July 16, 2012

of birthdays

this weekend there were a bunch of babywearing events planned (in KL and in Bangi), but i didn't attend a single one of them. i had other things already planned in advance. besides, i've run out of a wearee =(. can't ttc right now, timing not right.


hmm... i forgot what i did on Saturday. AHAHAHAHHAHA.
oh yeah. on Saturday i went to Tesco and the kids practically drove me crazy later at night trashing my room.
Tesco started it. they pissed me off because the queue to pay at the cashiers was long and moving so slowly (just my luck kan? whatever happened to the pledge 'if the queue goes beyond the little green line on the floor, we'll open up more cashier counters for you' or something-like-that?), and they keep running out of whole chickens each time i go.

sorted out my kids' clothes - which ones to pack away because Dinara can't fit them anymore, which ones of Dayana's that she can already fit into. and also to figure out which ones to donate because the maid keeps reusing the same ones over and over until it literally looks like rags (which is why i usually buy Tesco or Jusco for every day clothes. i leave the pretty dresses to Significant Other or their Grandad. excellent taste!).
then Dayana haaaad to barge in with Mr. Potato Head and demanded that i take out his eyes, nose and hands.
as expected, his eyes disappeared. and until today, i haven't found them. and you know how irritated i get when her toys get misplaced (you should see me counting her Duplo set, her blocks set, her kitchen utensils set (a spoon's missing), her princess book set, her toy car set, to name a few hahahahahahhahahah). i've also hidden away most of their books btw. Dinara's a monster, even the thickest board book she can manage to rip apart *cries*.
i got tired going down on my hands and knees looking under the beds with a flashlight.
being a bad mom, i gave Dayana a hard time over it, that the next day she complained about it to Daddy on Skype.

but in the process of turning my room upside down, i chanced upon a vacuum cleaner head i thought i had lost. right after having Significant Other pestering me to order a replacement. i guess it's true what they say, if you listen to what your husband says, insyallah you'll do well in whatever you do.
unfortunately for him i'm little missus stubborn -_________-.
maybe i should get him to order me to find Mr. Potato Head's eyes pulak, hopefully i'll find it. heehee.


today was Miqa's 3rd birthday celebration. i like bringing the kids to birthday parties, it gives the kids a chance to mingle with people their own size age.
the theme was Masterchef, which i think was really cheeky because 'm' also stood for Miqa hehe.

mineral water. cute leh?

the sweet tooth table

the birthday family. stolen from Elina's FB since i forgot to take their photo =P

a party isn't complete without games, now wouldn't it? the first competition was to decorate their aprons with glitter glue and stickers provided in the most creative way possible.
it was supposed to be a kids thing, but in the end it was the mommies that went crazy with glitter glue. Dayana was pretty excited to pick out her stickers, and also to decide what colors she wanted on her apron. Dinara otoh, didn't care as long as she got to stick stickers on her apron. it was pretty difficult to juggle two kids and only one me, so most of my photos turned out crappy.

designed by Mommy's lousy creative talent HAHAHA

the other competition was to decorate their cupcake in the most creative way possible. egad, even the Mommy (ie. mua) found it a bit challenging, since i couldn't manage to squeeze the icing out from the ketchup bottle properly @_@. but Dayana had fun sprinkling all sorts of sweet stuff on her cupcake after i managed to squeeze out a blob of icing on top of her cupcake.

cupcake decorating. see those evil ketchup bottles?

masterchef Dayana with style

she thinks smiling like that is cute

Dayana's masterpiece, all packed up and ready to go

and as for Dinara, she didn't even bother decorating her cupcake, she decided to sink her teeth into it, au naturel.
but she warmed up to the decorating concept long after the rest were finished.

ready, get set, EAT!

hohoh sedap betul melantak cupcake kering

finally decided to attempt cupcake decorating

she had so much fun sprinkling sprinkles everywhere -___-

did i mention they had a inflated bouncy castle thingy? Dayana insisted i stand in front of it while she jumped up and down inside it. Dinara didn't even find it the least bit amusing, and chose to run around barefoot instead.

bouncy bouncy

the bouncy castle. spot my little chef!

hungry, anyone?

adik makan nuggets

kakak settled for spaghetti

second round: melantak fries

she was having more fun pouring water into her plate

cik kiah gila balloon

my kids are seriously like night and day.
we drove home with four inflated balloons obstructing my rear view.

Makchu's Birthday
her birthday was supposed to be Monday, but they decided to celebrate it tonight (darn, i didn't know Monday was her birthday). it was supposed to be some sort of surprise, but i guess they kantoi because she caught a glimpse of the Baskin Robbins cake box.

when i told Dayana we were gonna attend Miqa's birthday that morning, she kept asking about her birthday.

'birthday Dayana next week ke?'
'no Dayana, your birthday is next month'.
'Dayana nak birthday cake Barbie girl?'
(youtube punye pasal la ni)

so imagine the look on her face when we brought out the ice cream cake for Makchu. i think she thought it was hers.

'Dayana nak birthday cake Barbie Girl'
, she wailed.

ice cream cake BR!!!

birthday girl Makchu

told her the cake was not for her, heu~. but she enjoyed herself anyway eating ice cream cake Auntie Enn was spooning into her mouth. i know Dinara did, judging from the way she was attacking it with her spoon.
the other sibs had a fun time experimenting with dry ice: place dry ice in cup of water and let it fizzzzz (i see a lot of traits that run in the family... *cough cough Significant Other haha*

enjoying her ice cream

top: stolen from Makchu's closet =P

good luck to Uncle Alfie for his driving test Friday.
good luck to Uncle Amir for his mock PMR trials Monday.
good luck to Auntie Enn for her ICAW exam this week.
and also good vibes to Daddy @ Significant Other for his Phase II this week as well.

5 days to Ramadhan!

good luck to Ashu for her coming final exams on Saturday!
(er... kenapa Saturday? and if your exams start on Saturday, awat 8hb baru nak balik? lama betul exams doktor gigih!!! aihhh july is flying soo fast out the window @____@)

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