October 19, 2010


a few Kangas that are droolworthy to my taste, lol
owners (L-R): unknown, Pah, Fazie, Liz, unknown

can you see that i'm surprisingly moving towards purple these days? haha)

KP is the current fever. i realized that what Farrah said was right, although KP is highly rated among babywearing moms, they're a bit design-challenged. that makes them not unique. heck there's already 4 sunflower carbon copies in Malaysia.

i still haven't gotten over Kanga fever, mainly because it seems like i've been waiting forever while people right and left have gotten theirs. sigh.

so... i'm patiently waiting my turn and hoping pp doesn't run out by the time my turn swings around. lol.

bile nak my turn ni? =((( (p/s. lix i miss my monkey!)

lol... sorry for this non-informative post =P

October 18, 2010

PD family trip day 2

our second day here involved getting the kids out of bed in the morning for breakfast. Significant Other had a paintball session that morning and so told us to utilize the breakfast coupon. obliged mainly because i was hungry =P. yesterday after Significant Other got back to the room we went out for dinner because i was starvinggggg. i had rice with oh-so-yummy tomyam, telur dadar and kailan ikan masin - what i always used to order back in my Uni days during our dinner outings to Batu Gajah. my partner in crime would be Mahani, lol, she was always up for anything (which is why i love+hate her, hahahah).

the kids in baru bangun mode

after breakfast (in which Dayana would only allow me to feed her a small quantity of bihun with the rest ending up all over the table and the floor =D) we took a stroll around the chalets. seems like they're all interconnected to each other, so we could just enter any row of chalets and eventually end up back at our room =D. the sun was starting to scortch after that, so we didn't stay out long. dropped by the hotel pool but there were just too many people occupying it @_@. and the sun was already bearing down on our necks to be out playing at the playground without having to end up being hangus-ed =P.

freedom of foot

this way to the Atlantic!

princess #2 sound asleep cradle carry

took another swim in the bathtub with the kids, Dinara included. i think Dayana was already opening up to the term 'swimming' haha. the last time i brought her to the beach she screamed her head off punye la tak nak set foot on the sand, and even when i brought her into the water she was terrified of the waves.

by lunchtime we had to pack up because checkout was at noon. went to check out the beach so dropped by the beaches nearby Avillion. the sun was still bringing it on so we didn't venture near the water, just sat under the shade of a very thin tree and allowed Dayana to play with the dry sand using the sandcastle set her Daddy just bought for her. she seemed intrigued with it. or maybe she enjoys the scooping and pouring part. haha.

Dayana & Daddy

Dayana & Mommy

princess #2 chillin out. hahahaha

the sandcastle engineer wannabe

before heading back home, we dropped by this restaurant Significant Other had been to previously during his ex-company's weekend away day. he said the seafood was good, and we should try it. so we did, me paying (only because Significant Other had already had his lunch and i was still starving so anything that comes, goes). we were lucky we arrived there when we did, they were just about to close for the day and would only repoen a couple of hours later. so we ordered, and by the time our food arrived (Which was quick because we were practically one of the very last customers there) everyone including the waiters, chefs, and cashiers had gone home. hahahahahha. we had to leave by the side door. Dayana was more interested in exploring than having her lunch T_T.

so. that's it, our short weekend getaway =D. i think it'd be lots more fun if we were to go in a group than just the four of us. who's in favor of a group trip next time? *hands up*.

October 16, 2010

PD family trip day 1

i can't even get good reception here, tsk. and by the time i do manage to find a spot in the room that does, the two sleeping beauties are about to wake up @_@.

Significant Other had a company trip this weekend so i was planning to ambush lix's place today for lunch since i missed my monkey (lol) but at the last minute Significant Other told me to pack up and bring the kiddos as well for the overnight road trip. the last time i went to PD was when i was in my teens? lol so long ago. my first family trip since the arrival of Dinara, hehe.

photos during the journey to PD:

Dayana was so excited to actually be going somewhere rather than being cooped up in the room the whole day. we got a room towards the far end of the chalets.

looking for 027(L)

nothing fancy, but the room's quite cozy in my opinion. i actually like the bathroom design, specifically the bathtub and the shower =P. i find it amusing that upon entering the chalet, you step into the bathroom first, haha. i was wondering what would you do if you were in the shower and suddenly someone comes knocking.

what awaits when you you enter the front door

the bathtub and the shower

the door leading into the room

the clear-glass floor that Dayana absolutely refuses to step on

cozy corner overlooking the sea

green theme LOL

Significant Other remarked that Avillion was more grander than this place in his opinion.

Dinara decided to mark her arrival in PD with a nice soiled diaper, while Dayana pulak intent on outdoing her sister, decided to barf her chicken nuggets + strawberry soda all over her clothes. sigh.

chillin', just the three of us

we hung out in the room the whole day while Significant Other went for his activities. thought of taking the kids out for a walk around the grounds but it was stinkin' hot so while Dinara took her evening nap, me and Dayana chilled out in the tub, lol. she didn't want to at first, she's a fraidy cat when it comes to water. so after poking her nose at the doorway a number of times watching me soak in the tub she eventually came over to me and said 'nak andi'. haha. apa lagi, syiok la cik minah tu main air T_T.

so now the kids are both asleep on the bed and i'm in front of the lappie while Significant Other is out for dinner. thought of going somewhere with the kids but they're asleep and i don't dare to wake them up since we might be going out for supper later.

k-lah, toodles. till tomorrow = )

October 13, 2010

what i'm missing

i miss:

- sending Significant Other to the airport at odd hours... or rather, i miss trips to KLIA. it's the closest thing i can get to travelling by air, lol

KLIA send-off to Libya, 2009

- gossiping + shopping with my former colleagues

my crappy ex-colleagues, 2009

- KLCC food court. lol. seriously, no kidding

- hanging out with my babywearing peeps and talking crap about who bought what carrier

@ MLO Seri Kembangan, 2010

- able to shop during weekdays without having to spend the extra gas to go the extra mile

- traffic jam - not!

view from the top, 2009

- the deskmate-in-crime

keje bodo deskmateku, 2009

- the days when i didn't have to worry about $$ 24/7

- my sister in India, hoho

camwhoring sistas, 2008

- my US holiday. God i love their store hospitality, and the weather!

NASA Space Center, 2010

- gamelan-jamming with the gang. they have different priorities now, huu~

Mariott Putrajaya, 2006

- the twin towers

- my favorite grandma in the East coast =)

Wan with Dayana, 2008

- my Unimates!!! omg how can i forget the old days? LOL.

Eiwa pulak tarak in this photo, oops

... to name a few. ada rupe vision board tak? LOL

October 12, 2010

sunflower KP

"... mechanic mechanic sunflower~"

so it begins... the test & destash! lol =P

and the 45-day old kid... see below

October 7, 2010

41 days in

never again will i go to the Dr.'s all on my own with one newborn and one toddler who absolutely does not want to listen to a single thing you say. grrr. grrr.

so i went to the Dr.'s today, for me and Dinara's one month appointment. i went slightly later in the afternoon thinking that i wouldn't have to wait as long as i usually did when i came for my morning appointments. bah. i rase same aja, it still took awhile before i got to see my gynae and the paed @_@. i didn't mind if it was only me and Dinara, the elder one as usual was too happy to be out of the house that it was hard to keep tabs on her while managing both appointments at once. grrr.

my gynae appointment ended abit abruptly as Dayana kept shoving my iphone in the gynae's face, wanting to show off the ABC application i downloaded especially for her (she'd talk to anyone willing to listen to her, be it stranger or not). then a few minutes after entering into the room, sleeping beauty pulak decided to make her debut by being cranky. chis chis chis. during all that hoo-haa i could barely listen to what my gynae was saying about family planning. i told her i wanted to opt for implanon, so we rescheduled my appointment as she couldn't find the pamphlets and my financial provider wasn't around. haha. Dayana kept pointing to the machinery, obviously remembering the times i did my scans when i was pregnant. haha. then when i wanted to leave, Dayana tak nak ikot pulak, punye excited dapat jumpe Dr. grrr lagi.

at Paeds lak, while waiting for our turn she berebut meja with another girl around her age (or probably slightly younger) at the play area. siap angkut meja tu bawak pergi ok T_T buruk perangai betul. Dinara's paed is different from Dayana's, decided stick with whoever we got just to see if she's good or not, and so far she seems ok to me. at 41 days old Dinara now weighs 3.4kg, total kewlness! she definitely beats Dayana in the weight gain department, at 2 months 21 days, Dayana only weighed 3.3kg. i had to check the scale twice to see that the reading was correct (punye la tak caya kan, haha). she even took her one month jab like a pro. the Dr. gave me some cream for the little bald spot on her head, and some fever meds. when we wanted to leave, Dayana wanted to bring back this mini Barney toy with her, siap lambai2 to the Dr. lagi, argh (note to myself: bring Barney for backup bribe!).

balik pingsan lol

i also remembered i totally forgot to pay for my car installment so had to make a pitstop at the bank on the way back. i was lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the bank, and i dunno if it was because of the sight of me with a newborn and a toddler, or if it's because the bank's numbering system was down, but i was brought straight to the counter and finished everything in less than 5 minutes. phew. i don't understand why i can't pay my conventional car loan over the counter at an RHB Islamic branch. sungguh menyusahkan hidup.

Dinara's sleeping soundly now while i'm typing this. Dayana pulak is busy making a mess of the room, benciii. while i was getting ready buckling up the kids in the car earlier today, mil handed me a poslaju package addressed to me. decided to try out the contents during the Dr.'s visit =P. my verdict is i still need to do more tweaking on it because it's definitely not love at first sight.

i am dead tired now. i seriously wish i could stop time for abit so that i can catch up on my sleep, haha.

what waiting can do to you

long nighties for Dayana, offer price

this is for Dinara, 50% off.
should i get a matching one for the sister?

and a few more day clothes (also on offer) for Dayana because i can't remember the last time i bought any nice new clothes that could fit her nicely. no branded ones ok.
(as usual, kedekut punye mommy. lol)

on another note, these are still for sale. $125 for red-ivory dyed red, $130 for quarz and butterflies each.

still available all sold

October 6, 2010

happy birthdeyyyy

happy birthday FAT MARY!!!
two decades already. fufufufufu~~~

p/s. apa mau bikin present?

October 4, 2010

baby babble while i'm in the mood

night and day
Dinara is kinda different from Dayana in some ways. for one thing, i can never get Dinara to fall asleep in her carseat. she'll scream her lungs out until someone gets her out of the car seat @_@. it doesn't help that she'd be in the backseat because that some other lady insists to sit in front takut kene tinggal by her mommy, chis. with Dayana she'll instantly fall asleep in her carseat once the car starts to move. in fact, she still does. terlentok2 lah diye dlm kereta (just because her parents are still too kedekut to get her a toddler car seat, huhu). the present she received from Auntie Rose should be really helpful, thanks!

while Dayana will gayut at the boob until she falls asleep (regardless of whether she's hungry or not) Dinara will have her first feed, lepak sekejap to hiccup or burp, then continue for another round and unlatches as soon as she's full. but Dinara loves to be held in an upright position most of the time. she falls asleep easier too this way. these days Dinara has alot of gas though. is it because of me? huhu~

i'm loving the sleepsuits i bought for Dayana aeons ago. when i bought them Dayana was too tiny to fit into them and i stashed them away until she got too big for it T_T so this time around i'm fully utilizing them on Dinara. syiokkk because it's easy to wear, i don't have to worry about missing booties, and i don't have to worry about her getting bitten by insects or whatnot, lol. i didn't even buy any new outfits for Dinara (save for one or two outfits), punye la nak jimat duit this year (all our funds are being siphoned by SR right now). Dayana pulak yang takde baju. she's starting to look like the hulk, baju semua senteng2. next sale i should go on a shopping spree for her. the thing is, the clothes either look like baju tidur, or they look too pretty to be used as day clothes. kedekut sungguh nak beli mahal2 punye baju for her ok, she'll outgrow them too fast for my liking (which reminds me, she needs a new pair of shoes, arrgh).

ignoring baby books on how babies are more safer sleeping on their back, i'm getting Dinara to sleep on her tummy. she's agreeable with it sometimes, although not all the time. i didn't do this with Dayana because i was hellbent on following the book back then, heehee (first time mom punye pasal). i guess it's a good thing, teaching Dinara to sleep on her tummy because at 5 weeks old she seems to have quite a good head control than Dayana did in her early days. my mom says it also helps to keep the head nice and round and not flat at the back (betui ka?).

she's a crier, this one. at least, i think so. sungguh nyaring diye menangis. i don't even remember Dayana being this loud. maybe i should record her cries for future reference, haha.

ok, i tak nak puji lebih2. it might get jinxed later =P.

on sisterly love
Dayana loves to 'hold' her sister. sisterly love konon, haha. she'll always insist to put Dinara on her lap and she'll just sit there staring at her adik, until Dinara cries, lol. sometimes she'll offer Dinara her own rendition of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', or even main tepuk2 tangan with Dinara (you know, those hand games we used to play back when we were little). and she's particularly excited to throw her sister's soiled diaper into the dustbin. she'll kiss her sister when asked to, although i dunno how long that will last, haha. she just refuses to listen to me when i tell her to quiet down when baby is sleeping. for one thing, Dinara seems to able to sleep through havoc but when she hears Dayana's voice, pop terbeliak bijik mata and terus tak nak tido, haiz.

Dayana is quite possessive over who sings what songs to whom, especially when Daddy sings them. she'll get defensive if Daddy wants to sing to Dinara, and will only allow him to sing for only herself. tsk. seriously you should see how Dayana reacts when he tries to sing to her little sister, marah bukan main, lol. sayang sayang sangat, dengki pun dengki jugak. kekeke. but when i sing to Dinara she's totally fine with it. apekah? sungguh bias betul. probably she's sick of having her mommy to scream at her everyday because she's busy poking and prying where she isn't supposed to. grrr.

strictly the princess
Dayana refuses to eat alot whenever we nak feed her, but when someone else offers to feed her, habis satu pinggan licin diye makan. apa bikin?? she makes an excellent parrot, efficiently repeating words that come out of our mouths, sometimes without us realizing it. should be careful over what we say around her these days, hihi. and when she thinks nobody is listening, she sings to herself too. and when she babbles, she reminds me of the sound of those tapes running on fast forward. haha. sometimes it's irritating when i can't understand what she wants. like those hand gestures of 'watch' and 'kite' which until now i do not get (apa bikin Ashu?). or when she kept saying something that sounded like 'tiny pots' (eventually it started to sound more and more like 'Johnny and the Sprites', but i'm only guessing keke).

she's starting to show interest in books now, but she'll force you to read the same book over and over again until you puke. she bullies Tok Ami alot this way, hahahahaha. she multitasks too, she'll ask you to turn on the telly, pasang Elmo on the PC, turn on all her electronic toys and leave them be. pergh, buang karan je lebih. Significant Other bought her a bunch of crayons at ToysRUs and so she's starting to learn the power of contenging merata - the floor, the wall, mil's sewing machine, any magazines lying around... *pingsan*. luckily they're washable, but still! and sometimes she'll want you to sit with her while drawing, else she'll throw a fit @_@.

pantang orang ajak pergi jalan, pasti mau ikut... she'll willingly follow anyone tak kisah la whoever as long as she gets to jalan. por thing i guess she's bored being cooped up in the house for so long. she still loves to mess up the house and refuses to clean up after her, arrrgghhh. she loves to hide stuff too, and when we ask her to look for something, she'll go all wide-eyed and say:
"there it is!" (padahal it's the wrong thing that we're looking for);
"takde punnnn"
"haa, gone!"
"where?" berpura2 mencariek... chis
"i don't know too!" (she learnt this while i was ranting to myself in the car, i forgot about what =P).

other words:
- "i golit!" i dunno where she learnt this from. probably from one of those cartoons on the telly - we let her choose between channels 612, 613 or 615.
- "pit-jaa!" thanks to the Pizza Guy on Higglytown Heroes.
- "pokok" she is still unable to pronounce keropok properly

she knows a few other words as well. i'll update more when my memory comes back to me.

btw, Dayana calls Angah "Kalish" now. kak ish sungguh tidak suka nama itu. AHAHAHA.

syawal is almost over. and saya mau makan ketupat pulut. arrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!

mister beanie

let's try and guess what has recently invaded my already cramped room-cum-mini-condominium shall we?

pardon the ugly photo. it actually looks larger irl, haha.

so, have you guessed what it is yet?

Dayana loves to fight Daddy over it. but she does that ONLY when Daddy is around. if there nobody's to fight with, do you think she even bothers about this thing? noOoOoOo. tsk.

my new techie

so everybody's all hyped up over i4, while i'm currently not giving a damn about it yet because my 3gs is barely 2 months old, lol. am warming up to the touchscreen feature, although not quite! love how i get to check my mail whenever wherever without having to fight with Dayana over the PC (her daily dose of Sesame Street haha) but then again, i haven't started paying my own bills yet, woh~.

anyway, just wanted to write abit about the gadget that's supposed to inspire me to blog more often than not =P. i never thought i'd own one of these beauties O_O. it's not as high-spec as Significant Other wanted it to be (higher spec = more $$) but so far i heart heart heart! i was more concerned about the size if anything, just as long as i get to crap whatever and keep all my photos intact, i'd be a happy camper. and so i am =). too bad RC and CS takes awhile to load on it =P~~~~~

to that someone, thanks vey much! *hugs* [and now me is anxiously waiting for the tab, hoho]