August 27, 2013

Dinara's B-day

i had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday so i ended up wfh. Dinara's birthday fell on Monday so we could only celebrate it after work. as usual the birthday girl couldn't seem to care less. the elder one, on the other hand was really unsatisfied that we were celebrating her younger sister's birthday before hers (apa nak buat daa, 26 always comes before 31st haha).

the whole family had dinner at Serai Empire, ordering ala carte this time. i didn't know what to order so i ordered white rice + lemon chicken. Significant Other ordered the Serai Platter, which is surprisingly nice. sil ordered nasi kerabu, and bil went all western by ordering prawn aglio olio. i ordered fish and chips for the kids. those two usually have mood swings, at times they're ravenous as a horse, at others they don't care less about what food you put on the table, but they'll definitely steal a bit of your drink - Dayana's gone all 'ice lemon tea' on us. amboiii sapa ntah ajar. but we didn't order that, i ordered iced serai tea to share with instead, complete with those big mint leaves that Dayana dubbed as 'sayur'. bahahhahahah.

prawn aglio olio
serai platter
nasi kerabu
lemon chicken
the best pavlova so far
banana fritters and ice cream

i like how Serai has this small storybook section for the kids. not that they even know how to read, but they enjoyed flipping through the books all the same.

kemain lagi budak besday girl ni minum
itu Uncle Amal
Dayana and the serai 'ice lemon tea'
melantak pavlova
enjoying her kerabu

the best part about Serai was their dessert - we ordered banana fritters + ice cream and pavlova. the kids of course walloped the ice cream and left the rest for us.

oh i think you've guessed it by now - i left d3 at home. bahahahahah kesian. she'd be busy drooling all over me and screaming her head off. she's not the type to sit quietly in her stroller and amuse herself, nonono.

funny how we bumped into deensy and stiletto at Serai, haha. not that the latter recognizes me. if deens were there Significant Other would've said hi to the accomplished pilot, hee~.

as a birthday present Uncle Amal bought Dinara this funny-looking giraffe (which looks totally organic to me). Dayana? he told her to wait for her birthday this Saturday. muka memang tak puas hati. penat people try to explain to her that it's not yet her birthday no matter how much she whines. even after i told her there's gonna be fireworks on her birthday hahahaha.

after dinner we dropped by USJ for cake! Auntie Enn bought the kids a minion cake, lol. thanks Auntie! Dinara macam takut je nak blow out the candles. but she didn't hesitate when we offered her the knife to cut the cake. the outer part of the cake was quite chewy, btw. haha. sugar rush for everyone! @_@

the minion cake
blowing the candles

(pssst Auntie Enn, mana lagi gambar?)

until now we still have trouble trying to get the birthday girl to sit still and take her photo. and mau pulak dia pakai that bunga purple besar gedabak tu, accessories in her hair usually never last that long. ni mesti sebab her sister was wearing one too. made by Noreen's friend btw.


just writing this here for future reference:

JPJ transfer of ownership (assuming that the car's roadtax is still valid):
a) 1 cancellation of roadtax letter from the seller (seller must be present)
b) 2 copies of borang xxx (buyer and seller)
c) 2 copies of borang xxx (buyer and seller)
d) verification of IC - if the buyer/seller is present, use borang xx, else use borang xx to be verified at the Commissioner of Oaths.
e) puspakom report of the said vehicle (valid for one month only)
f) car grant/road tax

if the car's roadtax has already expired, no need to do a).
buyer does not need to buy new insurance immediately. the officer there told me to wait for the transfer process to be completed before purchasing.


adrianathani said...

I love Serai! We usually order nasi and these lauk:
1. Sotong goreng tepung ikan masin
2. Ikan in lime broth (or something like that..tak ingat exact name)
3. Deep fried eggplant (again, it probably has a fancier name)

Then, my favorite dessert - jackfruit cheesecake! Don't judge me you, girl!

E`n1x said...

oooh thanks adrin! i've never tried anything you recommended me before haha. i only go there for the pavlova, itupun takeaway. and i've never heard of jackfruit cheesecake either. jackfruit = nangka? :O

adrianathani said...

Yes, nangka. Gila kan? I swear, sedap gilerrrr.