January 26, 2012

and now... the kids

- the kids love eating telur rebus you get at weddings. the downside is, they only eat the egg white, and ignore the egg yolk. the other day Dayana ate nothing at the wedding except 5 eggs. Mak Teh had to donate hers to Dayana, apparently our 4 bijik tak cukup. she refused to eat rice @_@. go figure.

- Dinara knows how to say 'nak aiiii' (nak air). she says that each time she wants a drink from our cup.

- the other day Dinara saw Dayana drinking vitagen, she eagerly walked up to her elder sister and said 'nak!'. after waiting expectantly and getting absolutely nothing, she tried reaching out her hand for the vitagen (kedekut benor Dayana hokeh). so instead i brought her to the kitchen to get a new one for her. she had no problem drinking from the tiny straw, but she loves to play with the straw. then tak reti nak cucuk balik straw. if normal big straws she'd take a long sip and dribble the liquid down her front T__T.

- one time Dayana saw me staring at her and she told me, 'Mommy, jangan tenyok!' i was blur at first, until she put out a hand to block my line of vision, while the other hand she sneakily used to korek hidung. wahahhahahahaha. she has now learned how to pronounce 'tengok' properly, because one night she came up to me as i was playing Smurfs on my iPhone and asked, 'mommy, can i tengok your iPhone?'

- as what i mentioned in my previous post, after tiring herself out walking, or just because she doesn't want to anymore, Dinara would just stop and plop herself onto the ground. she thinks it's a free country to just rest anywhere she wants to. haha.

- according to Dayana, she's the Princess, adik dia pulak dia kasi jadi Pirate -____-

- Dayana just found out the existence of Bananas in Pajamas. if before she'd ask for Dora or Alvin on the iPad, this time it's Bananas all the way @_@. if not mistaken, Disney Junior will be showing it soon next month. somehow i am not a Bananas in Pajamas fan!

- Dinara knows 'nak', 'no', but not 'yes' T___T. big fan of Fresh Beat Band, no thanks to her elder sister. bukan main seronot meloncat depan tv whenever the show is on.

more if i can remember later on =)

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Anonymous said...

Endless, kan kalo nak ckp psl kids. N sgtla unexpected. N cute. N funny. Gosh, i wish i can describe it in 1 word. :)