January 9, 2012

sweltering Sunday

i woke up today with a very bad backache.

ugh. the weather was super hot too, pasang aircond pun tak terase. once you turn it off, or bukak je pintu bilik, whoosh the cold air seems to seep away (i dread to think about this month's electric bill sigh).

then i realized after updating my phone to ios5, my phonebook doesn't have the option to add or edit. so i googled and it says i need to merge with iCloud. i didn't want to do that because Significant Other had tons of contacts, i didn't want my contacts to be cluttered with his friends, many of whom i don't even know, and vice versa.

so no choice, i took the plunge. i enabled the option to sync with iCloud, and the next thing i know, my contacts are 0, and none of my contacts were even synced into iCloud contacts. grrrr. stress saya! tried restoring backups in iTunes, but the only thing i succeeded in doing is messing up my applications, and the phonebook was still 0. sigh. cacat lah iTunes ni. ke cacat lah iPhone? nyampah seribu. i'm starting to hate technology a little bit more!

i think the biggest swaying factor was i was cooped up the whole day with the kids in the room. didn't go anywhere, didn't know where to go anyways. the kids created a huge masterpiece out of my bedroom with water, milk, their toys, crayons, cheerios... T__T. then they started fighting over things, Dinara began to be clingy and didn't allow me to chillax on the bed without her, Dayana bocor and didn't bother to tell me (hampeh! help!!!!) and wanted everything her little sister touched (sigh).

next time i'm dragging them to the playground. or somewhere. maybe i should bring them to the new library like Significant Other suggested.

oh and i keep making frequent trips to the toilet yesterday. i think my tummy keeps getting aggravated by spicy food. i'm also stressed out as Dayana's van bailed out last minute. it seems that it's difficult to get afternoon transport =(. didn't help that mil's car battery konged out yesterday. oh yeah... at this rate i think i might have to skip lunch today @_@.

bad weather + lost contacts + hyper kids + cooped up in room whole day = tiger lily T___T

ok so now i'm running late. sia-sia saja i set my alarm clock to 6.45am. i think i'm purposely ignoring my alarm clock these days.

update: my ex-deskmate helped me to restore my contacts! i heart deskmate! (p/s. sila jangan diconfuse dengan ex-deskmate yang satu lagi ya =P).


Twiggy said...

sounds like a stressful day indeed.

try taking them to the park in TTDI? let them play in the stream or simply run around. You guys can have like a little picnic.

You get to chill, they get to play :)

Hope you'll have a better day today *hugs*

E`n1x said...

ooooh, i've been there. but unfortunately Dayana is alien to streams (and beahes and the ocean and sand while i'm at it =P), nyesal i tak ajar the kids to get themselves dirty when they were younger, hehe. thanks for the well wishes.

oh i did manage to 'save' my contacts. my friend helped me (super thanks!) and in the process i weeded out old numbers from my address book =).