August 21, 2013

wordless random of the day

coz it's Wednesday

ok wordless posts are boring when the photos people post onto their blogs have no relation to us. unless they write a lengthy explanation to accompany the photo, then only i'd go like, oOOoOoo so ni laaa bla bla bla... if you get my drift (i think i've been insta-browsing too much).

so i'm gonna add a boring description for each of the photos i've stuck into this blog post. you can skip the lengthy bedtime story if you're not interested =P

 because they're colorful and fluffy
i came back from maternity and the first person i bumped into was non other than Siti, the apam maker =P~~~. i tell you she makes the best apams ever. i like em kosong because they seem to turn out fluffier. that day she happened to have an extra 50 pieces that day so i sapu them all, bahahahaha. i could finish all 50 pieces by myself (which i did a number of times back when i was pregnant) but i need to keep some for Dinara. she's the only one apart from me that likes 'em.

because it was a pleasant surprise with yummy content
sally dropped by my desk to give me this. cantik kan? i think she customized the whole jar by herself. i forgot to ask her if she made the contents of the jar by herself as well. in the jar there were cornflake tarts, almond london lookalikes, and pineapple tarts. they were so good (and i was so hungry) i ate them all. bahahahahaha (teruk betul kan? people wonder why the hell am i not fat. i wonder the same thing too).

because they're my current happy wraps
i feel happy just looking at them, probably because they're grads. the one in the middle is the longest surviving wrap that's still with me. the one on the top just had a makeover. the one on the bottom is purple. i used to hate purple. now what happens? my stash becomes purple-heavy without me knowing it T_T.

because mashi poisoned me LOL
i usually do not like selipar-jepun lookalikes because my feet are not used to having that 'thing' sitting nested in between my toes, but somehow this one seems to be an exception. the whole thing is made out of velvet btw, so this pair of shoes is definitely not meant to be worn to be beach, no matter how much it looks like a selipar jepun. heck, i keep wondering to myself how come this brand cost so much for just having the most simplest design possible. but this particular design got stuck in my brain, possibly because of that rosette. this design i couldn't find on the website though. probably sudah lapuk. hee~ takda discount ka..?

oops. my post went from wordless to one word too many. bahahaha.

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