August 17, 2015

fuego sky dining

it was Significant Other's birthday (yet again), and i thought i'd bring him to someplace different this year. usually celebration would be with friends, or with family. lina asked me if i had anything romantic planned.

after four kids i'm like, romantic, whaaat??
lol kidding. (he'd better not be reading this!)

but seriously i didn't know where to go. it was always Serai, Coliseum, Chilli's, or some other so-so restaurant. i didn't want to go to the same ol' normal place; i didn't want to burst my purse either. not to mention, this husband of mine is very picky when it comes to eating (bila food depan mata takmo makan, pastu balik rumah complain lapar, chis).

well anyway, i asked lina (a fellow Leo), for ideas. she suggested Fuego, where her husband took her for her birthday. being the girl in the cave, i have no idea what Fuego was. but i trust lina's taste (and also, i was out of ideas - no scratch that, i didn't have a clue on where to go haha) so i decided to look them up. i noticed Leos seem to share more or less abit of the same traits, hahaha.

look up Fuego at Troika Sky Dining, an open air fine dining experience. it boasts an awesome view of the city, for those who enjoy breathtaking views. you can also catch the sunset if you book an early time slot here.

mind you, posh restaurants such as these must surely be reserved in advance. can reserve online ok, don't play play. my reservation ended up on their waiting list; it was expected anyway. his birthday fell on a Friday (i can imagine horrible deadlocks all around KL during rush hour) and since it's situated in the heart of KL i decided to choose the 9pm time-slot just in case we were running late.

on the day itself, the restaurant called me up, asking me if i still wanted the reservation. i asked Significant Other if he wanted to try a new place for dinner. banyak soal pulak makhluk tu:

with who?
why KL?
kids pergi tak?
food apa?
famous for?

ish. next time tanya banyak duwan to go anywhere lah.

but he agreed to go. then it was my turn to ask lina:

food apa bes situ?
kat mana eh Fuego?
mahal tak?
kene bayar parking tak?
parking mahal tak?

hahahhahahhahahaha. egad.

on the eve of his birthday his flight landed around 10pm-ish but i had to wait for him in the car until 1am (*ahem* some idiot drove the wrong car to work that day which did not have the season parking card T_T) because his debrief took way longer than expected. Significant Other asked me why i didn't take leave on his birthday T_T. i totally forgot to since it was my first week back to work after such a nice loong holiday (and also his roster was ever changing to actually plan in advance).

it's been too long since we last drove into KL, the whole surrounding area looks totally different! we were literally like jakuns with our jaws on the floor =P.  i was so entranced by that huge layered parking lot that i got lost looking for the parking entrance into Troika lol.

Troika Sky Dining consists of four different restaurants on the 24th floor (or 23A for the superstitious) for you to chose from for fine dining with a view. although i think Significant Other has had quite enough of views (clouds) to last a lifetime? lol.

fuego - south american
strato - italian cuisine
cantaloupe - er most sophisticated fine dining ever?
claret - wine bar

all i could say is, it was a unique experience indeed. you should dine here one day. the food was really nice!

i kinda wanted to laugh when they asked me whether i wanted flavored water or sparkling water. i preferred neither. we ended up ordering watermelon juice and some honey and mint iced tea. hahaha sungguh tak adventurous ok.

South American cuisine
view of the city
seated by the wine bar
wine! wine! wine!
chefs hard at work
lol ignore my face

we didn't know what to order since the menu didn't have any fancy photos, so we were busy peering at other people's tables to see what they ordered, haha. and i kept asking the waiter, 'hey what the heck did they order over at that table??' lol.

lina mentioned that she had guacamole. i was like apa tu??? at first (foie gras comes to mind), until i remembered that it was a kind of avocado-based dip. ok lah, i like avocado. next!
one day if i ever find out how to make guacamole for myself, i serve you in a lesung batu, ok? =D

The Fuego Guacamole
Freshly Diced Avocado, Green Chili, Tomato, Cilantro, Garlic, Lime

the spicy-eating monster haaaad to order Jalapenos.i asked him if it was spicy, he said no.
anyway, it's his birthday, so birthday boy gets to order whatever he wishes.

Deep fried, Parmesan Breaded, Almond Cream Cheese Stuffing

we ordered one main dish (which was big enough to share between 2-3 people) and one side dish. the beef was awesome i cannot begin to tell you how nice it is. next time if i ever have the opportunity to come here again i'm gonna be abit more adventurous and order one of those weird-sounding dishes in the menu, ok?

the Pressed Potato was abit overloaded with olives, if you ask me. but nice all the same.

Pressed Potato
Baked Desiree Potatoes Flattened by Hand, Black Olive Tapenade
Australian Grass Fed
(±350 gr)
Cambodian Kampot Pepper Rub, Red Wine & Grelot Onions Sauce
so of course since we're here, we might as well order dessert right?? i told Significant Other that churros reminded me of his favorite chakoi. bahahahhahaha. nice lah this churros, it has a hint of cinnamon, which i happen to like (shame on you Coffee Bean for discontinuing your Ice Blended cinnamon =P~~~).
Fuego Churros
Cinnamon Dust Churros, Dulcey Cremeux, Salted Caramel Espuma

it's a must to take at least on souvenir photo with the skyline (because it's not everyday you can afford to dine here), lol.

happy birthday boo

happy birthday Dear! may you have many wonderful days ahead. lesser frowns and more smiles!