August 27, 2013

Dinara's 3!

this one just turned three yesterday.
i still wonder what goes on in that tiny little brain of hers.
she speaks Spanish most of the time (from watching too many clips on Youtube -_-).
i have no idea when her pronounciation will improve.
she loves fighting with her elder sister.
i am always amazed with her generous appetite =D
she's finally weaned off her pacifier.
already she wants to follow her sister to school (boring kot duduk rumah agaknya).
she efficiently asks for the iPod or iPad every morning (mami sudah sorok itu iPad tsk).
her favorite cartoons include Barbie and Poyee (Polly Pocket).

happy birthday my tanned cinapek! may you grow up to be the perfect little girl one could ever ask for =)

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