June 26, 2012

things i pick up on FB

you see... Facebook isn't all that bad.

things you might not have known when reading the Quran:

i'm kinda glad my parents sent me to Agama school back in my primary school days. i remember Abang Van picking me up in the afternoons (and sometimes even abandoning me when i take too long just getting out the front door hahahah). i might have thought it a nuisance to go for classes back then, since i used to view it as lesser time to play in a day. and i might not be the most religious person as one would hope to be. but education in the simple basics is something. and the mysterious thing about how the world works is, you tend to remember most of the things you learn when you were younger...

yes, i haven't been doing as much reading as i should. since the holy Ramadhan is coming up soon (in less than a month!) i thought i'd share something i picked up on Facebook:

so let's hope to a great month ahead =)

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