January 6, 2012

my Friday

some updates for today before i fall asleep waiting for that expected Skype call:

- Dayana didn't complain as she got dressed for her second day of school but tarik muka again when we entered the classroom... terus mintak susu T__T. i left promptly because if not she'd never participate in her class activities.

- Dinara pandai shake her head no. furiously pulak tu. she babbles quite alot now. she understands what we tell her and sometimes try to repeat some of the words we say. like the other day my mom tried teaching her the word 'tree', she managed to pronounce the word, although air liur tersembur merata. hahaha. she saw Wan exercising once, stretching her arms up and down, then dia pun started to tiru by swinging her arms around too, lol.

so... does she look more like me now? =)

- Dinara is also a bit impatient. if we ignore her in any way, she'll come to you and give u a tap. serious. bila Bibik lambat suap nasi, she will come over and 'tap tap' and reachable body part as if she's trying to say 'oy, don't forget about me!' or when i forget to layan her, she'll come up to me and 'tap tap tap' she goes. haha. too cute.

- another example of her impatience is whenever i sing to her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, belum habis lagi lagu she already clap her hands and say 'yay!' (macam tak sabar benar nak suruh mommy dia berenti nyanyi, tak sedap kah? T__T).

- the weather after the New Year has been hot hot hotttt even the aircond tak terase during the day. i washed one of my denser wraps in the evening (around 4pmish), it dried completely just before midnight. panassss hokeh~ i snoozed for 15 mins on the bed and i woke up drenched with sweat @_@

- today just about isya' Dayana told me dia nak solat. hmm. she must've learnt this at school, i've always refer to prayers as sembahyang and not as solat. so i bentang sejadah for her and let her go at it. ntah brape kali ntah dia sujud, must be more than 20 times. when i asked her if dah habis, she sed, no, not yet, and then dia sambung lagi sujud dia... kekeke. takpe lah anak, janji ade gerak hati nk sembahyang sendiri. lega hati mommy and daddy.

- red-beige swallows will be flying to Germany at the start of the week. for some reason i never fell for it as how the other taugehs did (i learnt this word from Shirley ok haha). 1 down, so many more to go. i've been good so far.

have a good weekend peeps =). if you're free and insanely curious on learning how to carry your baby, do drop by Taman Tasik Cempaka, Bangi on Saturday from 4-6pm. i have to service my car in the morning, so i'm still not sure if i'm able to make it (and the parents have a ton of weddings to go to so balik Bangi pun takde orang, tak besh). my kid is too 'old' already for babywearing, she'd rather toddle off on her two sturdy legs instead of hanging out on mommy's back =(. new squishy? Significant Other was thinking of a 12.12.12 baby since i told him i didn't want another August baby (Virgoeans are overpopulating the house yo T_T). ntah la, see how. the partner-in-crime will be having his finals on Monday, and then he'll finally be able to fly.

oh btw, don't by a Honda if you think servicing every 5oookm is crazy =P. stick to other car brands that have servicing intervals of 10,000km instead, safer on your pocket!

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