June 6, 2012

i has a swollen ankle

yep. miss clumsy clots did it to herself... she earned herself a swollen ankle.


Dr. said i was lucky i didn't fracture my ankle. so i got some meds to help with the swelling and some painkillers... let's put it this way: it hurt far worse yesterday, and today i was able to walk, so here i am at work, hoping that the painkillers the Dr. gave me would kick in faster.

courtesy of missing a step down the stairs. heck, even Dinara did just fine on her own.

my weekend trip to Terengganu was ok. got stuck in 7-hour traffic up east, got to eat nasi dagang for breakfast, brought the kids to the beach, had A&W Batu Burok for dinner, crapped with my grandma =), tido ramai2 atas lantai kat living room, got stuck in 9-hour traffic back down to KL... @_@ (kalah balik kampung for Raya ok).

nasi dagang Terengganu

here's one from my brother's iPhone:

the beach girl

abang got confused with the mirror effect... check out the result in the pic =P


Anonymous said...

Cant imagine how u can tahan that traffic. I was on my way back to kertih n looking at the other side of the road pon dah rase stress. Huhuhu...

E`n1x said...

i know! lucky the elder one dozes off in the car, unfortunately the other one doesn't makan saman that easily @_@