June 11, 2012

stendhy, rosa and lavender

*all SOLD*

1. Jumpsac Single Layer Crunchy Raw Silk in Lavender. M size (if i'm not mistaken). *SOLD*
asking rm160 inclusive postage.

2. Didymos Rosalinde 50% linen Shorty size 2 ~ 2.6m *SOLD*
overdyed Dylon Pink to make the pink even sweeter. well-soft wrap.
asking rm195 inclusive postage.

an action photo of Rosalinde

3.Didymos Stendhal 50% double faced linen wrap. size 5 ~4.2m. *SOLD*
almost brand new, rarely worn.
handsome red linen on one side, reversing to mysterious black cotton on the other.
asking rm550 inclusive postage.


scudmami said...

tak pernah tgk pon ur JS RS tu???
rosa jadik RS bleh??? hahaha..

E`n1x said...

rosa boleh je jadi RS. but there's a mama asking me to put on hold til her gaji day. ade a US mama asking for actual measurements. i hope someone buys it soon before i tukar pikiran lagi lol.