January 10, 2012

Dayana's progress

regarding Dayana's school experience, remember i said 'so far, so good?'.

well, i lied.

her second day there was already tell tale signs of her not wanting to be there, beginning with the refusal of voluntarily entering her classroom.

on the third day (Monday), she was a gone case. started screaming the moment she saw me putting on my shoes T__T. i had to leave her screaming at the door because i had a meeting at 2.30pm. sigh. after school that day she showed me her name tag, teacher stuck an '0' there. then she proceeded to ask me whether i knew if it was either a zero, the letter 'O', or merely just a circle T__T

whenever i come to pick her up at the end of her school day, her reaction was always the same: 'mommy, you're home!'. when i ask her if she wants to come again, she'll says OK (after giving it much thought lol). she never makes a fuss while getting ready for school (selalunye they'd mogok even before stepping out of the house, right?). but she'll start to be apprehensive the moment we reach her school. teacher says to give it a month for her to adjust.

today i sent her for the morning session because i couldn't secure a transit for her for the afternoon session. kepala pusing mak, semua orang couldn't send or pick her up, everyone was busy. yesterday i had to go home all the way from work just to pick her up and send her. so the teachers were kind, they allowed me to switch to morning session, where i could send her in the mornings, and they managed to get someone to help me drop her off at home after school. today she behaved OK when i left her, after bribing her with milk. i think the afternoon session clashed with her nap time, hence the crankiness?

so just now i called the house during lunch time, heard she got home safely. now to double confirm her transit to see if the arrangement is OK or not for a full year. gee how i wish her school was walking distance to begin with!

oh yesterday she finally got her headscarf, so here she is:

ustazah Dayana

i was quite amazed she even wanted to wear it. i was anticipating having to wear one too only would she wear hers, but this morning no arguments from her. sweet! now, to figure out how to label her stuff so that her stuff doesn't get mixed up at school...

Dayana has gone back to the phase where she would throw herself onto the floor in protest, and starts rolling all over the floor, bawling her eyes out. i let her be. she unwinds faster that way. and she'll fall asleep easily afterwards. her antics will last longer if you tegur her, so better not.

oh look, someone has gotten a makeover. doesn't she look sweet? =D #modegiladolly am waiting for her shoes in the mail.


swallows is flying off to a new owner. as much as i love red, i'm not so in love with it's density for a wrap. i guess you say they're great for toddlers, but this mommy isn't strong enough to wrap a 10-kilo kid. recently Natibaby has made a bunch of mamas angry over how they handle their releases (think: cashmere swallows). what's the point of getting everyone all excited only for them to make a 1:50 ratio wrap quantity for a release? and those who actually do end up with one will eventually sell at a hiked up price. pfffft. oh and ziegel is leaving too, to bring justice to its new owner. i kinda miss my mandarin.

bye bye red-beige

bye bye ziegel

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