June 11, 2012


lbs = lagenda budak setan

i don't know whether to like or hate the movie. perhaps a refresher is in order.

ok so kill me if i only just joined the LBS bandwagon. i rarely watched Malay movies at the cinema, i'd be happier watching Malay movies at home within the comfort of my bedroom walls. if the movie story lines weren't about sappy love stories with the usual predictable endings, they'd be about gangsters and mat rempits. or fake-looking hantus. in my mind lah, they would usually be cliche.

Ombak Rindu was ok. best by far (please ignore me, i'm usually bias -_-).

i've been harping on wanting to see this movie forever, so one day Significant Other downloaded the movie for me, and one night we watched it together. the movie made everything in the plot so rushed, so unnatural. then again, i was young when i read the book, i didn't have high expectations then. but i think for those who have read the book di zaman batu dulu, you'd agree that the books were good, no?

Shaliza, a childhood friend of mine, introduced the LBS books to me. i rarely read books in Malay medium - having been brought up in US during my first 7 years of living, i tended to sway towards 'English' - speaking bukan main, my internal thoughts were in English, even Malay looked foreign to me (i didn't get A1 for BM in my SPM btw haha). my favorite storybook of choice would be the Sweet Valley series, a book in those days cost only rm7.90. if i couldn't buy, i'd borrow them at Novel House in SS2. i remember being amazed at Nicholas, he was a big fan of the SV series.

anyway, the LBS trilogy books were great (in my mind, that is), the movie was not. in fact the movie sucked. which is why the hunt for these three books is in order.

i pretty much have nothing better to do atm =P even the kutus couldn't die. LOL.

by the way, has anyone seen this book? another Malay book i read when i was in Form 1. that was so long ago, i presume they don't sell this book anymore. i think i borrowed this from my friend Aryati, but i could be wrong. sometimes i wish i had never given the book back to her, teruk tak? wahahahahahah

p/s. after the movie baru Significant Other cakap Lisa Surihani chomel. like duh, i know that since Ombak Rindu lagi., hahah.

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