January 13, 2012

hanging in lcct

so i'm here waiting for Significant Other to arrive. i've been here for almost an hour already. his flight was supposed to arrive at 10pm but somehow he got bumped up a flight, due to arrive at 9pm instead.

if only there were better choices of food at the terminal. i felt like going for old-style nasi goreng *ahem* in comparison to the modern-style kopitiams. but in the end i randomly chose this Asean food corner which looked more like a mini food court. the food is so-so but it'll have to do. the terminal had a proper food court but it's located at the further end of the terminal T_T.

i just finished a plate of nasi lemak and i still feel hungry.

ooooooh, gtg. his flight's just flew in. have a gr8 weekend people. Sultan Kedah's birthday is this weekend, so someone is going home a day later than usual.

speaking of which, if you notice, it doesn't really matter who reigns as the Sultan or Agong, the birthday for the respective states is still the same date every year. i was just thinking about it because someone posted on FB asking that since the current Agong is the Sultan of Kedah, couldn't the other states get a holiday too? hahahah (and obviously that person doesn't work in Kedah). but i wouldn't mind if the Agong's birthday gets shifted to a different date. it always fall on Saturday, which means we employees who work for companies who don't acknowledge Saturday holidays will rugi one day leave. aihhhhzzz~~~ =P

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