August 9, 2013

raya photos 2013

we started off the morning Raya-ing at Sepang.
some of the photos taken that morning...

black theme this year
Dira with her Grandad
on the father-in-law's side

back in our room, we decided to camwhore for abit.

our first family photo 2013 lol
baby and me.
kecik2 get duit raya already

then back at home, we took more raya photos, this time with Dad and the rest of the family.

makcik bergaya ngan LV
frazzled mommy
anak dara
salam aidilfitri
attempting a smile haha

each year we take our raya photos as the same spot.
this year, we're minus one person.
God bless you, Mama.

the usual raya portrait

until next year.

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