywearing gathering was pretty special - instead of the traditional indoor gatherings, we decided to hold our gathering outdoors at ttdi park. wee~! liz knew of an ideal spot for a bit of picnic, plus the nearby playground and stream for kids to play in, the combination of all should be fun, right?

it had been raining each morning without fail, so we were quite worried we had to postpone our gathering to a later date or time. fortunately for us, it was shady but no signs of rain. yay. the ground was a bit damp, though due to yesterday evening's rain i guess. extra thanks to liz's map, otherwise i'd never even find the place (gps hates me).

it took a bit of a walk to get to the designated picnic spot, so it was wise of liz to advise us to bring a stroller along to lug stuff, hahahah. i brought my maid with me, and i am so glad i decided to, i don't think i could've handled two kids in the open air. dayana made a beeling towards the playground the moment we arrived she neither wanted to eat nor take a dip in the stream, pffft. in fact i don't have a single shot of her save for two that my friends managed to take that day.

there was soo much food!!! special thanks to all those that took the effort to bring something that day apart from their stomachs. thanks to FarrahB for arriving fashionably late with the kuah laksa, LOL. i felt like the main highlight of the gathering was more about the food than babywearing, but who cares?

thanks to liz for taking the great photos that day with yous super duper camera =). i hope you don't mind if i put some up here.


dinara melayan apam norley

blurry silhouette of Dayana caught in the background

sibuk melayan playground with leen's kiddo

budak2 techy would rather layan angry bird than the stream T_T

Dinara asleep in Rosalinde

crazy fish Sarah & eos moss Lix

Reet in aqua waves

the next babywearing gathering would be after Raya =). if any of you have kids and are interested in babywearing, please feel free to join us. i've gained many friends by just mixing with this group of crazy people, seriously.


first attempt saw it returned to sender. so it really does feel like it's coming from sampan country. haha.

good vibes it reaches my door step tomorrow.

and hope iza mailed out my azur already.

July 15, 2011


a friend of mine gave us the link. so i experimented on some of my photos. lol. what do you think?

faux tandem babywearing lol

the family

"i wanna buy doll for birthday!"

July 14, 2011

the end of all seven

squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! sapa mau ikut tengok tomorrow?

Significant Other knows nuts about the movie. he thinks magic is crap. he obviously didn't read the book. the last HP movie installment that we went to, the Part One of Book 7, he kept asking me this and that, bla bla bla... who's this? why that? (macam Dayana je gayanya) sampai i lost concentration on the movie. chis.

no kids allowed this time. last weekend i brought the kids to watch Mr. Popper's Penguins, Dayana either wanted to sit on the floor or my lap, Dinara didn't want to sleep and kept squeaking throughout the whole movie (kuat pulak tu), then both the kids got restless that i ended up watching the last part of the movie at the top of the stairs behind the audience (while the kids started a crawling competition at the back). disaster. i think if Jim Carrey was a cartoon character, Dayana would've enjoyed the movie more. i guess the penguins weren't enough to hold Dayana's attention. haha.

anyway, TGV revamped their web portal. buying tickets seem much easier now, but i'm kinda lost navigating through the site, like information for Upcoming Movies and such (macam tak cukup info jerk). or when Hanna and Captain America will be shown (i found the info i needed from GSC though =P).

July 13, 2011

wordless wednesday


July 12, 2011

kizsports empire

the Daddy had his flying theory class at LEX last weekend, so while waiting i brought the kids to KizSports at Level 4, Empire Gallery. the first day of his class, we hung out at LEX itself and i guess the kids got bored with nothing to entertain them.

the kids and their b.o.r.e.d face

where the Daddy was

i heard KizSports at OU closed down (wah lama gila tak pergi) so they opened here in Subang instead. price per entry seemed abit steep for me (typical weekend increase), but you can enjoy benefits if your children are signed up for classes there. or you could always buy their K-card, but i forgot how much it cost for a year (i think. i have the flyer lying around somewhere).

anyway, i forgot to bring my socks T_T.

at first Dayana made a beeline for the kiddies area (you know, the pool of balls) but i coaxed her into climbing up the huge slide, of which she seemed a little bit jilted at first after reaching the bottom (the slide was longer than what she was used to) but she eventually started to get the hang of it and climbed up the slide again without me having to hover. she didn't want to try the other parts of the obstacle course yet though. not yet.

the eldest eksaited

so i happily dropped Dinara into the ball pool. she seemed bewildred jugak. she kept staring at the other kids. and occasionally Dayana would stop to join her sister for awhile. then she got fascinated with the balls. and then she decided she'd try to climb out of the pool of balls. hahaha.


fascination with balls

trying to make a getaway

she preferred to crawl on the floor and chase the ball.

in the whole 2.5hours i was there, Dayana managed to make a friend, Qistina. i didn't officially meet her mother though, i think she was with someone that day. anyway, Dayana was so excited to have someone to tag along with she even eventually tried every thing else that was there to try at the massive play gym. she ran here and there. she tried scooping up the balls and running away with them. Qistina tried to get her to play hide and seek. unfortunately Dayana hasn't managed to get the concept yet, lol.

i seriously thought the little girl was Chinese until i saw her mother. she even politely asked me whether Dayana could share her milo or not (i think her mom put her up to that). she was really sweet to allow Dayana to tag along too (she was 3 years older than my daughter). i saw her help Dayana up and down those parts of the obstacle course which seemed difficult for Dayana. i hope Dayana will grow up to be just like that :)

i met someone else at KizSports that day. haha, Nedd, you would not guess who i met there - your sister-in-law. hahaha. it was her that told me i looked familiar, she remembered me being pregnant last time. me being the nyanyuks that i am, totally drew a blank. then we got to talking abit, and she mentioned ss3. my only connection was my cousin, and then only i found out that she was Tariq's sister. hahahaha. sorry, i seriously didn't notice the resemblance =P.

after Dayana's friend left she went another few rounds on the slide before the Daddy arrived. Dinara was already starting to get cranky becuase she was overdued for her morning nap.

i guess bringing the kids here once in a while should be fun. you think?

sister sister =)

July 8, 2011

azur 55 makeover

remember my berry berry thread?

well, when it arrived i found that it's gorgeous irl but alas the colors weren't me (i realize i'm a pastel mama after all) i sold it off to a fellow friend of mine (who is an on and off wrapper hahaha).

i asked the dyeist if i could get another dye slot with her, she said yes. even though she had already stopped her dyeing services to focus on her family commitments, she still agreed to take abit of her precious time to dye mine (and also, because i persisted. i love her work and desperately wanted to own one of hers kekeke).

this time, i bought the same type of wrap and asked her to use the original colors that i wanted. i didn't want to botch the dye job by improving on anything, i didn't want to jinx it. also, i think it's easier to work with existing creations rather than thinking up of a totally new color combo and risk a not-sure-if-i'll-like-the-results thingy (i'm playing it safe this time!).

so... after figuratively collecting dust (me that is), i got a PM from the dyeist:

my yet to be named 55% dyed azur

ok so now i'm happy. let's hope it arrives speedily too.

*big smile on face*

July 6, 2011

the girls of monte carlo

gahh. i wish i hadn't seen this movie.
now i wish i was Grace Bennet. who meets a handsome guy in Monte Carlo.
who got to go to France! (i've never been there).
how i wish i was 18 again.

source: google

if you're a movie critique, then this movie's best left alone.
if you're looking for a teen movie, then this is it.
leighton meester is more cuter in gossip girl i say.
oh and i love selena gomez's hair. not a fan of the belieber though. lol.

Who says...
Who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's heard it?
Trust me,
That's the curse of beauty
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful?
Who says...

rojak ramblings of the kids and us

Dinara can already pull herself up into a standing position provided she has the proper leverage! whee! but she has yet to crawl properly (she starts out on all fours, but then continues to crawl military style @_@). she doesn't know how to plop back down once she's stood up though. haha.

big accomplishment!

she still isn't able to sit on her own. and she's entering the stage where she can't be left alone, else she'll wail macam kene dera. i remember leaving her for a few minutes in my room, sedar2 dia menangis teresak2 and had crawled almost to the bedroom doorway in search for human life, lol.

i remember leaving her in the room on the floor amongst her toys, with Daddy sitting on the bed. dia menangis but Daddy buat donno. when i finally came to pick her up, each time she shot dirty looks at Daddy and started to wail. haha. seems like she knows Daddy purposely didn't want to pick her up, so she decided to hold a grudge against him, kakakakaka.

Dinara used to fall asleep so easily. these days it is compulsory for her to roll all over the perimeter of the bed before she dozes off. and you have to teman her to sleep. doesn't help that Dayana pun akan menyibuk from time to time, so Dinara takkan jadi tido sebab kepochi is her middle name. she doesn't feed direct as much anymore, only when she wants to sleep, and before her rolling activity. haih.

Dayana pulak, spends the earlier of the night in her room, usually hijacking her sister's crib. the second half of the night she will slink into my room and continue her slumber there. she'll ask for a milk refill, and sometimes demand to sleep with me on the bed. and sometimes Dinara will wake up and so i have to contend with two groggy kids at 3-4 in the morning. sigh.

i've bought Dayana a Tommee Tippe Explora bottle with the hopes of getting her off the bottle, as well as hoping to reduce her milk intake at night, and train her to drink everything from a cup. so far she only uses her bottle for milk. i've replaced a number of teats due to wear and tear, so with this bottle i don't have to spend $$$ for replacements, and i also get to reduce mik spillage all over the room. one thing i dislike about this bottle is that Dayana will leave a bit left over in the bottle, and ask for more, it's like she unable to sip out that last bit. is that normal? penat lah ku mau refill banyak2 kali for her, aiyo @_@. that bottle is only about 330ml.

i bought one for Dinara as well, i let her try but it seems that she isn't really comfortable with it, because she let the water dribble down her chin and soak her clothes T_T. one time she tried sipping her sister's orange juice from the bottle and her dinner ended up all over the floor. sigh. masam sangat kot itu sunquick. hoho.

since Significant Other is in the mood to go jogging whenever he has free evenings and during the weekend, i've brought Dayana along a couple of times, she seems to love the excursions. i'd bring her to walk around the tasik (big tasik, i tell u hahah) and once we've completed a round, i'd let her play at the playground for awhile before heading home. she'd run, skip, sing (ntah apa2 punya lagu), chase the birds, stop at the top of the bridge to see if there's fish, all round the tasik. then she'd go 'do you see Daddy? say Daddy!' ala2 Dora style. haha. then we'd go home and she'd pengsan earlier than normal due to being tired out i guess. haha.

Dinara pun likes to go out. she'd stare at everything around her in fascination, provided she's in a good mood. recently i accidentally bought her the wrong size sleepsuits at mothercare, 9-12 months was almost a foot extra long, haha. konon boleh tahan lama la. kggal.

btw, kggal = ketawa guling-guling atas lantai. invented by some very smart friends of mine, hahahah.

Sunday last weekend we dropped by Empire because Significant Other wanted to sign up for some flight simulator theory classes at LEX. then we went to ToysRUs but didn't see anything worth buying for the two so we headed off to Adidas where Dayana got herself an orange ball to kick around. the Daddy bought himself some earphones to use while jogging. me and Dinara? we didn't get anything. right now i only have Pumpkin Patch on the brain. bila nak sale nih??

so anyway, we were walking out of the shop past an area where a couple of adults and kids were sitting down at a table doing some artwork. Dayana immediately stopped in her tracks, dropped her purchase onto the floor and joined them at the table in utmost fascination. haha. apparently the event was organized by this montessori organization in Subang Jaya where they were currently take enrollment. (*to be edited later once i reread the flyer). they take children as young as 18 months old (sorry la Dinara, you're still too young!).

sesi membuat turtle

while i talked to one of the person in charge, Dayana managed to make herself a paper turtle, and a beaded bracelet for herself. which got me to thinking that she'd learn so much more if we were to send her off somewhere to learn and explore (badddd mommy T_T). oh btw, can anyone of you recommend me a good place to send Dayana for pre-school in Shah Alam area? i stay je in Shah Alam, but i know nuts about Shah Alam. sorry... =P~.

we had lunch at The Loaf before going home. if you're a bread fan, this place is for you. i had the salmon panini, which was served with salad and chips, which Dayana happily ate. i think i prefer salmon as sushi than anything else. yesterday i had lunch with my colleague at Sushi King, i had the best lunch ever that i even forgot to be hungry at teatime =P. he really eats with an appetite =D (and i love it when people tak berkira pasal makan).

salmon panini

was supposed to go intai at F.O.S after work but i got so engrossed with some things on FB that i'm still in the office =P. and my MQC seems to act up on me, i'm unable to pass my test cases, sangat2 stress. then the whole IE hangs and closes up on me. pffft. pffft.

if everything goes as it should, it'll be a month before that someone goes off to Langkawi. can anyone recommend me budget accomodation that's avaialable in Langkawi? and if anyone knows how much a flight ticket would cost?

chococabana wcrs fs


i have a wrap conversion ring sling for sale if anyone is interested. it has the SBP-pleated style shoulder (sleeping baby productions), and has a zippered pocket sewn on the tail. the wrap is girasol chococabana in lovely stripes of blue and grey. rings are a bronze color. already broken in so it's really really soft and well-loved. the tail is abit shorter than usual, so if you're a fan of short tails, then this is for you.

am asking rm197 with shipping throughout Malaysia.

July 4, 2011

disposable mom

i am a disposable mom.

er, it's not what you think. i'm talking about disposable diapers.
i once tried using cloth diapers. i thought i had the determination to follow through.
i didn't.

the maximum number of CDs i used to own in one time was 25, including 2 covers. ever since i realized i was a doomed failure (downgrading myself to weekend mom), i've destashed and now own about 13 CDs (i sayang my Drybees and fitteds, lol). and am still painstakingly destashing.

i buy disposables, but i'm not the one to splurge on a brand, because like my mil says, disposables are meant to be thrown away. i usually purchase a local store brand for my kids, occasionally trying out other brands out of curiosity. i dispose of any loose stool into the toilet bowl before throwing them away in the bin. so sue me that i didn't turn out to be pro-CD. but at least i don't spend too much money on sposies either.

this is my opinion on the benefits of CD-ing:

- u help save the environment. throwing away 5-6 sposies daily does nothing to save the environment.
-> but you could also be the type of person that uses litres and litres of water to wash you CDs (like yours truly), so you might end up with water wastage right there.

- u save $ in the long run. purchase a reasonable amount, and if handled properly can be used for ur future children.
-> but in my opinion if you start purchasing CDs because of the yummy prints and exceed the number of CDs that you actually need to last you a wash cycle, then i do not think that's saving. i'd compare that to 'collecting' shoes (like i used to be previously before i got meself kids... haha).

- they say disposables can cause more harm to a baby's bum compared to CD
-> but i do have to mention that some disposable bums turned out quite okay. it's like you're saying only the rich people will turn out to be ok, while the poor people won't. so i need to be rich in order to have a beautiful butt?

- using cloth diapers will help facilitate quicker potty training
-> ok so this i agree. my dot sucks at potty training. maybe that could be a reason.

i love how CDs come in many designs and patterns (i choose base on looks, guilty as charged =P). it's the same with cloth pads. i think those disposable CP manufacturers got wind of how CPs were available in such lovely colors and designs (compared to their boring dull pads) that they actually came up with their own patterned pads. kggal. not like that makes any kind of difference to me.

children don't really care about how many CDs you own. show them what you have, and they'll be happy. they won't start asking, 'how come you don't have so-and-so brand?' now, will they? as long as they fit snuggly on their bums, eh?

but they might occasionally demand to wear that particular cloth diaper with the dinosaur print on it. lol. children will eventually have their own preference.


just because you use sposies, doesn't make you evil.
just because you use cloth, doesn't make you a superior. it doesn't make you a saint.
whichever category you're in, it really doesn't give you the right to judge the other.

CDing is such a wonderful journey and i respect those who manages to CD their children full time. but you definitely need the people around you to support your decision as well. maybe those who still hasn't made the move to CD has their own set of reasons why they haven't done so, who knows.

i have a few close friends who CD their child/ren diligently. they've even made it into a part time hobby, lol. the important thing is it's affordable for them, they're enjoying it, and they don't feel like they need to prove a point to others that do not choose to follow their steed.

now that's a true CD-mama :)