January 30, 2012

mua skincare

i'm bored, so today i'm gonna further bore you with my daily skincare regime. i'm simply writing this down with hopes that i'll continue being so the very rajin in slathering gunks of cream on my face on a daily basis.

ever since i'm a mom i very more often than not skip my daily facial routine. i'd always leave the house looking like i just woke up (wahahahahah) hence my products would last wayy longer than they should, teruks kan? getting the kids ready is stressful enough, i barely have enough motivation to put on my makeup after all the hassle. aaaaand i don't dress up for work either. if we do, they'd ask us whether we were going for an interview, or whether we were attending a party after work. poyo kan. lol.

the husband would just ask me, 'why are you wearing specs?' T___T.

'you sponsor me lasik first, boleh?'
i'd retort back.

well anyways, since i'm entering three series i might as well start somewhere, right? i'm not getting any older (although to most i still look like i'm in my early 20s, childless to boot =P)

my forced usual skincare regime:

1) facial wash - Olay
2) toner - Amway? (only when i feel like it)
3) pre-essence - Loreal
4) moisturizer - Olay
5) mac thingy (it goes on before foundation for a smoother finish) - MAC
6) foundation - MAC
7) blusher - elianto
8) eye shadow (only when i feel like it)
9) lipgloss / balm


1) facial wash
2) toner (only when i feel like it)
3) pre-essence
4) moisturizer
5) eye cream - clinique

i went for a free skin analysis about 3 weeks ago (the day i bought my mom's birthday present) and the lady condemned me for not using eye cream and skipping sunblock. hahaha. she said whatever protection from the UV u slathered on your face in the morning would be gone by lunchtime. so reapplying was the key.

i don't even bother reapplying my makeup during the day, do you actually think i care about whether my my makeup was still in place, or if my moisturizers have dissolved completely? (haih. teruk punye perempuan T___T). i don't even bring a makeup bag with me around, only the basic compact powder, and lippies. tu pun buat berat beg, i rarely reapply.

i don't use toner either. if my results were correct based on the questionnaire that i took, the Skin Type Solution mentioned that my skin type didn't need it.

after the analysis was completed, the lady said i'd benefit by adding 3 products into my daily regime, can you guess which ones? - pre-essence (for pigmentation), sunblock AND eye cream (duh. the ones i told her i wasn't using hahah). and guess how much the pre-essence cost: rm295 *faints*.

told the lady i'd think about it. the next day i headed to Guardian and bought Youth Code, at a much cheaper price, haha. both products claimed to have a visual effect after 7 days usage, well, i'm not really sure. but i did realize the day i stopped skipping my skincare routine, some people started to notice that i looked slightly different than normal. haha.

even Significant Other did, ok. well, that's something. the Statue Of Liberty could be relocated right outside our bedroom window and he wouldn't even notice.

ntah la. i've tried a couple of different brands of skincare but i've never noticed any difference after usage. so to me it made no difference if i used the higher end or the lower end skincare products *touch wood*.

i guess i inherited good skin. amin...

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