November 28, 2011

satu bar baru

you can tell that i'm really bored because i want to blog about flying but someone is still grounded til next year. pffft =P. i'm on iPhone-less: Day 6 now. teruk kan? you're so dependent on things at your fingertips that when it's gone suddenly you realize you're disconnected from everything - civilization, haha.

p/s. waaaaaaa malcolm sudah fly!!!! (haha i like peeking thru his albums on FB)

anyone going to LIMA this year? it'll be held from 6-10 December 2011 in Langkawi. i think it'll only be open for public viewing on the 9th and 10th. if i were free and had nothing better to do i'd totally 'donate' myself for the Volunteer Programme lolz.

lately i feel like 29 is really really really OLD. sigh.

another gathering at TC

small gathering, great day for picnic-ing. Dayana mogok the whole morning because i promised her i'd take her to the playground, but only after the gathering. it was freaking sunny!

got to try Oscha for the very first time. i happen to like this Japanese Knot Aiko. it's a size 5. doesn't seem to have any stretch imo, but i dunno. hani, mau dibs boleh? =)

trying to eek out a DH

snugg as a bug in a double hammock lol

me n reet, backside view lolz

the turnout =)

thanks to Izam Suzaini's DH for the marvelous piccas!

after the meet we bought lunch and then headed to KLIA to pick up the fil, who's here for about a month before he goes back to UK again.

anyway, i'm still in the mood for destash though, am focusing on other things to get now. hahahah. anything you like do dibs, coz you never know i might just destash it for no particular reason lol.

November 26, 2011

awal muharram

doa akhir tahun:

dibaca 3 kali pada akhir waktu Asar atau sebelum masuk waktu Maghrib pada akhir bulan Zulhijjah.

doa awal tahun:

dibaca 3 kali selepas maghrib pada malam satu Muharram.

November 24, 2011

what being a year older gives you

my only birthday present this year lol

sigh. what a way to start my 30th year. two days after turning a decade minus 1, my iPhone decided to go kaput on me. i mean seriously kaput. this morning twas working fine, then the next thing you know it's 'No Signal', then when you restart POOF sorry, emergency calls only @_@ and it never sends out periodic warnings to you in advance to back up everything you have in your phone beforehand. so you see why i prefer writing down my to-do-lists instead of storing them into any form of electronic gadgets - ini lah jadinya. sigh. i have never felt so bored in my entire life.

- no reading mails sporadically
- no twitter updates
- no Smurfs (eGAD!)
- no Whatsapping my peeps
- no easy access to FB
- no taking crappy pictures spontaneously
- no SMS-ing my favorite people
- no SoundHound when i hear a cool song on the radio and i dunno what the title and who the artist is

and the list goes on, no doubt. turnaround time is 14 days (2 freaking weeks!!!!). how am i to survive??? oh please please please to everyone who is important, don't be trying to call me today. i can only send it for repair tomorrow because i don't have the warranty card with me. double sigh.

prior to this, my monitor at home went wonky. it hibernates, and lo and behold, it doesn't want to wake up from its slumber! i use dual monitor at home, so while the younger one wakes up instantly, the older one i have to wait 5 mins, baru mau bangun, then it got longer - 10 mins baru bangun, one time it was almost an hour before it responded (getting older, eh?) until one time the display didn't want to respond at all @_@. but anyway, we had it like since 2007 so it's done us alot of justice anyway. i had to send that for repair too. just got it back this morning, thank goodness. i'm tired of quarelling with Dayana over the monitor ("Mommy i wanna watch Papee Band!!!" T__T).

i had to decline my friend's invite to watch Breaking Dawn with her this evening because i have no way of being contacted 'cept for Skype. that is if i'm in front of the PC-lah, i don't even have a land-line. boo. i might be watching stag btw, if i get the time to watch it before Significant Other reaches home next weekend.

ok lah, i'm in a really grumpy mood today. i pray things doesn't get any worse later. the best part today was just as i was about to further wallow in my misery, i got this tweet from IslamSpeaks:

For you who's day did'nt go as planned, Alhamdulillah it is a reminder that Allah is the best of planners.

ok so the English was abit kaput, but i do hope it holds a double meaning for me. sigh i've been obsessed with checking my emails the past couple of weeks and wishing that the phone would ring. i got to realize that i'm too old for all this, hahahaha.

November 22, 2011

so when you can't sleep

i'm up at this hour. woke up with the tv watching me and couldn't go back to sleep for some reason.

last night when i just got back home after a stressful journey on the road, Dinara came into my room and made a beeline for the carpet. every morning when the maid sweeps my room she'll fold up the carpet nicely and store it in a corner of my room. so every time i got home after work, i let the kids in the room and we unroll the carpet together so that the kids could lepak on the floor and watch tv. and then Dinara will happily stomp around the carpet as if she'd just achieved her own little accomplishment.

this time i wasn't in a hurry but i guess Dinara was impatient because she started patting the carpet and making gesturing motions for me to unroll the carpet like, immediately. and after i unrolled the carpet on the floor, she made a beeline for the container of Cheerios on my side table and brought it to me, demanding for a Cheerio. lol.

did you know that she bites now? the maid told me earlier that Dinara sunk her 6 pearls into flesh today. hahahah. i've gotten a taste of what those teeth can do for myself T__T. she'd slink up to you, open her mouth real wide like she's gonna kiss you, then takes a bite out of you. sigh. she thinks it's a joke when i scold her for doing so. the maid says she does that when she gets impatient for her milk. to me she'll start to get all whiny if she wants her milk.

i didn't watch it on tv, but i hear Harimau Malaya won last night? congratulations Malaysia!

i'm dreaming of Bamboletta now. sigh.

and she shares the same birthday as Dinara

did you North America was once connected to Asia by a land bridge? you can read more about it here.

ok i'm signing off, i got work tomorrow and i'm sure the kids will wake me up before 7am.

to all those who've already sent me wishes, i thank you and appreciate all your wishes :). it feels great to be remembered once in a while (even though i know Facebook does a real good job reminding people lol!).

good night / good morning!


- ME just a year older but still looking 20 =P~

November 20, 2011

a couple of preloved

iKit iPad Carbon Case for iPad2
Condition: New
Retail Price: RM118
Price: RM60 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: Available

Diesel Red Tank Top
Color: Red
Material: Stretchable with sequins sewed in front. Detailing at the back. Machine/hand wash
Size: S
Condition: Used
Price: RM20 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: Available

Zara Basics Tank Top (left of pic)
Color: Forest Green & Turquoise Blue
Material: 95% viscose, 10% spandex. Machine wash
Size: EUR M
Condition: Used
Price: RM15 each (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: *SOLD

MNG Basics Tank Top (right of pic)
Color: Dark Brown & Red-Orange
Material: 96% modal, 4% elastane. wash
Size: S
Condition: Used (red-orange), New with Tag (brown)
Price: RM15 each (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: *SOLD

Soda Exchange Dress (left in pic)
Color: Purple
Material: 92.8% rayon, 7.2% spandex. Hand wash
Size: 04
Condition: Used
Price: RM35 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: Available

Blook Dress (right in pic)
Color: Purple
Material: Satin-ny feel, zipper at the side. Hand wash
Size: 10
Condition: Used
Price: RM35 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: Available

Radioactive Bubble Skirt (left in the pic)
Color: Black, Purple, Silver
Material: 96% modal, 4% elastane. Hand wash
Size: S
Condition: Used
Price: RM15 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: Available

Soda Exchange Bubble Skirt (right in the pic)
Color: Denim Blue, White
Material: 100% Cotton (top), 100% Polyester (bottom). Hand wash
Size: 26
Condition: Used
Price: RM20 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: *SOLD

MNG Off-Shoulder Top
Color: Black and White
Material: 100% Polyester, zipper at the side. Hand wash
Size: UK8
Condition: New with Tag
Price: RM35 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: *SOLD

Maa Arwaak Fragrance for him, EDP 50ml from Dubai (left in pic)
Ingredients: Fragrance, Distilled Water, Denatured Ethyl Alcohol 90% Vol.
Condition: Unwrapped in Box
Price: RM40 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: Available

Daarej Pour Femme EDP 100ml from Dubai (right in pic)
Ingredients: Fragrance, Distilled Water, Denatured Ethyl Alcohol 90% Vol.
Condition: Unwrapped in Box
Price: RM40 (please add RM6 for shipping)
Status: Available

batu seremban

yesterday i took the kids out for a dinner outing at the Curve with Lix and Lits, all kids in tow. i wanted to pick up the snoods i borong-ed from DV, my sil pun tumpang a few snoods as well and i think she seemed more impatient than me to get them hahah. we had dinner at their favorite restaurant: SweetChat. i shared the mac and cheese dish with Dayana and Dinara, which i am happy to say they both liked. Dinara seemed very much determined to get far away from Uncle Nizam as possible though. i guess the kids haven't seen them for such a loOOOoOOng time, sigh.

my current favorite colors :D

so later we went for a round at the street market. guess what sort of damage i created this time? never in a million years would i have thought to stumble across these anywhere, especially in this era! so of course i went a bit nuts mulling over what pattern to take T__T. too bad i forgot what the name of the stall was. oops. and i do feel like going there again, hahahahahahaha.

pretty pouch bag

batu seremban!

i mean come on, kids these days only know PS3, Nintendo Wii, iPad, iPhone, mana main all those old traditional games skarang ni, kan? (think Lat: Kampung Boy lol). when i was young i used to play batu seremban with my friends. i used to have my own set, i had a friend of mine sew them for me (that was almost 20 years ago. don't ask me where they are now). at one point my dad even offered to sew some for me too, but they turned out weird-looking and most of them were not the same size hahahhahaha (it's the thought that counts though eh?).

batu seremban or five stones is a game originally played by girls. you can either play with five, seven or nine stones determining to what type of game you are playing. the objective of the game is to throw one of the stones one at a time and sweeping another on the floor simultaneously, catching the one you threw earlier on. the higher you advance levels, the more complicated the game gets.

the stones would either be triangle-ish (like in my photo) or rectanglish, but they don't really make a difference (although balancing them on your hand face-down would be much easier to do with the pillow-shaped ones =P).i remember playing with five stones when i was in primary school. i can also vaguely recall playing with seven stones (which they refer to as batu tujuh). i sudah forgot how they both differ. the stones were usually filled with green beans, or rice (biji sagu ade orang pakai tak?). Lits asked what would happen if the stones get wet. hahahaha. Lix lagi la tak pernah main the kain version, she 'literally' played batu seremban lolz. maybe i should get a couple more sets to pass down to my daughters one day, hahahahah.

tried googling batu seremban, came across this website that teaches you how to make your own batu seremban. and here's a blog that sells them, in fact for a much cheaper price than what i bought mine for.

besides the batu seremban, Lits showed me an awesome stall that sold really good quality inners, the only thing was i was down to my last rm5. eeep.

brought out my KP yesterday. i think Dinara is a 100% wrap and rs baby, this was what happened when i tried to strap her in an ssc:

November 14, 2011

Dayana and those shoes

here are a couple of ramblings from her at Tesco:

Dayana: Mommy, i botak.
Me: ???

oh... what she meant to say was, i batuk.

Me: Mommy wants to buy roti, diapers, sugar and broom. Mommy nak beli apa again?
Dayana: roti!
Me: lagi?
Dayana: diaper!
Me: good. lagi?
Dayana: boom.
Me: one more?
Dayana: shoe!

er... either she has new shiny princess shoes on the brain or that's short form for sugar. haha. for the record, kids have excellent memory. provided you don't ask them to memorize the Oxford dictionary on the spot.

so i went sightseeing at Pyramid in the evening with Dayana. the original plan was to drop by Tesco for the above-mentioned neccessities, i didn't have anything in mind to buy but i was hoping the leggings i saw at Jusco MV would be available at Jusco Pyramid, i find it difficult to estimate her sizing these days. i couldn't find it, either dah habis or what i dunno (oooh i wished Uniqlo opened at Pyramid!!!). so we walked walked and walked... and dropped by Cotton On Kids (ni lagi satu punye store that i wish opened at MV!). aiiiiiiiiii the dresses were tdf. i could only afford to look and drool this time.

Dayana however, decided to charge in terus. the mannequin at the entrance door was decked in a tutu dress complete with fairy wings and Dayana was going 'look Mommy, princess!'. then she saw all those shiny strikingly pink shoes on display and immediately demanded me to buy them for her. tried bribing her with crocs and ice cream, but failed miserably. sigh. just looking at the shoes i'm reminded of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, it's really shocking pink.

shocking pink

i got them in size 10 which was still big for Dayana, but i thought at least she could grow into them later as opposed to growing out of them too soon. another girl was also smitten by the very same pink shoes. her mother pun beriya takmo beli because apparently it wouldn't match her envisioned outfit. then i was about to pay when the cashier told me ade offer: 1 for rm44, 2 for rm50 @_@ haih. i took aeons just picking one (she rejected all other designs except for that pink one which she refers to as 'Princess', and now you want me to choose another??). i decided to get a pair for Dinara in size 6 (which i think it'll take awhile for her to grow into them), and in a color i wanted Dayana to take but she refused point blank. beriya Dayana cakap 'i want the shiny shoe Mommy, princess shoe!'.

shoes for Dinara, less bling

as they grow older, shopping for clothings get really challenging T___T.

oh oh i dropped by Guess to see if my new-found friend was there, and she was. chomel lah minah tu, hahaha. she looks gorgeous yesterday and today (jealous betul i orang muda2 ni). i felt like the harassed-looking mom just standing next to her ahahahaha. maybe i should overhaul my wardrobe, hmmm. babe if you read this could u approve my twitter request? i don't even have your number lol.

November 13, 2011

slow Sunday

since i spent the whole day at Subang yesterday and didn't bring out the kids, today i woke up early to bring them out to jalan. ok well i actually had a different agenda, i wanted to drop by the Curve's street market, i read Qhaty was gonna be there and i soo wanted to try one of her Bisky Bosky CPs.

pre-outing with hrs

the kids woke me up super early at 7am, knocking on my toilet door @_@. by the time we left the house, Dinara was already woozy, so the journey to was smooth, thank God, because i didn't bring Bibik along this time. and as my luck would have it, i walked from one end of the market to the other until i finally came across Qhaty's booth @_@!!!. cantik-cantik CPs dia (i'm usually smitten by design if anything). Qhaty says her liners are popular but i don't really do liners, they're too thin, so i got myself one day pad and one light pad. but i chose dark colors so that i would be less bothered by the stains later. so... can't wait to use them. heck i don't even remember when was my last cycle, hehe.

syiok betul velour. almost sayang mau pakai lol

brought the kids to the playground in front of Mothercare after that to allow Dayana to let off steam, before heading to Ikea for meatballs. heck pukul 11.30am pun dah ramai orang aaaaaaa nyampah betul. and me with two kids in tow too. did i mention bringing out two kids on your own is suicide? haha. ok that's overreacting. but two is already a handful, belum lagi 3 T__T. didn't help that Dayana spotted orange juice boxes and demanded for one on the spot. reasoning with her that we have to follow the line failed, and Dinara was getting restless in FCC. i noticed HRS got diggy in the shoulders after awhile, but maybe it's me (because my shoulders still feel stiff even now). AHI wasn't so. at least Dayana enjoyed the eyeballs meatballs, and her orange juice. Dinara was just happy clutching a french fry in her fist. oh the mushroom soup was good too. Dayana taste tested it first before gulping down 1/2 of the bowl contents.

i was about to go home when Dayana started asking for the 'car'. earlier on the way to Ikea we passed by the kiddie land where you could rent a toy car for 5 minutes or so and let your kid drive it around the mall. Dayana rode on one before, remote-controlled by her Daddy zaman bile ntah i sudah lupa. so this time she was asking me all the way 'Mommy where's the car? carcarcarcarcarcarcarcar bla bla bla' so ok fine, we went back to kiddie land upstairs. i thought sitting in a stationary car would be enough for her, but she decided she wanted it to move as well so i paid rm3 for a 5 minute ride. Dayana specifically wanted the pink car so we had to wait. we did.

then you know what? just as soon as the car was vacant, that very same lady who i specifically mentioned that Dayana wanted the pink car had the audacity to give the car to another kid who just came out of nowhere. wth? wtf? tunggu sikit punye, Dayana was bouncing up and down, and you do that? ok i was pissed. and of course as soon as she got back to the counter i yelled. i already paid, i had waited, i'm wearing a cranky kid, and you simply give the car away? huh. sorry naik lorry. bukan tak tau, dah tau dah. and it didn't help that the kid's turn lasted for like what, 10 minutes or so? lagi lama la we had to wait (i'm not blaming the kid ok, kids are innocent).

it didn't help that at least four of the cars there were not functioning. by the time Dayana got the car she didn't want to ride in it anymore. the lady didn't even offer to compensate, at least that's something la kan. i think Dayana could also sense that i was not in the mood either, either way she seemed totally different from the time she was bouncing up and down waiting for her turn. gahhhh. i ended up yelling at the lady again and demanded for my money back. overreacting? sorry. you do that to me i can understand, you do that to my kid, well... tough luck on you.

the lousy culprit

i reached back home at 1pm. haha. surprised myself. the kids zonked out right after we left the Curve. thought of going to Pyramid but decided to bring the kids home instead, in actuality i yang tak larat nak angkut two kids by myself. maybe it's about time i testdrive my SSCs that's been collecting dust in my closet. huhu.

ok going out to Tesco now, if i don't get my butt moving now then i'll never will. toodles!

back to Dinara

if Dinara gets a tissue, she'll help Mommy to wipe the table/floor. oh sungguh rajin anak Mommy sorang ni. haha. after that she'll rip the paper to shreds. dulu pantang nampak tissue box, she'll tarik kluar tisu satu satu @_@.

she seems to understand what i tell her. like recently i told her to throw something into the dustbin, and she did! but she also threw other things into the dustbin too, like the syringe we use to give her her meds T__T.

sudah ada skill melukis. give her a pen and paper and she'd lie on her stomach and scribble sepenuh hati.

anytime, anywhere

our bathroom adjoins with the kids' room. so just now i entered the toilet via the kids' room to wash Dayana's butt and i closed the door because Dinara tends to follow and usually end up on her butt. oooh bukan main marah dia. but she was smart too. since she couldn't open up the door in her room, she decided to round the other side to see if she could enter through there (tough luck, i closed both doors =P). i found her in our room bawling her eyes out. hehe. pandai jugak minah ni.

Dinara sudah pandai gigit! T__T she has 6 teeth visible. for fun, she bites me in the flesh. bile kene marah, dia gelak. aiya.

if she's mad at her elder sister for stealing the limelight, she'll tarik rambut Dayana. hahaha. which obviously doesn't help because it'll end up making Dayana mad.

so... a little of what i've observed on my younger cheeky monkey. =)

November 12, 2011

when dreams should be realized once in a while

morning i had an appointment with this:

and evening i had an appointment at this:

November 10, 2011

stomp 2011

i am sooo going for this. the last time i saw it, it blew me away. Significant Other jual mahal dulu, and he ended up seeing it in New York terus, lagi class. children 6-years under aren't allowed, so it looks like date-night for us.

anyone in?


three receptions. i know someone who got invited to all three but attended not one.
i know someone who attended all three, i really appreciate it, thanks.

anyway, just to show what i had to wear during the three different receptions. i was 2 months along at one reception, lolz. don't have a photo of the two of us at the second reception, i couldn't find any (also, i wasn't too fond of what i wore that day, too kampung-ish).

i was looking for my gamelan pics on my hdd and instead came across quite a number of photos that i never got around to develop and put into proper albums.

i chose the color, and kak mimi did the rest

didn't decide on anything, just went with the flow T__T

songket! not my choice either, but you could never go wrong with white and songket, hehe

if Dayana sees this, she'll surely go 'Mommy, look! Princess!'.

ok i'm off to bed now. i thought i was able to separate Kami from Dayana tonight - mission fail. she charged into my room a couple of minutes later after saying goodnight, asking me 'Mommy where's my purple one???'. chis.

November 9, 2011

breaking dawn

for the record, i still don't know why i dislike this movie. the characters seem too good to be true, so i guess that's why i hate it. not everyone gets their happy ending... and become immortal too. hahaha.

but the soundtrack i like. my friend says she wants to edit her wedding video to include this song, hehe. that's how nice it is. dunno if it's your cup of tea, but romantic it is.

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

by: Christina Perri

and i miss those days

one of the main highlights in Uni (well, for me anyway) was their gamelan group. we were required to take 3 semesters of co-curricular activities as a requirement to graduate. going through the list, it seemed like the easiest one to take was gamelan - i liked music, and you didn't have to sweat or utilize a huge amount of brain power to pass. haha. ok so i didn't choose gamelan for the above reasons. they didn't have an orchestra group or cultural group at the time i enrolled so gamelan would have to do.

and boy, i never regretted joining the group. even after the three semesters ended i continued on to be a member of Sanggar Kirana, the Uni's own gamelan performing group. once the seniors graduated, my batch mainly dominated the group. my jolly friend Ju was appointed head of the crazy team (most of the group were her housemates anyway) and progressing on we had a couple of juniors joining in (we were short of guy members, lolz).

since i had good rhythm i remember being the one to play the gendang, however i didn't have enough power as the guys did (poor guys, i think they eventually got bored always having to get stuck behind the gendang. the other instruments were much more exciting than the gendang i expect). i was given the option to play the bonang, but i decided on the gambang for what reason i sudah lupe. haha.

my instrument of choice

i seriously don't remember where my collection of photos during University is (makes mental note to korek balik my stuff. alot of photos were in my Friendster account but i think it got deleted when it got converted into a game domain, sigh). we had lots of performances away from home, one time performing at Bukit Merah, an another trip to KL to perform at Hotel Istana. one memorable one was the trip to Kerteh, we took the night bus and arrived the next morning. after our performance there we got a quick tour of one of Petronas' plants, and got to eat sata and air kelapa before returning to campus. i remember how aggravating it was loading and unloading the bus with the instruments - most of the bonangs got mixed up, i remember ifa and ina trying their hardest figuring out which one was which.

bukit merah

performance at hotel istana

kerteh trip

we also played for the officiating of the Chancellor Hall in 2002, during the time of our internship training i think, i forgot. not to mention playing every year for Convocation up to 2003 (since most of us graduated in 2004). whee~. such memories. i even remember filling in teaching gamelan classes at night with Ju during the time Cikgu Zaidin left for Haji. hahahah i was the tukang kira tempo, nyampah betul. kene chop ape ntah by the juniors, lolz (i managed to make three good friends out of those so-called juniors btw. one of them was really cute hahah).

officiating UTP's UFO, 2003

Convofair 2003

ooh and the songs. i love the songs we played. tak kira lah. i play mainly by memory, i remember sape ntah commenting me about it, dia pelik why i didn't need the music sheet stand. gile kagum, she says. lol. if you love playing the notes will eventually get embedded in your brain, trust me.

performing pro bono at IOI Mariott, 2006

according to Wikipedia:

A gamelan is a musical ensemble from Indonesia, typically from the islands of Bali or Java, featuring a variety of instruments such as metallophones, xylophones, drums and gongs; bamboo flutes, bowed and plucked strings. Vocalists may also be included.

The term refers more to the set of instruments than to the players of those instruments. A gamelan is a set of instruments as a distinct entity, built and tuned to stay together – instruments from different gamelan are generally not interchangeable.

The word gamelan comes from the Javanese word gamels, meaning "to strike or hammer", and the suffix an, which makes the root a collective noun.

UTP gamelan instruments at the time consisted of (that i remember ya):
- bonang barung (ina, ifa)
- bonang penerus (fidah, lubna)
- gambang (me, teh)
- gendang (awie, shinchan, dino, kamal, hatta, farhan)
- sarung peking
- sarung barung
- sarung demung

(shikin, ayu, ida, yana, ujie, baity, jue, halidi, emmy, er, sape lagi ah? park yourselves in the correct instruments boleh tak?)

i didn't know UTP now has it's own website promoting the arts of Gamelan. i see their uniforms are more elegant from the last time i was part of the team. we didn't have much choice then, it was either blue or yellow gigantic baju-melayu lookalikes with gold trim. hahaha. buruk benor.

and the students who've graduated have formed their own group outside of Uni, calling themselves Ensemble in G (EiG) created by Farhan Iqbal Mohd Yusof, a junior of mine. they've done a great job upholding the group. most of the original members sudah lesap, busy with their own lives it seems. anyway, EiG is currently open for reservation and inquiries for those who are interested to have gamelan music accompanying them for wedding events or other formal events.

oh, how i'd love to play with ma peeps again =)

this entry is still incomplete, will be updated once i get more info from my parterns in crime. toodles~!

November 8, 2011


early one morning i was half awake when Dayana snuck into my room. Bibik popped into the room to hand her her bottle of milk, and while she settled next to me, she exclaimed,

'Gracias, bibik!'

Handy Manny sure got to her badddd. hahah.

last weekend 'Stitch Has A Glitch' was on Astro. at first Dayana didn't want to watch but i guess she got engrossed and was halfway through the movie before following me to pick up Bibik at the lrt station. when we got back to my room she demanded,

'Mommy i nak watch Statch.'

Dinara laks, whenever the part where Mickey Mouse calls for toodles, 'oh toodles!' comes up on tv, Dinara will give her biggest smile and try to immitate Mickey Mouse. her voice will go all high and squeaky and she'll go,

'oh tooooooo toooooooooo~~~!'

btw, Jake and the Neverland Pirates ain't bad. haha. the songs are really catchy.

here's Dayana with her new best friend:

Kami and Dayana. thanks DFH!

aidiladha hols

selamat hari raya aidiladha peeps! =) my dad wanted to take a family photo of us (minus Aya, eh Aya nanti mintak abang tolong photoshop aya in kayh) so here it is:

10-second timer shoot

lovely nasi daging from me parents, nyum nyum. kalau boleh nak mintak tapau, lol.

for raya morning ironically i had soto at both in-laws haha. ooh, and someone got an expensive birthday present this year (eh, yakah?). the jakuns that we were, terus mintak test drive. syiok woh. ugh.

mode syiok sendiri. check out the roof!

and since the little one had been sick since last Wednesday and just recovered, on Monday i took her for a short outing... to Tesco. haha. teman Mommy dia beli grapes, milk powder and other junk.

bored in the car, zZzzZ

didn't want to be wrapped, so she got the driver's seat

remember Jaqi? well Dayana wasn't as attached to her as she was to Kami. she practically brings Kami around everywhere she goes. each time i try to hide it, she'll ask, 'Mommy, where's the purple one?'. haih. Mommy mau pinjam pun tak boleh. grrr.

my theory as to why she prefers Kami over Jaqi:
1) Kami is 15", bigger and heavier than Jaqi,
2) Kami has shorter hair than Jaqi,
3) she prefers the color purple than pink.

Kami's the dark-head. Willow is iso a new owner

November 2, 2011

and more wish-crafting

while watching Greys Anatomy last night, i continued crafting the frames. menarik tak? these aren't finished.

here's how they look after i've embelished them with little decorations. still unfinished.

haven't figured out what photo to insert into those frames. still got the bows and flowers to go.

happy November everyone! it's birthday month! *grin*

since last night my Dinara is down with a high fever. hope she gets well soon... *muaks*. this morning i brought the kids to the GP, Dayana was feeling OK but just wanted to tag along. she was quite happy trying to make friends with the kid patients waiting for their turn (must enrol Dayana in kindy next year!). in the Dr.'s room, while the Dr. was examining Dinara, Dayana was like 'uhuk uhuk, i batuk'. cheh tu nak mintak simpati Dr. la tu, hahah. in response she got a vitamin to munch on.

time sakit takmo makan ubat, time tak sakit sibuk mintak ubat, lol!