June 28, 2012

what's your perfume?

while ransacking sil's closet last night after having dinner my only two sils, i came across her perfume collection.
sil has sooo many nice stuff, the amount of clothes she has easily surpasses mine. her cosmetics too. her bathroom is heavily littered with beauty products.

Sarah!!!!!! remember this???? you used to love it more than i do. in fact, i only love the bottle, because it's purple. and it's encrusted with tiny jewels. HAHA. wujud lagi ke tak eks?

moi Lolita~

i found this one in sil's closet. this was the first perfume i've ever bought for myself, i remember purchasing the set for only rm150 at Greentown Mall. until now, this is still one of my favorites.
Lancome Miracle... fink!

once upon a time i used YSL Roses, a limited edition line from the original. i'm a big roses fan. aaaand it's pink =P. for the amount you get, the price was totally worth it. it's too bad i don't see it being sold around here anymore. i tried asking the staff at the counter to see if they happen to carry its variant, i only managed to get blank stares in return @_@.

YSL Roses

i don't believe in buying too many perfumes at one time. it takes a year for me to finish a normal-sized bottle. when i was pregnant i stayed away from all types of 'smelly' stuff, including perfume. and i find that once you've used a bottle, after awhile the smell will start to change, usually to something nauseous, no kidding. sometimes the color will start to change too. then the only noble way to finish it is to use it as an 'air freshener'.

air freshener my ass. i came home one day to find the house intoxicated with some perfume Significant Other was trying to finish X_X.
the maid almost got murdered by EDP.

well anyway, here's what i'm using now, fil bought this for me. i only love the original Pleasures, not Intense or Exotic. one of my mom's favorites.

Estee Lauder's Pleasures

Fresh as flowers after a rain, this sheer, shimmering floral is a spirited blend of Lilies, Peonies and Jasmine, all tingling with the rare essence of exotic Baie Rose.

i got this for my birthday present last year. i'm not much of a fan but i love the bottle! i use this daily to work. the kids love it too, every morning they'd ask me to spray some on them. lolz.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Significant Other doesn't really like it. he says since he's the one that's gonna be the 'smell-er' (er, so does that make me 'smell-lee'? ahahahahah), so might i wear something that he happens to like? *roll eyes*. but he has a point. well, at least he likes Pleasures. i told him to go buy something for me at one of the duty-free shops there, he might be eligible for a discount, haha.

well, anyway, his favorite scent on a woman is this. i find it a bit too rich for my liking, i'm reminded of 'older' mysterious women =P:

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

i personally prefer Red Door Velvet. but the original is starting to rub off on me. maybe that's a sign i'm really getting older. heck i'm leaving 3 decades behind!!!


Unknown said...

Eh I wear pleasure too! But my signature scent is Chanel No. 5. Apart from that, I tak berani experiment sangat with perfume sebab mabuk. I cannot wear CK at all. Ugh rasa mual sangat.

E`n1x said...

ur an elegant woman, Munira. LOL~!