May 31, 2010

three fluffies~

my fluffies are here! woot woot...

and here's one curious kitten...

three more items on the way... or was it 4?

May 26, 2010

i feel like...

a penguin.
a fat elephant.
a kangaroo <- ini Significant Other kasi nama kat i. sampai hati ok.

i'm past the 24th week and all of a sudden everyone spies my baby bump. hoho (before this everyone was totally oblivious to it) and they're like, are you sure you're 6 months along? -.- and suddenly i feel the weight pressing against my ribcage, my bladder, my internal organs when i lie on my back to sleep at night. gahh. i feel significantly heavier now too. i guess i kind of suddenly 'showed'. haha. Significant Other says he doesn't remember Dayana being this big. hmmm. i basically don't remember either. i never took progressive photos of my tummy during my first pregnancy, and i didn't do it either for the second pregnancy.

morning sickness has gradually returned. which means i have three more months before i pop, and i'm not sure if i'm ready to be a mother of two. may hire a maid when the time comes, current maid says dengan confidentnye that she can handle two kids, but i say otherwise; she can't even handle Dayana -.-

i finally got the urge to buy baby stuff when i was over at Parkson the other day. luckily i don't know the gender yet, else i might've gone bankrupt on Pumpkin Patch for #2. i bought Skechers for myself to replace my botak Crocs, and now my pinkys are sorely paying the price for it. watched Ironman2 at GSC to pass the time while Significant Other was at class; i had the whole cinema to myself, siap upgraded myself to the couples seat, just baby and me, lol. ni angkara ketinggalan zaman in the movie department heehee.

just for the record, i love staying at Batu Feringghi area. feels like you're on a holiday everyday, especially when the view of your window shows off the coastal line. me wants a house by the beach, please!

finally satisfied my Ship craving (yummy french cream of spinach!) and had good briyani + mutton as well too (i forgot to try char kuey teow! demn). i agree that Penang has the best food =D. was surprised to bump into Yahya and Maria in Penang, haha. i haven't seen or heard from them ever since they got married.

i listed down every single one of my carriers in mbw today and was surprised that i have that many *batuk* *batuk* *cekik*. aida even dreamt i owned 20 wraps (flattering, astonishing? hahahah that'll be the day). so that's a sign to move my spenditure interest elsewhere (but lix, just ONE more, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez? =D =D)

well anyway, i am soo looking forward to the weekend. i've been sleep-deprived since this morning and have yet to say hi to Dayana ever since i got back.

my agenda: to list my shoes for sale (at a loss, i need to clear out my storage), and determine what carrier to let go before they end up being display items in my closet.

May 19, 2010

breaking free...

... from compulsive spending.

i got this from MSN. you can read more details of it here. i've decided to modify things abit to fit in with the current obsession. maybe some of you can relate to this, lol.

1. Understand the phenomenon.
shopping. is. evil.

2. Know thyself.
why do we love to shop? because it's therapeutic, the rush of making the purchase. the adrenaline you get when something comes in the mail for you. then it's gone, and we do it all over again. it's a vicious cycle, really. and you end up with half the things you don't actually need.

3. Reflect on how you feel when you shop.
i feel depressed, therefore i shop. when i see how happy someone is with their recent purchase, i feel the urge to get something nice for myself to cheer myself up. especially when you don't have anyone to get to buy them for you.

4. Think about the time involved.
over-browsed until you're at the point where you dunno what to browse anymore, apart from constantly checking for mail notifications, and that can take up alot of precious time. it would be better to be doing something useful, something productive. but yet to know the 'what'.

5. Take control of the situation.
purchasing stuff using debit card only - paying with the money in hand. stashed the plastic away, only keeping one for emergency purposes. aiming to clear one card at a time. or even better, vut them up into confetti. willpower, people!

6. Start writing things down.
writing down a list of what's been bought is a real eye-opener. before this it's just 'add to cart' and 'proceed to checkout' and then wait for presents to arrive. tsk. take shots of your purchases. then only you'll realize just how much you have :bigeek:

7. Steer clear of unnecessary temptations.
stay away from online stores, mbw, nm, and tbw. hahahahahahhaha (current obsession. formerly it was ms, ts and dp). change jobs that puts you in the desert with no retailers about. risk: starving to death.

8. Find healthy alternatives.
disconnect your Broadband. get a hobby. get an income-generating hobby!

9. Expand your possibilities.
again, get a hobby. get an income-generating hobby!

10. Know when to get help.

May 18, 2010

tit for tat

i've sold this...

to fund this...

photo taken from

and so the destashing continues... sigh.

today is sooo not a good day for me. didn't help that Dayana was awake from 1am to 5am last night. thought i could leave her to be by herself but noOoOoO, kejap nak 'shushu', kejap nk perosek barang atas meja, kejap diye poopie, kejap nak bodyslam Mommy diye, tsk. and she wanted the telly on too! T_T *okay Daddy, no more late Skypeing after this!*

and this jerawat on my chin is taking forever to clear up! whennnnn will it be August???


to further illustrate my bad luck day:-

i left the office and trudged in the drizzle to my car only to find my sidemirror got hit by some stupid idiot, the mirror was completely destroyed. just my bl**dy luck! *&#$*(&#$^@#& i am soooo pissed!!! tak reti nak budget ke jalan tuh??? grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! there goes my $$ again... sigh =(

and i came home to a little girl with a big lip. apparently she ran a little bit too fast at the supermarket and accidentally fell and injured her lip. haizzzzzzzzzzzz *cry*

today my colleague's contract expires, so i'll be on my own after this *weep*

i can NEVER win.

May 14, 2010

what color am i?

Your rainbow is strongly shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

note the word: STRONG =P~

autumn and summer

dear daddy,

autumn didn't get enough sleep last night because winter kept bugging her. she was unable to breathe properly due to the sniffles, poor thing. she kept mommy up all night with her tossing and turning. uncle taught her to drink orange juice to keep winter away, and she threw a tantrum last night at bedtime because mommy refused to give in, mommy doesn't want to ruin autumn's lovely pearls in the long run.

also, autumn prefers the more expensive milk over the cheaper one now. she has high taste like you, daddy.

summer is doing fine. summer's getting bigger now, mommy can feel it. gravity is no longer mommy's best friend.

that's all for now daddy. you take care up north. don't expand your waistband too much =P

love, mommy

p/s. autumn sends her love (and her sniffles!)

mommy is craving for an APLX and bihun now T_T

May 12, 2010

of butts and babies

on being 'Mommy'
last Sunday was Mother's Day. my dad made nasi tomato for lunch. i've been craving for nasi tomato since forever =D. for my second time round pregnancy, Significant Other doesn't offer much help in the cravings department, hmph. well it isn't just only him. i used to be superstitious on what i ate and what i did. these days i just belasah makan whatever i feel like - my appetite wasn't as before. i seem to eat alot of fastfood lately. tsk. before this i'd make it a point to feed myself healthily. but the Gynae says the baby seems to be growing fine, insyallah. went for my first appointment where Significant Other didn't attend (he was busy snoring at home). most likely the gender would be a *******. we'll see. according to Significant Other, his sixth sense says otherwise. i pulak, have lousy sixth sense.

teasers number Dos and Cuatro
anyway, i had expected the second teaser to have already arrived, but i didn't expect the third. seriously. but i was soOoOoOO happy to get it yesterday. nati was having a buy 1 free 1 sale so everyone was going on and on on how they all wanted to get 'butts' =P. a butt was on my iso list but eventually wore off... until these whackos planted the butt bug in me again. tsk. but me likey! one of those purchases i don't regret, despite having a big hole in my pocket now =(. michelle was really efficient. and i was just telling far the other day how i have never received my wraps with little anecdotes included. this wrap package was the first. whee~ even my mom thinks it's lovely (yeah la, a whole lot lovelier than indios. indios are boring. yet people seem to go crazy over them. yours truly included. hahahah). so now we understand why zana loves natis so much. and how i'm off to destash all my indios after this. kekekeke.

i wore Dayana in the butt solely for photo taking, she didn't even want to get down after that. lol. i think i last wore her in singapore, so i'm guessing she misses being wrapped? hehe.

nati pink purple butterflies!

a funny action photo for you =P

oh, the second package that arrived for me is... nothing much. they were selling cheap so i simply got them. i need someone to help me resize them now =D. too bad they aren't reversible. i feel like i want a Zoie now. does anyone know if Lil Caliph has this design going cheap last weekend?

teasers number Tres and Cinco
hm. i had 5 teasers on the way. 1st (meg original) teaser arrived. 2nd (hotslings) and 4th (pp butt) teaser just did. my 3rd (laguna) teaser is with my friend, she's already back from UK, i just don't know when i can meet up with her to get my package. 5th (red-ivory) has just been sent out (thanks to that lovely mama who helped me secure it, hugs). anyway this paragraph acts only as a reminder for myself (i'm like Dawn Schaefer's mother in the Babysitter's Club).

i want zara tripink!!!!!!! tapi sudah pokai =(. things i'm contemplating on doing now:
- selling my 4.5m~ symphuo - SOLD
- selling my Christiane (after i receive my parcel from my friend)
- selling my Moccha Souffle
- selling some CDs (i don't think i'll be putting them all to use, i think i'm more of opening a CD museum at this rate)


baby fair
hooo yeah, i went to the baby fair at Midvalley on Saturday last weekend. and found out that i absolutely cannot handle a 1-going-to-2 years old toddler by myself anymore. and i need to find a way on how to travel light. didn't manage to meet up with anyone apart from Lix and Sarah, and i bumped into Kak Faten, Syaz and Farid amongst the crowd. saw Chinnee from afar too. my dot spied the tiger zoobie and practically threw a tantrum there and then. i wonder if i should've gotten it, tt was selling them for only rm95! how cool is that? the halls were crowded to the max, and i was already irritated by how there were soo many strollers parked all through the walkways but almost 3/4 of them didn't have babies in it. in fact, most of my energy was spent dodging them T_T. should've brought my wrap.

i guess if Dayana wasn't around, the damage would be bigger. i only managed to get some stuff from Buds (mozzie repellent cream and a newborn bath set), and EMABs from the Lil Caliph. the organic ergo displayed at TLC's booth was really tempting though. they had 20% off! *sigh. tunggu next baby fair lah pulak*. didn't have time to check out Chinnee's flannel pads, the tiger was barricading my way, haha. didn't even manage to check out Avent bottles my 4oz bottles are already overused. like i said, tunggu next baby fair je lah. let's hope i don't deliver by then =P.

my purchase at the fair

babywearing Shrek

McD's Shrek

so it all started with one mbw mama coming across a babywearing Shrek. and of course everyone had to get one. my dot only liked the shrek, she'd throw the 'bib' away. so i taught her to know that with the bib Shrek could speak. and whenever Shrek says 'my little one', my dot will go 'money money' before bursting into fits of giggles. lol. another evidence to support my jinx claim was i specifically told the lady who took my order that i wanted the Shrek. and luckily i checked before leaving the counter, because she gave me the Donkey. tsk.


May 5, 2010

first teaser arrived

teaser number Uno
one of the items in my previous teaser has arrived. i had expected it to be a bit more fluffier irl. probably because of the way it's rolled up, so it got penyetted? haha. plan to use it for Baby #2 later on (and no, the gender has yet to be confirmed. i bought this in pink because it was the only pattern that i liked =P). will be going to the Gynae for my 5th month appointment this Saturday. i thought i could see her last Monday, but looks like she wasn't working the afternoon shift T_T (seronoknye jadi Gynae, do rounds, open clinic half day, perform deliveries and c-sections, and enjoy the rest of the time going for long holidays jalan sana sini. sungguh syiok).

my purchase which has got nothing to do with babywearing... lol

i have another fluffy to add to the list on the way. thought i might keep track of items that are on the way before i forget. lix says i'm so trusting for not requesting for the tracking number whenever i purchase something online (alhamdulillah, everything i've ever bought has always arrived safely, despite one being rerouted to Thailand once, haha).

worko, worko, worko = quando, quando, quando
i don't want to talk about work either. if i do, i might jinx it too. i don't know if everything is changing for the better or for the worse. we'll need to wait n see =(.

on another note, i'm supposed to buy 8 prepaid cards and register all of them under my own name for testing purposes? haiyoooooooo~~~ T_T