June 11, 2012

run away

Dayana definitely knows when i'm mad at her.

last night Dayana she was too indecisive - nak iPod lah, nak watch TV lah (she calls it 'televisi' T___T), nak hijack my PC to play Sims Social, nak susu lah, nak draw lah... and it was 11.30pm at night and tomorrow was a school day. grrrrr.

so mula lah Mommy nak meletup with impatience. i was at the PC busy clicking away at the time (multitasking la kan =P). i started babbling away at her for not listening blablablabla...

she came to me and said,

"Mommy, kalau Mommy marah, nanti Dayana run away!"

i was like, whaaaaaaaaaaat?

hmmm. she must've actually listened to all those empty threats that if she didn't clean up after herself and didn't want to listen to Mommy, i'd run away and leave her behind. or perhaps it was because in Alvin & the Chipmunks, Theodore ran away from home - i've been having the movie played on rerun for so many days now at her request - mau muntah mak.

so out of curiosity, i asked her, 'Dayana nak run away pergi mana?'. i never told her where i was going anyway.

you know what she answered?

she was sitting on the floor at the time. she reached out an arms length and pointed to a spot on the floor with a finger. "sini!" the said most confidently.

*imagine multiple sweat drops forming on my head like those Japanese anime*

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