August 1, 2013


rosie, aiko, lila. aren't they gorgeous?
they're looking for new homes at the moment. would you like to adopt one?

they're low maintenance, requires occasional washes and tons of snuggles.

(top to bottom):
1. rosenholz 50% linen. $400. measures roughly about 4m. *withdrawn*
2. japanese knot aiko chiisai 50% linen. $350. bought as a size 5. *sold*
3. lila azzuro 40% linen. $585. bought as a size 6. *sold*

i just realized after taking the above photo that it should've been an inspiration for my pamir makeover. unfortunately i'm pro-blue, so this is what became of it:

let's hope Pos Malaysia is working twice as hard this time of year.

raya's approaching. bukak tutup mata n it's already a week before raya approaches. this august would be a very expensive month, it's that time of year when three birthdays are due, the car insurance and roadtax are due, duit raya is due... err what else?

the water heater literally blew its fuse last month after faithfully providing hot water for us and bil for the past 2 years. what little i've learned from this experience:

storage water heater:
- provides hotter water than the instant version
- uses up more electricity
- switch needs to be turned off when not in use, else the heating element might get fried
- if you think the water tank is empty, make sure the switch is off too, else the heating element will defo be fried
- warranty covered only up to a year, but up to 5 years for body leakage

instant water heater:
- heats up water at the time of use
- depending on what brand you buy, the pressure pump may or may not make loud noises when you turn it on
- warranty up to 5 years for the heating element

water heater knowledge 101 for dummies, i know. somebody has already gone to test drive the hot water, lol.

heating element: rm190
thermostat: rm160
labor charge: rm60
me? X____X

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