January 19, 2012

Dayana likes school

my Dayana is a big girl now.
she doesn't throw a fuss whenever she gets ready for school in the morning.
she takes her breakfast every morning (although after 1 week of coco crunch she started to mogok, errr sape tak boring? lol).
she puts on her shoes, sometimes by herself, sometimes we assist her because she is suchhhhhhhh a siput.
then we get into the car, and off we go to her school.
once we get out of the car, i give her a hug and a kiss.
she doesn't need me to hold her hand.
we walk up to the school gates together, and she waves goodbye.
"goodbye mommy!" she says cheerfully to me.
and in she goes, a teacher would be there awaiting the students at the gate.
she knows she'll be back home a few hours later.
and she goes home with transit.
my little lady has grown =)

sometimes Dinara will insist to follow, poor her, she never gets to go anywhere.
so when Dinara comes too, she'll get a kiss on the face from the elder sister.
and sometimes she asks, "adik nak ikut, ke?" rather excitedly.
not that she cares really, lol.
i just tell her adik is still small, she won't be going to school just yet.

you know how i know she likes school?
i remember the first day i was there, the teachers were singing songs with the kids.
she refused to participate in anything then.
so one evening we were in my room, hanging out.
then out of the blue she started singing... humming. words weren't clear.
but it sounds exactly like the song the teachers sing every day with the kids at school.

she was also really really happy with the new Deuter bag i got for her.
all pink and girly, exactly how she likes her things to be - PINK T__T.
sometimes her milk bottle remains untouched at the end of the day.
we put a bottle in her bag, for one of those cranky days.
a sign that she's too preoccupied at school to even ask for her milk bottle =)
let's hope she doesn't lose any belongings.
else labeling might be in order.

school's rubbing off her. in a good way. amin~.

here's Dayana's first work of art in school =)

and Dinara?

well, she gets to conquer the iPod Touch sorang2 at home while the Kakak's away, hehe.

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