August 28, 2013

the camera vault

have you heard of a camera vault? you know, like in hotels they provide you with this safety deposit box for your valuables where you key in some 4-digit pass-code, only this time it's specifically for cameras? LOL
ok so i don't remember its actual name at the top of my head at the moment, so we're gonna call it the camera vault, ok? =P~~~

(ok so i googled it up and they actually call it dry cabinet. bo-ring. i'm still gonna refer to it as vault, ok? =P).

Significant Other recently decided that he didn't have proper storage for his camera equipment (one lens too many) so he's been meaning to look for a cabinet of some sort for quite awhile. he came across this interesting piece of equipment on Shashinki one fine day (or maybe he's been plotting his buy for ages but just never told me, i dunno). so, meet the AIPO Exclusive 'Dry Cabinet'.

when you buy a lens, you'll want to buy proper storage for it, and then you'll want to buy other accessories, bla bla bla and the list goes on (sorta like the book 'when you give a mouse a cookie' bahahahah).

do you know this thingamajig needs to be plugged in? to somehow keep the temperature/humidity just right for the camera equipment to 'stew'. bahahahahahah. ok la, to keep them away from all the moist in the air that can ruin the lens.

the first time they sent it over to the house, they mailed him the wrong model. we had to painstakingly repack the heavy vault (it freakingly weighs 13.5kg!) and send it back to CityLink before they would send the correct one. now whose fault is it again? @_@ apparently they only do pickups at office addresses only, not house address. T__T still an address what.

anyway, here it is, taking up yet another small spot in my already cramped room.

it even has lights!

the glass door is laminated with some fancy artwork design (hence the 'exclusive') so you can't really see what's inside unless you open the vault. that illuminated number in the photo indicates the humidity (RH%) inside the cabinet, determined by some microcomputer digital control. Significant Other says that 40ish value is good for the cameras (apparently there's an optimal preservation parameter table you could look up online that tells you which percentage is good to preserve what). the insides of the vault is lightly padded with some super sponge so that everything stays nice and put without knocking into each other.

belum apa lagi sudah penuh

oh he keeps his watch collection in there too. it apparently runs in the family, this fetish over watches hahahaha.

not to forget this one contraption he also purchased recently: er, i forgot what you call it. oops. spider? spiderweb? LOL. spider camera holster. for the lazy who do not like to hang their cameras around their neck, you can loop it on a belt and fefeeling seperti koboi ahahahahahahahhah basically you can hang stuff on the belt, provided that you don't bump and scrape them against things around you. also provided that you can handle the weight around your waist. if it were me i think i'd feel as if my pants were about to fall off. LOL

berat woo 7D itu

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