August 27, 2013

stash shrinkage

once upon a time,
my wraps collection used to look like this
(with a bunch of wraps still not in the photo):

so after getting a huge wake up call from Significant Other (ouch), my current stash now looks like this
(didys, grads, handwovens, oschas):

am quite happy with the shrinkage, as much as i would like to shrink it further, the current market is not moving as fast as it used to, thanks to handwovens. oh well.

anyhoo, the following below are still for sale. pm with interest =) they're all size 5 @ 4.2m~.

(top to bottom):
aqua silk waves, $400.
grass hemp indio, $300. *sold*
jk aiko chiisai, $300. *sold*

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