June 27, 2012

i.s.o. this n that

one of the bags i own that i didn't even buy.

no thanks to someone's blogpost - and mind you, i don't get swayed by bags easily - i keep coming back to look at this one:

sighhhhhhhhhh. Sarah, nak oder ni leh?

oh, look what came in the post for me earlier this morning - it's not mine, btw. i'm resorting to temp trading - much cheaper for the pocket, and won't cause you heartbreak if you don't like it later.

a colleague of mine thought i brought a pillow to work T__T.

the secret to get consumers to buy more is simple: having good customer service. if:

a) i enter a store where the staff assumes i don't have money to spend and doesn't even bother greeting me (never confuse this with hovering ok, i dislike people breathing down my neck while i shop, touching EVERYTHING i touch grrrr - tunggu org kluar kedai dulu, boleh tak? #$#@!%&),


b) staff greets you with a smile, entertain every stupid question you ask, and smile even if you don't buy a single thing after wasting their time with you-think pointless questions...

i'd definitely cave and buy from b), and i might even probably end up with more things than i planned on buying. LOL. the staff was soOoOO nice to my friend, and she only wanted to get a face mask and scrub. we got freebies!!! LOVE!
heck i think on my next pay day i'll come back to get this as well:

if i didn't know any better i would've spread some on a piece of bread and eat it. HAHAHAHA.

someone delivered at 34 weeks btw. congrats to the new momma! now i'm super envious of people with newborns. forgive me if i feel left out somewhat.


image from here

no thanks to another blogpost (and also no thanks to my sister-in-law =P) i caved n got this... (in my defense, i managed to destash 4 carriers, amin~)

ok peeps, that's all from me for today =D

oh... one more thing to share: my sil's adopted babies =D



myrnnss said...

hey tak aci beli baju button my buttons! nak jugakkkk!! O.O

E`n1x said...

nak ke? jom. nor leh dapat disc nest month. lai lai lai... aya muat S kot. sbb kakly sangat kiut pakai XS. wahahahahahah