October 31, 2011

high up in the sky

estimation completion: December 2011

how i save a little each time

the top left three are regular pads from Pleats, my favorite because it doesn't pill no matter how much i tonyoh.
the top right three are regular pads from Saffa.
the bottom left two are from MamaPatch, one regular, one liner.
the bottom two with the floral wings are from Randumosity, one liner, one regular. they're really soft but for me they pill easily and i always have a hard time getting the stains out.
the bottom third from right light blue pantyliner is from Saffa.
the rightmost one i can't remember the brand is AIO Cyclez, it's velour and i absolutely love it during heavy days.

word of advice, if you're a stain freak like me, don't get light-colored pads. get the ones with darker colors or with busy patterns =P~~~. i put this pic here so that i'm able to keep track of how many i actually have. haha.

i thought i wasn't gonna be a CP mama. i first bought a few CPs (read CP: cloth pads) when i was expecting so i only got to try them after i delivered Dinara. i wasn't a fan at first. i didn't mind the first few days cycle, i get irritated during the end of the cycle when the stains were so much harder to come out. i sold some of the many that i accumulated and left me with what's in the picture. they're enough to last me each cycle.

they come in many different sizes and material, with specific usage based on preference. i don't have to stock up on disposables anymore, i only use these. some people get turned off at the idea of cloth pads because they're too lazy to wash them, but hey if i get to save a couple of RM each month, why not? washing CPs are as easy as rinsing clear and then tossing them into the machine together with your normal washes. some mamas i know use menstrual cups, but the idea of sticking one up you-know-where brings shivers down my spine. haha. overreacting, maybe?

oh, and btw, they're hygienic =D

i'll try to add links if i can find them later for any of you who might be interested.

weekend activity

instead of continuing to allow Dayana to use up every single piece of available A4 paper in the room, i decided to go out and get her her own artblock, some palettes and paintbrushes. after donning her with one of my oversized T-shirts as a smock and placing a splat mat on the floor, i let her knock herself out.

Picasso at work

initially i wanted Dinara to join in as well, so i stripped her down to her dipes and placed her next to her sister, however she was more interested in getting her hands on the palette and trampling on her sister's painting rather than creating her own, not to mention putting the paintbrushes into her mouth in her attempt to turn her teeth green T_T so instead i placed her on the bed and let her play with the paints instead.

cheeky moi

oh and this morning while i was getting ready for work i heard Dinara wailing in the other room. which was to be expected especially when Dayana loves to bully her younger sister when she feels like it, however i was not expecting to see this:


drowning in books

i dunno if Dayana was trying to help Dinara out or simply finding a way to irritate her. since she couldn't get out of the crib to the toys, i guess Dayana thought she could help bring the toys to her. haha. creative genius. now, who's gonna clean up all the mess?

October 30, 2011


i bought this Chipboard Kit frame quite awhile ago at MPH. Significant Other says it's rubbish, but i thought it would make a good addition to the wall considering i don't have enough frames in the room. with this kit i get to create 3 different frames (which means i gotta decide on 3 photos that should go into the frames, which i haven't done yet).

inside the box contains 6 printed colored paper, 6 pieces of cardboard shapes (as in the above photo), some ribbons and buttons to serve as the frame decorations. being the bendul that i am, i'm just gonna follow the design that's already shown on the box it came in.

i've managed to complete cardboard shape #1 this while watching Melissa & Joey on Star World earlier. i'm never one to trust my scissors skill, i often resorted to the blade when it comes to straight lines. but i'm lucky these ones turned out ok. i think i'll work on the square frames tomorrow night.

some people can get really creative by just using stuff that's lying around the house. me? so the very cerewet. i'm better off not doing anything, i'd end up with more wastage than anything, oops. i know Dayana would be interested in this. i bought her a cut-and-paste activity book, she enjoys the activity very much (i cut, she paste). she'd bring the book to me and say 'mommy i nak sticker ini!' while showing me which ones she want me to cut out for her. i leave her to the gluing part. if it were up to her she'd finish the whole book by herself @_@.

for Dinara, i just give her a pencil and a paper, and she'd start scribbling. i didn't teach her how, i guess she followed by example. role model: big sister Dayana. she can even scribble with both hands ok, kelakar betul. but most of the time the pencil ends up in her mouth. and then she'll start walking around the room dragging the paper along with her.

i'm wondering when's the next time i'd be able to brave allowing Dayana to dabble in paints again. i forgot to buy her proper palettes to squirt the paint in. sometime soon before i realize she's all grown up already? haha... time flies.

on another note, happy birthday to my mil, 1 day shy before Halloween =D. duh, no wonder most of the tv series are showcasing pumpkins and costumes and scary horror flicks (like the Walking Dead haha).

happy XXth birthday!

October 29, 2011

kids conversations

earlier just now, Dinara tumpahkan Cheerios all over the bedroom floor.

Mommy: Dinara, no! T___T
Dayana: It's ok Mommy, it's ok. I buy you new one.
Dayana: I go to office buy you new one kay!

lol. chomel.

Mommy: Dayana, makan vitamin!
Dayana: thank you, Mommy *eats the vitamin*
Dayana: Mommy, nak vitagen lagi! *referring to vitamin*

try as you might to correct her, she'll always refer to vitamin as vitagen without fail.

Dinara has great lung power. whatever she can't get, she screams.
each time she cruises by the computer, she'll reach out her grubby little hands and try her best to curi tekan the Shift / Caps Lock on my keyboard.

Mommy: gimme five!
Dinara: *high fives*
Mommy: flying kiss?
Dinara: *puts her hand at her mouth, takes awhile for her kiss to 'fly' lol*
Mommy: say 'wow'!
Dinara: wowww~~ wowwww~~~
Mommy: say Mommy!
Dinara: MA-MA!


October 27, 2011

do i look like my sister?

some siblings look awfully much alike they could practically be mistaken as twins sometimes.

well... how about us? =D

pst... i chomel lagi =D~~~

wrap witchery for you

weather forecast for today's gathering: cloudy. just enough time for us to execute wrap witchery!

i now declare that spot as 'babywearing land'. whoever defies me... off with their head!

ahhh... the unsuspecting minions. the perfect victims.

the selected victim

baby has sensed something amiss... looks the other way...

victim ambushed by the wicked witches three

paparazzi getting ready for story breakthrough

transformation uno...

transformation dos...

voila~! tres! (shyte... keping! T__T)

high table going through final round of judgement

meeting adjourned... sayonara folks!

wrap witchery was brought to you today by the following wraps:
- carmin
- eisblau shorty
- grad natty linen
- rdbmama's burgundy 2010 pfau

ok so despite the rushed meetup and the evening rainfall:
- i had fun
- i got smitted by ayam masak merah
- Dayana got to stretch her legs at the playground with Sarah's dot
- i got to eat nasi campur at KLCC's food court (tapi sayangnya takde soup!)
- i got tipped over by how cute Lita's babydoll shirts turned out to be

photos taken by Roshilla Hashim's super duper DH, we wouldn't have super photos without him. more photos at the MBW group. taaa~

oh and Happy Deepavali! RathiDevi, i miss going over to your place for Muruku!

October 26, 2011

get it right

ok sue me. i'm currently stuck in Glee mode =P

Get It Right
sung by Rachel Barry of Glee.

What have I done? I wish I could run.
Away from this ship going under
Just trying to help, hurt everyone else
Now I feel the weight of the world is
On my shoulders

What can you do when your good isn't good enough?
When all that you touch tumbles down?
'Cause my best intentions keep making a mess of things
I just wanna fix it somehow
But how many times will it take?
Oh, how many times will it take for me?
To get it right
To get it right

Can I start again with my faith shaken?
'Cause I can't go back and undo this
I just have to stay and face my mistakes
But if I get stronger and wiser
I'll get through this

What can you do when your good isn't good enough?
When all that you touch tumbles down?
'Cause my best intentions keep making a mess of things
I just wanna fix it somehow
But how many times will it take?
Oh, how many times will it take for me?
To get it right

So I throw up my fist
Throw a punch in the air
And accept the truth, that sometimes life isn't fair
Yeah, I'll send down a wish
Yeah, I'll send up a prayer
And finally, someone will see
How much I care

What can you do when your good isn't good enough?
When all that you touch tumbles down?
Oh my best intentions keep making a mess of things
I just wanna fix it somehow
But how many times will it take?
Oh, how many times will it take?
To get it right
To get it right

October 23, 2011

don't duck it with Jagger

i didn't manage to influence my close friends to join. even sil wasn't able to join, she had class to attend. so i went by myself, left the rest of the baggage behind. should've brought Dayana along, though. didn't know what to expect at the scene, so better safe than sorry!

used the Maps app on iPhone to find the location; i've never been to Jaya One before. kinda got lost in the parking lot to begin with. Jaya One seems to be like some kind of layered island. of all the shops that i needed to avoid because the music wouldn't carry that far, were the ones i came across first: sushi king, nandos. lol. i rounded the entire complex on the outside perimeter before coming across the big giant Duck, which meant i was at the right place =D

met the Deensy twins at Starbucks around 8pm (thank God they i knew someone there, i think i'd have turned straight back home if i didn't). the dance area was tinyyyyyy. and at this time there seemed to be very little mingling about the stage area, which made me worry that we'd end up just dancing amongst ourselves. boy was i wrong. we had to worry about having enough space to flap our arms. the crowd was huge ok!

by the time the queued songs starting playing the dance crowd kinda tripled. don't worry about not being out of sync, or having two left feet, because people definitely won't even notice. everyone was too busy dancing it didn't matter what and how you looked like. no pics from my end because i didn't have a cameraman. someone uploaded a video of the whole flash mob dance, and i had to laugh (omg so that was how we actually looked like!). it only lasted for about 3 minutes or so, but i had fun.

there were other activities happening the whole day, i only dropped by for the dance only. one of the objectives of this event is to encourage the community to support the cause for cervical and breast cancer awareness and early detection. here's the poster advertising the whole event:

some creative Ducks that were on display

after boogieing, we went for dinner at Nandos. it was really fascinating to see the little one eat, so totally different from my other two kids who i really wished i had lugged together with me to Jaya One. she likes tomato sauce, okay! hahaha. anything weird-looking, my dots won't eat. although the phase of chewing-then-spitting-out-the-remnants i have gone through with both Dayana and Dinara. Dayana gives me warning first, Dinara doesn't.

here's the only photo of all of us that night. sans the husbands, of course, who decided to go low profile.

October 21, 2011

toddling Dinara

now that i'm fairly done with wraps, i've started a new interest/obsession - scarves T_T. i conclude that this desire will never fully be extinguished, sigh. my friend tried to get me hooked onto handbags, but oddly enough i'm not so interested. i guess it's mainly because i've never been able to find the best bag for me yet. i've been using my FS bag since i've been pumping for the past year but now since i've confirmed that i'm ending my journey, i'm moving back to sling bags, the only type of bag that i've really liked. i like my bags to be compartmental since i bring alot of junk with me wherever i go. i've never used diaper bags because i then to lug around things that i don't need.

anyhoo, Significant Other's started his classes already, after a long interval of free-ness. his room has totally transformed from being dull and boring to fun and exciting, seriously. now i almost wished i stayed there too hahaha. you should've seen the amount of stuff he brought to the island. one of his classmates took one look and asked 'is he moving house ah?'. and from 0 chairs to 4 chairs in the room - not provided by management i think, but instead scoured out by the students themselves. still, many things could be improved. let's leave it at that. his battle, not mine.

another 3 months before ground school ends.

oh let's talk about Dinara. she can walk now! she reminds me of a mechanical Elmo when she walks. she shares the same milestone as Dayana now, walking at 14 months. Mommy's gonna need to korek balik Dayana's old shoes for Dinara to wear. she has 4 teeth popping out. i noticed that she has 'labial frenulum', which could result in having a gap between her two front teeth (betul ke aku ni? just from observation je, and referring to my friend's dot who also experienced the same thing). but i think i'll wait awhile before deciding on anything. i remember Dayana's teeth pun rupe senget2 when it was growing in, but now that all 20 are out, they seem all straight and pretty. now i wish she'd brush her teeth properly. i used to have to point out that Jojo's Circus brush her teeth too before i can get a toothbrush anywhere near her mouth. lol.

Dayana weaned off her pacifier by herself at 14 months. Bibik is trying to get Dinara off the pacifier too, but so far i don't know if it's working or not. the kids sleep in their room with Bibik now. last night Dayana even voluntarily went to sleep in her room with Bibik without kicking up a fuss (i told her our TV rosak so my room was looking really boring to a 3-year-old kid haha).

Dinara has started showing signs of mengomel-ling with her blanket just like her sister - well, for her any blanket would do, she seems to prefer her sister's smelly blanket rather than hers T_T. ugh am still trying to find a remedy for this one. my parents had to drive Dayana around the neighborhood to get her to sleep one night because we forgot to leave her blanket with her. even giving her Jaci doesn't make a difference. frankly i'd rather have her drag around a dolly than a blankey. who knows how much dirt she's managed to sweep off the house floor!?

another issue would be potty train. can anyone recommend me a good parenting book on this one? F1!

i watched Real Steel yesterday. i now understand sil's reaction when i asked her how the movie was the other day. i guess she was expecting the movie to be more action-paced, sans the touchy-feely drama you get when it comes to family movies. lol.

October 18, 2011

what i get from FB

10 Surah dapat Menghalang daripada 10 ujian Besar Allah

1- Surah Al-Fatihah dapat memadam kemurkaan Allah SWT.
2- Surah Yasin dapat menghilangkan rasa dahaga atau kehausan pada hari Kiamat.
3- Surah Dukhan dapat membantu kita ketika menghadapi ujian Allah SWT pada hari kiamat.
4- Surah Al-Waqiah dapat melindungi kita daripada ditimpa kesusahan atau fakir.
5- Surah Al-Mulk dapat meringankan azab di dalam kubur.
6- Surah Al-Kauthar dapat merelaikan segala perbalahan.
7- Surah Al-Kafirun dapat menghalang kita daripada menjadi kafir ketika menghadapi kematian.
8- Surah Al-Ikhlas dapat melindungi kita daripada menjadi golongan munafiq.
9- Surah Al-Falq dapat menghapuskan perasaan hasad dengki.
10- Surah An-Nas dapat melindungi kita daripada ditimpa penyakit was-was.

Semoga dapat menjadi amalan kita semua.. :)

oh... and a photo which i also got from FB... at first i was stumped when i saw this, it was sooo old-skool... kinda brought back fond memories... hahahah.

and the relationship would be...?

October 17, 2011

taming of the hijab

i can't manage to wear it successfully without tweaking it every few seconds or so, and i do not wish to end up being a Chipsmore, so... touching the waters first for now.

the current online craze amongst my friends: tudungs. shawls. huwaaa tu pun boleh jadi macam2 jenis fesyen. gone are the tudung bawals and tudung empat segi, in are the tudung syria, pashmina shawls and goodness knows what else. so... good thing some of them come cheap! (wayyy cheaper than baby carriers anyways =P).

fluff mail!

i recently bought a couple of satin shawls (in the photo above), no thanks to Pah's subtle poisoning =P and i wasn't sure what to think of them when i made my purchase. Significant Other's away and the kids are being minded, so i took abit of time (ok la, ALOT of time due to my inexperience) to do a little experiment to see if satin and me go together. i followed the tutorial which was set up by the owner herself (which i put here for my reference, it took me ages to track this tute down!):

after much struggling, this is what i came up with:

comots benor

still needs tweaking, but i conclude that i look better without glasses, else i look like a makcik T_T. this shawl is not bad. now if only i was rich so that i can stock up in every available color they have. hohoho.

i just realized that there's so many different style of headscarves out there. macam lilit tak habis pun ada. yet they still call it 'fashion'. lol.

i also have a couple of De Veil snoods i bought from my friend Lix. bought them for convenience though, first time i heard the term 'snood' was from her. the word kinda makes me think of an inappropriate sound you make coming out from your nose when you're sick: *srott srott* =P. i like the lycra snood, easy to wear although i still needed pins. i have one pashmina snood and a couple of chiffon snoods. have yet to determine which i like best.

ni kawan ai. kawan ai cun! in DV chiffon grad

October 12, 2011

what's your number?

ok no ramblings from me yet. the movie was so-so, i just find Chris Evans hot =P funny how i never realized that in Captain America. and i sure as hell did not find him attractive in Fantastic Four. i found him rather annoying, in fact =P

i mean, come one, who wouldn't want a hot neighbor that appears naked every morning at his front door just to pickup the newspaper? KGGAL.

photos source: Google

hot hot hot

fairy tale ending that only happens in movies


so the story's about this woman (Farris) who has slept with 19 men (oh make that 20) and realizes that she's doomed to spinsterhood for life - "in America 96% of women who've been with 20 or more lovers can't find a husband". so she decides to track down all those men with the hopes that at least one of them might actually be meant for her - people change, don't they? and she enlists the help of her womanizing neighbor (Evans) across the hallway to track those men down. he in return uses her apartment as an excuse to ditch women after a night at his apartment.

i didn't put high expectations on this one. heck it received very low ratings at Rotten Tomatoes, lol. you don't really have to put too much of your mind to figure out everything. so... watch it only if you think Chris Evans is hot? =P~~~~


i distantly remember the first time i saw the Glee advertisement on Star World - Sue Sylvester doing an 'L' with her hand at her forehead. so i'm like, oh, so it's a loser TV-series? hahahahaha.

how wrong i was.

i've just started watching Glee and yeah, unlike uolls i caught the Glee bug quite late in the season. i thought it was gonna be another High School Musical, where i'm gonna end up hating the hero and heroine (i don't like Gabrielle! sue me!). and there'd be tons of singing la la la (duh~) and then i'd start wishing i was 17 again. hoho.

in my opinion, songs sung by the Glee cast get far more fame and hits than any other usual song - heck, you get to promote your song for free! seriously.

Glee however was somewhat different (this is just my humble opinion after watching it starting from mid-second season onwards =P). Star World currently airs it in the middle of the night and we got to watching it after a new late night stay-ups, somehow we got hooked. i've had the whole season sitting in my harddisk but never bothered to watch it til now. so now that we're done watching Season 2, we're starting back on Season 1 lol.

i happen to like the characters in the Glee club, although some characters are a bit far-fetched, like that crazy Sue Sylvester =P (btw, she's starting to become one of my favorite characters now haha). if you notice relationships don't run far from the group - i'm reminded of 'the Bold & the Beautiful' where this Brooke character had relationships with practically all the males in the Forrester family lolz. basically the team itself has diversity. the series touches a number of real-life issues - relationships, sexuality and social issues, to name a few. i didn't know high school could be so complicated. and slushee throwing? does that really happen in high school? LOL. be very afraid. oooh and don't forget the singing!

i hope this series stays awhile. i've never even heard of the cast members prior to Glee. can i gush over some of the cast like a tween? LOL.

photos source: Google

meet: Rachel Berry. strong willed, ambitious. i just wish she was more prettier - i'm not implying she's not pretty, but if you compare her to Quinn, don't you think Quinn takes the cake? (habis la Lea will put me on her ban list after this) is it true that square-faces are more prettier than oblong-faced? (totally off-topic, but i do wonder). i didn't like her that much because she tends to hog the limelight most of the time, but i admire her determination.

meet: Finn Hudson. to me sometimes he looks cute, sometimes he doesn't. to me, anyway. he doesn't have the looks of a quarterback. he's totally undecided between Rachel and Quinn. i remember a dialogue in one of the Glee eps mentioning that 'you will always remember your first love' (i think Rachel said that to Finn). me? i'm still deciding who was my first love *runs away*

meet: Quinn Fabray. she's so cute!!! she has this doll-like air around her, she totally reminds me of Paris Hilton, no joke. Significant Other keeps saying that she should be the main character instead (he's bias, please ignore him). and she's a mother? @_@. she can be snotty at times. but she can be nice too. i didn't like the promotional Fox poster of her, so here's a different one.

meet: Kurt Hummel. his voice does sound a tad girly-ish sometimes, and sometimes the way he walks irritates me, but i like him anyway. he has that confident persona about him, even after baring the skeletons in his closet. seemed like a sissy in the first season (him fighting with Rachel over Finn? T_T) but his character warmed up to me from Season 2 onwards. i didn't like this promotional Fox poster of him either, but i couldn't find any photo that portrayed the Kurt that i like in the series.

meet: Blaine Anderson. super cute! super cute in his Dalton outfit. super confident, despite being gay. eeeeeeeeeeeek! he sings really well too. and the part where he kisses Rachel? super steamy. haha. ok i sound like a school kid again. i wonder if he's this upbeat in life. if he is, brownie points! makes a great partner for Kurt. too bad he's too young for me *rofl*.

... to name a few. the other casts rock as well, each with their own storyline =). Will Schuester is pretty steamy too sometimes. Significant Other says he looks so much like Justin Timberlake, haha. and Chord OverStreet should continue on in the series, he's makes a hot Justin Beiber lookalike =P~. it's too bad they'll all have to eventually be replaced when they graduate in the series. you can see that i'm sooo not into changes =P. funny how they can all create rifts between each other (boyfriend fighting, girlfriend stealing, fighting over prom queen) yet still stay together in the same group. if they were people that i actually know in real life, they'd probably severe friendship ties (and Facebook connections) with you, want nothing to do with you, and formed separate groups of friends by now.

i also wonder, do you think high schools in Malaysia have their own Glee club now? =P~~ i mean, there was a time cheer-leading clubs started surfacing ever since the 'Bring It On' movies were released. so... no Glee? hahahahaha.

motive of this post? saja. just to remind myself that i was once a Glee fan, looking back. rofl.

which reminds me: i must update my iPod playlist!

Langkawi info

i stumbled across this only AFTER i started cursing Google. lol. useful information for those who plan to migrate to the island. bringing vehicles to the island isn't as simple as loading your car onto a ferry (like Penang) so... putting this down here for reference. God know how many time i keep misplacing information that you think is insignificant... but when you when you really need it, you got no idea where it is. hoho.

Wantas Shipping (Langkawi) Sdn. Bhd.
Kuala Kedah Office
2A, Jalan Kuala Kedah, 06600 Kuala Kedah, Kedah
TEL: 04-762 4130, 04-762 7188
FAX: 04- 762 4931
Email: info@wantas.com.my
Website: www.wantas.com.my

they operate 7 days a week, with a surcharge on Fridays.

i called them up to ask about shipping Significant Other's car to Langkawi, she tells me this:
- you need a photocopy of the car's grant.
- a list of things you're bringing over the the island for custom's purposes (although they did advise not to put any belongings in the vehicle).
- charges depends on what type of car you're bringing. for his car a normal day charge would be about rm130. extra surcharge rm10 for Fridays.
- send the car before 12pm, and you'll get the car the following day by 10.30am. send it later and you'll have to wait an extra day. i guess you can compare the delivery time as with Poslaju =P~~
- you collect the car at Tanjung Lembung (when i was on the phone i misheard is Tanjung Rebung wahahahhahaha).

i guess that's it. more information can be found here at their website.

have yet to go through the experience so i'll update anything else next week =D.

so we arrived at the office Friday morning at the dockyard around 11.30ish. at the traffic light, just keep going straight, you'll see Mee Abas on your left, the office is just beside it. it's small and tiny, you can't miss it. we submitted a copy of his car grant, and left the car there (along with his stuff in the car - noted down as 'barang pindah').

once you see this the office will be on your left

barang2 'pindah'

the next morning we took a ferry to the island. reached there around 1.30pm (we missed the 10.45am ferry) and paid rm16 for the taxi fare to get us to Tanjung Lembung (which was on the way to Padang Matsirat, it wasn't anywhere near the jetty). apparently people have been shipping cars to Langkawi, Tanjung Lembung wasn't unfamiliar to our taxi driver, he even asked 'ambik kereta ka?' in the most thickest loghat Kedah imaginable =P~~~


once there, Significant Other registered at the front porch and collected the keys from the office. the car was already waiting for us past the gates, i saw a whole bunch of other cars there too. the guard told us to enter through the gates on the right, then to head on right and search among the bunch of cars until you found yours.

we found the car dusty, but in one piece. an autobiography 'aku sebuah kereta' comes to mind, btw.

safe n sound

so now you know =D.

October 11, 2011

titter totter

Dinara is finally venturing towards walking! she started tottering one two steps forward last week. progress! well, she started pulling herself up from the floor and wobbling on her two little feet trying hard not to fall on her butt. which she did a number of times, half of which was a result of her elder sister brushing past her without so much of an 'excuse me'. hmmmph. encouragement is needed for her to walk a longer distance than the usual 'one-two-three-step-fall-on-butt-continue-by-crawling' to get to destination. and we give her lots of praise for her little achievement.

she's also good at dangling on furniture. or peoples legs.

i spy something on the floor

Dayana, who always believes that the spotlight must shine on her first, will immediately begin imitating what her sister was doing at that particular moment, like tottering towards us as if it was her first time doing so, or exaggeratedly picking herself up from the floor like she's never been able to do it before, and expecting praise from us, lol. the one habit yang tabley tahan is putting things into her mouth. aihhhh, up to the point that she seems to be doing it without even noticing she's doing it @_@.

when taking photos, she'll also demand to be in ALL the photos. lol. she reminds me of me last time when i was young.

me wants to interframe lolz

dear Dayana, you've already received tons of praise from us before during your first-time achievements, lol. and we Love you.

i know i've seen or heard most of my friends' kids already walking even before they even turn One, but i'm not worried. both Dayana and Dinara happened to start walking about the same time of 14 months old. their teeth only came out well after their first birthday.

Dinara has already started to show separation anxiety at 1.1 years old. before it was easy to leave her with Bibik or abandon her for even just a little while, she was ok, no fuss. now? huwaaaa garang wooh ini minah. she'll mengamuk in protest every morning before i leave for work. unless i snake away without her noticing lah. haha. she'll mengamuk each time i put her on the floor. mengamuk each time i take inappropriate things away from her.

there was one morning i heard her yelling her lungs out downstairs, it turns out Bibik took away her blanket during bath time, and she was pissed. haha. she seems to imitate her sister so easily just by observation. aih. ohh Mommy doesn't need another Wi-dragger around the house @_@. she's even getting the hang of Sketch-A-Pro. just hand it to her and she'll know what to do with the pen. but half of the time she'll put it into her mouth for the sake of tasting it.

tell Dinara you wanna see her teeth, and she'll show you her tongue. better yet, she'll stick her susu-stained tongue all the way out for you to inspect. kekekekeke.

i've heard her mumbling 'Dedi' about a hundred times, but when it comes to Mommy, she'll happily belt out 'Mama!' then Dayana will scurry over and amplify the word 1000 times over T_T.

one weekend Dinara saw my dad giving my brother a back massage (he had his shirt off) and you know what this little one did? she lifted up her blouse and patted her belly. kggal.

she saw a bunch of people clapping on TV and she also decided to join in on the clapping as well, together with a 'yay'. hehe.

took Dinara for a very delayed immunization jab at the GP on the 27th last month. i went in the evening so i didn't get the usual friendly Dr. Jeya. the one on duty was more stern looking and didn't seem very friendly with my kids. he mentioned that a mild fever was not an excuse not to bring your child for immunization (twice i brought Dinara to the Dr for her jabs she was sporting a mild fever so i wasn't allowed to give her the jab). so now i'm confused. can i or can i not give her the jab when down with a slight fever? pffft. i'm gonna stick to my favorite Dr. next time. at least Dayana likes him (as opposed to last time when her jabs were due hahahahahah).

i recently taught Dayana how to use the laptop instead of the usual iPad/iPod/iPhone. she was so used to the touch screen concept she kept jabbing at the laptop screen T_T. i taught her how to you the touch pad first. i logged onto Disney Junior and let her play the games there - Imagination Movers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Pirates, to name a few. at first she got irritated because the window kept moving up and down on its own by accident (scroll noob) and she kept demanding 'Up! Up!'. aaaaand she kept bugging me to do it for her 'Mommy i cannot how!' T_T (apa punye English ini??!) but i showed her how to use the scroll bar on the right and told her 'You try Dayana, Mommy dah show you how already'. at first punye la takmo buat sendiri. but lama2 she did it herself. phew.

learning how to navigate a laptop

i just wish my laptop had a bigger screen and loaded videos faster. sangat2 lembap itu lappie, the videos kept on hanging half way. to simplify things, i just told Dayana 'the video rosak, so cannot see'. she was satisfied with that answer - for now. so every time i come back from work, instead of asking for the TV, she'll ask for her 'laptok'. senang2 dia declare my laptop as hers. lolz.

sometimes when she's naughty and we scold her, she'll throw a tantrum and merajuk... but then after awhile she'll slink up to us and say 'Daina sayang Mommy, Daina sayang adik, Daina sayang Daddy!'. guess that's her way of apologizing i expect. ade one time tu i scolded her for bullying Adik, she went to the next room and silently cried - merajuk tahap maksima. kesian betul anak Mommy. =P~.

will add more later, and pics too =)

October 5, 2011

flash mob

whyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is rm * undoable????
*bangs head on brickwall*
*bangs head on brickwall again*

unix should at least come up with a prompt of Y or N before agreeing to wipe out the entire directory.
(i know something like this exist, but y i noe has it??) AAAaaaAaaAAaaaAaAArghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
*jumps out a window*

and now i can't pull files from remote to local.

JCard Day is happening downstairs and i haven't even stepped foot in the crowd! (not that i want to, i hate crowds). i was lucky i made it in time so i didn't need to melilau underground for 40 minutes (like my friend had to) just to get parking. phew.

i donated 3 shoes to the maid - red heels, black wedges, black pumps. i've test driven them and they still seem wearable. oh there was one more pair of heels i wanted to give away as well, but i managed to snap the straps on my way down the escapator. r.i.p. these days eBay doesn't seem to hot anymore. people can afford to buy new now =P~~~

i had lunch with Hanis today. lol. who would've thunk? ok no jinxing this either, so next topic, please.

nuff with the -ve vibes. a friend of mine invited me to join ze Flash Mob, happening this 22nd October, 8pm at Jaya One, PJ.

what is this flash mob, you ask? here's a definition on Wiki:

A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, artistic expression or—in rare cases—violence. Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.

they have a video link for the dance steps. i have no idea how to link the video here though *scratch head*

did it work? =D more info here.

frankly speaking, the video scares me. last i ever danced was before i was even married, i took dance classes at Taipan =D. anyone dare to move?

to end my hectic Wednesday (no wordless for you this week), here's a photo of my little Caliph (well, for 5 minutes and tu pun just long enough to take photos lol):

chomel kan?

October 4, 2011

meet Isobel

*SOLD* rehoming Isobel - 16 inch Waldorf Inspired Mermaid Princess from Dragonfly Beginngings.

she was born on October 2010, and comes with her own birth certificate.
she has blue eyes and hair in lovely shades of blue (i like!!).
she comes with her mermaid outfit, and matching skirt & shoes for when she goes ashore. extra dress is included from Molly's Playground.
makes a great playmate for you child =)

asking USD250 with shipping included, shipping will be from Malaysia.
Malaysians, get it for USD225 (minus shipping).


Mermaid Isobel!

when she comes ashore

extra outfit included