July 26, 2013

we got katz

Uncle Amal brought home two new members of the family about 1-2 weeks ago. i forgot to introduce them.

photos stolen from Amal's instagram

he came home late one night all eksaited. "i bought a cat!" he exclaimed excitedly. and not long after that, we were introduced to those two: Blackie and Whitey.

LOL. marah Uncle Amal.

the black one's called Captain Oats. Oatsy for short. Quaker Oats will start forming in my brain each time his name is mentioned. it's a he. Dayana would pronounce it as Ooopsie. LOL.

the white one's called Princess Sparkle. it's a she (duh). she's very the garang, she actually hissed at me the first time we met. i wanted to call her Sparky but Uncle Amal wouldn't let me. "she's a girl!" he said. fiiiiiine.

not really sure whether they're royal bred or what. but they both are long-haired. between the two i think Oatsy's the cutest. his face is too adorable for words. shame that he doesn't know how to clean his butt properly.

i volunteer to replenish their food and water. but not shovel their poop. i currently have my own fair share of poop shoveling from my three lovely breathing eating sleeping super mini machines.

the kids love them cats. i hope the cats aren't too traumatized by my kids. when they first arrived at the house Dayana sibuk cari her iPod telling me that she wants to take photos of the cats. i'm the superstitious type: never take photos of cats. don't ask me why. due to past experience with so many cats back in Alor Setar i guess.

i hope they grow up to be fat lazy cats like Garfield. amen.

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