January 4, 2012


this is not a Wordless Wednesday day.

Dayana barged into my room really early this morning, i didn't bother to check the time. she tends to do that every morning when Bibik goes downstairs in the wee hours of the morning. i turned on the tv for her, then went back to sleep.

she woke me up just to get me to open up my compact foundation powder for her, which i did in a dreamlike-stance (iyo la, kacau daun ok, ai tgh syiok tdo nih). she loves to hold my compact powder as if it's a sacred object, and if i open it for her she'd start admiring herself in the mirror inside it (ohhh vainnye anak aku ni).

then i vaguely remember her waking me up again just to say that she successfully powdered the front of her baju tdo with foundation, i groggily told her that she was supposed to put bedak on her face, not her baju. and then i stubbornly went back to sleep.

i didn't realize it at the time i woke up, probably because i was wandering around the room without my glasses.

took my shower, got dressed, then only went to look for my glasses. and i couldn't believe what i saw.


i saw this first. fairly obvious, because the pillowcase was white.

and so i thought to myself, ok la, tu boleh wash tu.

then my eyes started wandering around the room... and my eyes fell on this:

egad. how the heck did she manage to turn my carpet brown??

to my horror, i noticed this next:

(abaikan the pinkish past of the photo. must remind myself to get a new phone casing... grrr).

the whole tv base was dusted with foundation, including every single electronic device you see in the photo.

i seriously wondered if she thought my room looked boring and decided to give the tv and my astro box and dvd player a makeover.

and i think she thought Daddy's work clothes looked boring as well, because she decided to spruce it up a little:

ok i seriously felt like pulling my hair out.

my whole room seemed to be dusted with foundation!!! *@#&(@*&$

and the weapon of choice? i found it hidden behind the tv:

close to finished!!! it was brand new ok, i never used it because it made my face look bronzer. i was contemplating throwing it away or keeping it until it expired. looks like my daughter decided what to do with it on my behalf.

and the master mind? sound asleep on the floor with absolutely no trace whatsoever of foundation on her face, but all over her clothing:

sigh. she sees me every morning putting moisturizer and foundation on my face yet this is what she does with foundation?

genius, anak. genius.


alin said...

hehehe.. sgt paham perasaan itew lilly.. sabar jela.. tp tgk Dayana tidur tu.. hilang marahkan.. :p

Maneesa said...

i think kena ada new toy makeup so she will learn foundation for face heheeh , still adorable she do it :)

Dina said...

only because i'm not the one who has to clean all the 'affected' stuff :D
im certain she knows it's sposed to go on the face.
but she'd rather not dirty her face n decided to experiment with it instead ;)