July 3, 2012

sick spell approaching

woke up with an aching sensation in my tummy.
sigh. my best friend miss gastric has come to visit.
i didn't even skip my dinner last night.
and as usual i always skip my breakfast *spanks myself silly*
probably wind entered my body through osmosis?
i feel like barfing now. too much wind.

(i remember when i was still unmarried, i had the same stomach pain (gastric obviously, i'm old enough to know the difference between period cramps, gastric and sakit perut mau pergi toilet) and it was so severe the last time the Dr. had me take a pregnancy test. CHIS!!!! i wish i had bet with the Dr. rm1 mil that the test would come back -ve, i'd be stinkin' rich. not so sure if he's still practicing in that clinic).

and throughout the whole day, all i felt like doing was to crawl under my table and sleep among my USPS boxes cluttered at my feet.
i took a tablet of gaviscon before i came to work this morning, unfortunately for me, it didn't work. sigh. i think the liquid version works wonders for me.
didn't even finish my lunch even - i only had half my burger and fries.
before that took a couple of keropok and Nurul's sample raya cookies as alas perut.
now my eyes have started to feel warm. and my fingers are freezing. sigh.
am contemplating leaving work straight to the Dr.s after this.
i wonder if it's because of yesterday's gongcha T__T. no more milk froth after this.
didn't even feel like cuci mata downstairs even. stomach has been serenading me all morning.
unfortunately, mouth refuses any form of deposit.

seriously, i haven't felt this lousy in a looOoOOong time. i'm going straight back home and make a beeline for my bed later. let's hope the kids don't notice me sneaking in.

made a couple of boo-boos at the supermarket the past few days, both regarding the purchase of milk powder, lol.

1. first case was when i paid Dutch Lady milk powder in cash (Giant was having an offer that day, 1 packet for rm19.80). when i got back my change i thought she shortchanged me by 30sen. luckily i didn't start a fight there, it was me who was wrong - i mistook 50sen for 20sen. HAIH. yyyy lar must they both look almost alike and in the same color too? (i wonder if Rebecca Bloomwood would like the idea of pink coins rotfl).

2. second case was when i was about to pay for Similac Step 3 at Aeon, the amount that appeared on the til was rm115+. mata i terbeliak and i asked the cashier to check again because i thought it costed rm104+. he did it without putting up a fight, and didn't make any faces when he brought back the barcode price to show me that the til wasn't lying. rm104+ was actually for Similac Step 4. hmmmph. in my defense, the Step 3 tin was actually the last one left at the shelves, and it was primly sitting right above the barcode price of rm104+.

susu is expensiveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! #*$&(#&$*(@)@#

i've been waiting like FOREVER for those Dutch Lady full cream milk in those cartons to go on sale. last i hear Tesco is offering rm4 for a box (other places is offering rm5.65 ok. lepas ni i'm gonna have to rear a cow in the backyard).

p/s. just wanted to mention, Std Chtd has very good service in terms of EPF withdrawals letter request. i hope it'll last.

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