November 30, 2010

2 weddings, a party, a car breakdown and a funeral

i realized lately ever since she turned 3 months old Dinara loves to stick out her tongue. really, it's like she just realized she has a tongue to stick out. haha.


oh and Dayana, whenever i scold her, she'll look for Daddy for sympathy, and vice versa. pandai ohh this one. haha.

let's start with me being dulang girl, shall we? the term 'dulang girl' has been coined by the bride herself, so i shall not complain further for i might induce the bridezilla to run amok haha. i remember Jo asking me to be her dulang girl aeons ago so i absent-mindedly said yes because weddings were fun and i didn't mind helping out. lol. Dini was supposed to be dulang girl as well but fate be have it, she fell down the stairs literally and broke her ankle (ouch).

so on Friday i took half day off from work and carpooled with Dini to get there. we were both going stag, so i guess two's company? lol. i pratically didn't know anyone there save for the bride and groom. my baju nikah was cream color, so i didn't have to worry about looking for a suitable outfit and i was lucky that i could still FIT into it hahahahha. heck i even bought colored contacts for the event just to melaram skali skala =P~~~~~. but imo i look weird without glasses, i'm so used to seeing myself with them.

so a dulang girl's main duty is just to carry the dulang hantaran into the hall for the event. the hantaran agreement was 7-9, so there were 9 dulangs to be carried in for the bride to the groom and i got to carry the dulang that held the toiletries. boy was the dulang heavy!

and so it was a tearful event, lol. simple yet sweet. Fahmi's reception will be this weekend at Dewan Perdana Felda (Jo's reception was the day after, which happened to clash with another reception me and Significant Other went to). congrats to these two lovebirds. it's maddening to see them camwhoring everywhere they go, hahahhahaha. proof: blog of Fahmi. p/s. please blog more, ever since you got tied up, you seem to be writing less and less!

the hantaran. see the toiletries?

dini, me & the crutch

the bride & groom

made a new friend that day, Azlina, formerly a PwC-ian, gave her a ride back home =) in the usual Friday jam. the more the merrier, aite? i've almost forgotten how terrible the jams were during rush hour. i'm due to be experiencing that again real soon :S.

so on Saturday i had to opportunity to bring the kids to Kidz Sport at OU for the first time (thanks Lita! =) a very happy birthday to Aariz!). it was just me and the kids as usual, and i was lucky Dayana was in a cooperative mood as we made our way from the new wing (my usual parking territory) to the old wing, haha. being our first time there i didn't know we had to wear socks, so there goes my $$ that day to two pairs of socks. haha. at least now Dayana has her very own pair of socks, i don't think i've ever bought her a pair except for those given to us as gifts. hee~ (kedekut Mommy!).

decided to come earlier as i had a wedding reception to attend later in the evening so i wanted to give Dayana an opportunity to explore before rushing her back home again, lol. luck has it the rest of the peeps were still on their way so looked like Dayana had to play on her own for a little while.

while others prefer to dive into the balls, Dayana preferred to collect stray balls and put them back into the ball area. she seemed rather skeptical at sliding down into a bunch of balls, lol. we didn't have time to cover the entire play area though =(. perhaps next time? i sempat jumpe a very pregnant ito, pwiddy as always =D.

i couldn't get nicer photos of Dayana though, she was too busy running around and didn't bother to stop to take photos. tsk.

at this age Dayana already knows that when there's a candle with cakes on it, it's happy birthday to you time. she's improving on her candle-blowing skill too haha (she had practice during Mommy's birthday). you can see just how enthralled she was just looking at the cake! the cake was chocolate peppermint btw. absolute yumminess imo =D.

gaya je lebih, in the end sapa yang makan?

the attendees makan fries =D

happy birthday to Aariz~

what Sleeping Beauty was doing the whole time

as expected, her party pack included some Princess stickers, but she caught a glimpse at another boy's party pack and insisted on Mickey Mouse instead, haha. then she went round showing off her stickers to anyone who would listen to her, totally ignoring her food, which her mommy ended up eating hahahahahaha. her stickers are now successfully scattered all over her play pen.
Dinara spent time chilling out with Uncle Nizam, she was such an angel in the car on the way to OU. too bad the same can't be said for the journey back home lol.

so what were the other mamas doing? busy checking out lix's new gadget =P. should i be sorry that i'm an iPhone user? haha. later when i left i found out the mamas continued gawking over berihitam at... guess where?

being 5 again

that evening me and Significant Other attended a friend's wedding reception in Shah Alam. we left the kids at home this time. as usual Significant Other decided to arrived very fashionably late, but just in time i might add, 5 seconds before the bride and groom arrived at the front door, haha.

the bride & groom

the ex-PwCians

so the groom finally got his bride. lol. Shasha looked absolutely gorgeous as always (i didn't know you switched telco. any chance of turning yellow later on?). and Najua's Aisha is just adorable!!!

later in the evening Significant Other's friends came over for abit to lepak. Dayana was simply excited to have visitors over. insisted to show off her iTouch to Uncle Rijal (haha) and later handed him a crayon and asked him to draw in her new notebook, part of the party pack she received during the birthday party.

the final part of this chapter would be about my beloved Neo, which happened before the abovetold events. i happened to get caught in the rain one day when i was visiting SR and came down with a terrible fit of sneezes which left my brain rattling in my skull. so i took the opportunity to run errands while i have the time away from work, sick or no sick.

it started out with the aircond not functioning. i was like bahh, is it time to service the aircond already? my car was already due for its 90km service so i thought i'd wait until i was work-free to send my car for servicing and other miscellaneous fixes one shot - my brakepads were due to be changed too.

and just as i was about to enter the Ikea parking lot, my car suddenly died. AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHH! 100% no response. flat line.

as luck would have it, the owner of one of the cars i was blocking arrived. i thought i'd already be D.O.A. but instead she was really kind to help me move (or push is more like it) my car out of the way to reverse her car out, and then stopped to help me push my car into her parking space so that i wouldn't block traffic. is that nice or what??? you don't get people like that these days. to that kind person, thank you so much!

with no idea what to do, i called my brother. luckily he was working night shift that week, so he got his ass over to help me out =D. seemed that the engine overheated and i didn't realize it (which later turned out to be faulty wiring, phewww). luckily after the engine cooled down abit i was able to start up the car so i drove to Proton Mutiara and went back home with my brother. got ourselves hotdogs and curry puffs at Ikea. and i got to eat meatballs while waiting for my brother to arrive =P. thanks to my brother to for helping me collect the car yesterday. i owe you steak ok. haha.

and the funeral? the death of my Ikea credit card. no photos with respect to the R.I.P. kekekeke. 1 down, 4 more to go.

kids these days...

... are even more advanced than their parents.

got this photo off my sil's friend's FB. the caption that came together with the photo reads:

"Awesome giler budak nie, umur 2 tahun dah pandai guna itouch."

at the time, Dayana's favorite quote of the week was "Auntie Enn = Angry Bird".


November 19, 2010

literally saujana

i dunno why it's taking a looOoOOoOoOng time to get the place done. it's just a small unit to begin with. anyway i'm just hoping everything will get done by end of the month before mil comes back. i'd never hear the end of it.

waiting on the completion of:
- kitchen cabinets
- storeroom

things left to do:
- curtains
- bathroom cabinets & mirrors
- a way to disguise our open-air bathroom (lol)
- door grille
- furniture

a preview of the current progress:

things sticking out from the ceiling

wardrobe, built in. curse that ceiling beam

this has yet to be completed... tak pasal2 kasik freeshow nanti

November 16, 2010

salam aidiladha 2010

pic source: google

Salam Aidiladha from all of us here in the Monsoon road, including Severus Snape, Harry, Ron & Hermione =D

we'll be celebrating Aidiladha here in KL, since we both didn't take any additional leave and don't have plans to go anywhere yet (also i'm out of leave balances, all taken to extend my maternity leave =P). big shout out to Wan, Sue, Sarah & Izzah back in KT! *woot woot*

the much awaited Harry Potter movie is premiering this week! *shuffle shuffle ala macam that guy in Waktu Rehat LOL* Significant Other isn't much of a fan though, he prefers movies that involve vampires and wandering half-dead zombies than magic =P (but oddly enough he happens to like 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'... which involves magic? go figure). my colleague even went all the way to Sunway during lunch hour yesterday to queue up for first day tickets, haha. when will i be able to see it??? sure ramai gila orang serbu cinema for the next few weeks, not to mention school holiday has already started. fufufufufu~~~~ shall i bring Dinara along for her very first movie? LOL.

i don't care i'm going back early today to pick up ketupat for Mommy, i hope today's traffic isn't as bad as yesterday. yesterday was total hell @_@. my parents left for Terengganu yesterday night, and i've sent my Neo to represent us for not being there (haha).

so today i was late for work because... i absolutely fail at parking a Mercedes.


November 15, 2010

roundabouts s.u.c.k!

the distance from my house to the office is only 15 minutes.

Yet today it took me more than 2 HOURS to reach home.

efF lah!!!!!

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November 11, 2010

up at 1am

yep, me here. still awake. since i'm up this late i might as well go eat dinner for a second round before my stomache begins to fill up with gas.

i'm due to pump too. yes pumping is now part of my life, as with the freestyle which i have absolutely no regrets in getting (wish i had bought a backup when i was in Houston, darn cheap compared to here). going dual is the way to go especially if you're short of time to empty out both boobs (i have absolutely no patience whatsoever to spend 15 minutes on each side #_#). to save time, i pump while driving too. haha. my workplace has its own nursing room, complete with its own LLC councellor, how good is that?

i get no pleasure whatsoever in washing and tonyoh-ing bottles and teats every day though.

and no thanks to that somebody, i am now craving brick blue. can't help it, i'm a sucker for blue. lol.

i haven't been updating as often as i should. have alot of things to think about and currently all my posts are residing in my drafts folder. will publish each and every one of them when i get the time to sort out my photos as well. i consider posts without photos boring, kekeke.

i had this weird dream the other night about a good friend of mine, R3 who kinda disappeared off the face of the earth years ago. the dream felt kinda forlorn, i wasn't sure why and what it was all about (dreams do that to you, don't they, always leaving you hanging), it was enough to want me to send an sms to ask if everything was alright. too bad i seem to have misplaced R3's number, cheh.

thank God Dinara sleeps fairly through the night. i get my headaches with the elder one. the first night i started work, she miraculously slept early at 8pm but woke up at 3am screaming in my ear for her Sesame Street and didn't go back to sleep til past 6. grrrr.

oklah. off to pump. gotta rewire my brain to work-mode and reset my body alarm clock again. hehe.

p/s. weird how i come back 2 months later to find the parking lot half empty at 9am. is everyone still on Deepavali break, or did everyone upgrade to bigger cars while i was away? hoho.

November 10, 2010

big... and i mean BIG

luckily Significant Other was on MC the day Regalia Supreme arrived. don't think i could've handled its arrival alone. and it was a good thing Dayana was at my parents' too. i'd confirm trip over her 95% of the time.

objective of the day:
- since it has no storage space under the bed i had to think of a way to get rid off all the junk + dust that was currently residing under the bed
- dismantle the current bed and somehow figure out a way to protect the mattress during transport (HAHA)

when they finished ensembling the bed i was like omg gabak besar! not only just big, but tinggi too. heck Dayana needs a chair just to climb up on the bed. haha. i think Significant Other never counted on the divan to be sooo thick. i totally feel as if i've lost half of my room space, not to mention half of my eyesight too! @_@. have yet to take a photo of the bed. too much messiness in the room for now.

image source: google

the achievement:
- got rid of tons of boxes we kononnye sayang nak buang and kept for the sake of 'what if': a) we mau jual balik?, b) we pindah rumah later on? c) no what if... the box simply looks too nice to be chucked away haha.
- bought a new chest of drawers from Ikea. it has a foldable mirror on the top to act as sort-of dresser (there's no room in our room for an actual dresser!!!). and i assembled it all by myself too while Significant Other was busy lepaking on the bed watching The Last Airbender, tsk. he only helped with the hammering part. punye semangat katakan. i initially wanted to get a wall-mounted rack for storage, but i couldn't find a good enough one.

offtopic: if you think about it, if we had our own a mini kitchen, our room can qualify as a mini-condo for 4, haha. so please, don't complain that our room is too messy for words. there isn't enough room for 4 people here hokeh, regardless of whether we hoard or not.

you should've seen the look on Dayana's face when she first saw the bed. priceless.

and until now, i have yet to get a good night's sleep on the bed. i don't know why.

November 8, 2010

ayam back

i'm backk... to work that is. you can't imagine how i was dreading this day, i even had this queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when i woke up this morning.

goodbye SAHM, hel-lo FTWM.

i'm contemplating another move again. this one could be permanent. so i might be letting go a number of perks, but i'll be gaining in other areas that i previously didn't. what say you? er, is this cryptic enough? sometimes i wonder, would i even get what i'm saying 20 years down the line? haha.

Significant Other bought me an early birthday gift this year. and being the dummy Sagittarius that i am, i kinda fail at displaying my excitement, much to his disappointment (although, deep down i am really really really excited that i have now have a new gadget to record the milestones of my 2 kids!!!! yay!!!! =D). no more excuse for the future question of why are there more photos of the eldest compared to the rest of the other kids, if any one of them decides to interrogate on the matter. lol.

about the 2 little rascals, let's backtrack for abit, shall we? Dinara turned 2 months last month, and the terrible-2 kid is now 2 years 2 months old. since my memory has been fried due to giving birth twice, i'm no longer writing an in-depth progress of my kids, but will chuck info here and there where i seem fit (in other words, when i actually remember to, lol). no harm in reading through my rambings and rants ey? =P~~~ feel free to volunteer to be my subject to torture if you please.

the terrible loveable twos


- loves camwhoring. loves looking at herself in mirrors. gets that from her Daddy. insists you take her photo first before allowing you to take others
- cannot pronounce the letter 'L' properly (anak Cinakah?)
- likes to punctuate her sentences with 'lah'. 'Elmo-lah!'
- sudah pandai throw tantrum at shopping malls
- an excellent iPhone user. so excellent that she can already screw up my icons in the menu. the other day she showed my mom how to play this ice cream game application, complete with what to 'tekan'. lol. whenever she wants the iPhone she'll say, 'Mommy nak ABC!'
- her bestie apart from Chewy would be 'Ayame' - previously known as 'Barney'. at one time it got muddled to 'Babi' in my attempt to teach her to say 'Barbie'. hoho.
- pantang ajak jalan. will angkut her bottle, her toys, her Chewy, anything that she can hold by herself (she refuses to allow me to stuff them into my bag), insist i hold them for her when going down the stairs, and she'll be the first one out the door for fear of being left behind. lol.

am a little concerned about her milestones and am contemplating sending her to dayschool next year.
she has yet to get her 1.8 months and 2yo jab.


- 4.1kg at 2 months ain't that bad at all =). her Grandad says she'll definitely surpass her elder sister soon enough
- definitely loves bathtime. still does. never cries before, during or after, unless she's super hungry. but most of the times she absolutely loves the attention i give her
- she can cry nonstop in the car seat until she's red in the face and will abruptly stop in a way that worries you sometimes. doesn't matter whether the car is moving or not, it all depends on her mood.
- rejects her pacifier. instead she prefers to stuff her tiny fist into her mouth. sometimes i see Dayana staring and doesn't seem to understand why her little sister does that, lol
- if you give her a few minutes of your time to bring your face close to hers and talk to her she will happily respond to you =)

i babywear Dinara everytime we go out now, and NIP practically everywhere just because i am too malas to handle EBM outside of the house. haha. i'm starting to appreciate my ring slings long tails alot more too. i don't need my nursing cover anymore (except for when i express during office hours). i consider myself a pro *ahem* at cradle carry, but i totally forgot how to do t2t since i'm at a loss at how to coordinate the baby's legs properly - not forgetting proper head support too. and i'm at 0% at pouch wearing. heu~~~. my wraps are underutilized now. please forbid me from wraps from this day on. heck, one of it is now being utilized as a cover for my bed's headboard. haha.

to date, i have 10 RS. and i secretly want more.

babywearing is fun btw. at times people don't seem to notice there's a tiny human being in there, keke.

that's it from me. will be heading to SR later to get a progress stat - i want this unit up and running, one less subject to think about later @_@.