June 25, 2012

who's the mama

in an effort to teach Dinara how to call me MOMMY instead of MAMA, each time i point to myself i'll ask Dinara, "ni sapa?" and then i'd answer "ni Mommy", stressing on the 'meeee'.
so recently she's able to pronounce 'Mommy', offering it out sporadically whenever she feels like it.
so eksaitedly i point to myself and asked her, "ni sapa?"
she confidently answered, "Mommy".
oh but don't get so eksaited yet.
then she jabbed a finger at her chest and confidently said "Mommy".
and then she went to poke her sister in the chest and said, "Mommy!".
haiya @_@ the hand gesture doesn't mean Mommy la sayang @_@.

did i tell you she likes to tear up papers? i think she enjoys the ripping sound. she's been having a ball ripping up my past Astro magazines in my room.
and only my Dinara can manage to destroy her board books ok. like this one:

please baby please! @_@

somehow she managed to glue the pages together. and i unsuccessfully managed to unstuck them. sigh. and i bought this all the way from Houston too. warghhhh.

anyway, here are my little two darlings last weekend. attended an ex-colleague's wedding at Taman Rimba TTDI, so it was like a mini Intec reunion. among the 6 of us (pengantin included), all except one abandoned ship aeons ago. haha.

don't be deceived by their innocent looks!

my friend became a mama for the fourth time last Saturday. she gave birth on her son's third birthday. the miracle of shared birthdays... what's her secret? =D i meant to deliver Dinara on the exact date as her older sister but no dice. she tak makan saman and refused to wait for another 5 more days, lolz. anyway, meet Nik Hafiy =D. makes me wish for a newborn now. at least i can justify my sling collection.

congrats Mama Norley!

oh... and i posted this beauty today. hope she gets lotsa snuggles at her new family *sniff*. i posted Cherry Drop too. to the mama who bought Cherry Drop, i demand dibs ok? rosa will be going out tomorrow too, all prepped for her new owner too.


alhamdulillah for a smooth first attempt at destashing. amin.

now if you'll excuse me, i need to go 'study' for Instrumentation. LOLZ.

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