August 6, 2013

dancing fish

i guess the restaurant was named after one of their dishes, the dancing fish - deep fried fish twisted in such a way that it looks like it's dancing? LOL. we decided to go out for iftar on Saturday last weekend, ever since mil's passing we never did manage to have a proper iftar together as a family. i tried calling Muhibbah, the line was always engaged. tried to book for Serai, but every outlet happened to be fully booked (come back 8.30pm they said. whaaa..? orang Mesia minat sungguh berbuka luar noh?).

we decided to go to Dancing Fish at Setia City Mall for iftar (also because i tried calling and managed to get a booking there haha). it was our first time here. sil and bil have been here a couple of times already, even fil went there a few days ago, haha. the kids were supposed to come too, but they were all flat by the time we were about to leave (and it's an utter pain to deal with cranky kids abruptly awoken from their short slumber) so we left them behind. ooops. bil's friend tagged along for iftar, so that's 6 of us. no photos of the 6 of us, i was too engrossed in food to take any.

*remind thyself to charge my camera batteries*

you get a 10% discount off the bill if you pay with a CIMB credit card. i'm no food reviewer so this entry is just merely to share what we ordered for iftar that night. i actually not a fan of Indonesian cuisine. but Dancing Fish is Indo-Malay, so i guess the food here's ok. you had the option of ordering their set menu for Ramadhan, but we decided to go ala carte instead.

we ordered:
- 1/2 bbq spring chicken
- daging masak kicap
- udang sambal petai (er, i didn't notice any petai)
- dancing fish (w sambal terasi and kicap)
- gulai pucuk paku
- kailan w salted fish

they had a little dessert table in the corner, not sure how they charged us for (sil footed the bil, fil belanje). between the 6 of us we managed to finish everything (except for the pucuk paku, sil didn't seem to like it for some reason).

Dancing Fish - Malay-Indo cuisine
bits n pieces taken from the dessert table
Significant Other ordered milo
earl grey tea. was amused at how 'big' the teapot was
starters: empeng with sambal terasi
the dancing fish, gulai pucuk paku, bbq spring chicken
udang sambal (petai?), kailan w salted fish
the daging masak kicap came last

everyone went for prayers first before digging in. i must say, the way in to the surau was poorly designed - one dedicated walkway to get to both the men and women's surau. imagine both men and women queueing up to get in, plus the people leaving the surau, i could barely find my shoes amidst the number of people standing and waiting in line @_@. fil was right about going to the surau first before digging in, the crowd literally swelled in numbers by the time we were done with prayers. i think i now know why it's better to break fast at home, hee~.

we wanted to watch a movie but GSC didn't show 'The Conjuring'. pffffft. so we went shopping! well sil did, anyways. she bought stuff at Uniqlo. managed to get myself a pair of jeans i've been eyeing aeons ago while i was fat, but it needs length altering though. sil also added more charms to her Pandora collection, so jealous!!! #$(*#(@(*#&*$% *mentally adding that to my wishlist once i've sold off a few more wraps*.

raya is less than a week away. how time flies, seriously. i'm still on maternity leave so i didn't have to deal with the terrific Ramadhan jam. will be raya-ing locally this year. am so not looking forward to work in two weeks' time. i checked my mail the other day only to find that the company's organizing Sports Day? and guess who got the last pick due to not being in the office? *groans*.

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