January 11, 2011

this is for meself - wraps

ok so this is for babywearers eyes only. if you don't get my enthusiasm it's best to just stay away from this post.

if you still plan to continue on, just think of wraps being similar to shoes, tudungs, or whatever it is that you prefer to collect a.k.a. hoard or put to good use based on what color you're wearing that particular day =).

i love wraps. ok so i might have gotten a little carried away with wraps, but they're the best alternative to carry a growing baby. especially if they're still too tiny to get a good fit into soft structured carriers, and yet too heavy to support them with a ring sling for longer durations. i'm not mentioning mei tais because i have to deal with 4 straps, with wraps, only two ends =D.

before i begin, i'm just putting this shot just for me to drool and keep track of what is what and where is what, also as a form of size control and to estimate last year's damage... haha... should i even call it as that? lol. i'm not even going to pin point each one, nonono. not just yet. i'm just going to wait until the end of the year to see how much has churned. i find that fun to note.

but i do have to list the ones missing from the photo so that i don't forget: red-ivory (travelling), blue-grey butterflies (accessorized), and violet dyed wine pfau (which i forgot was in the car when i took the photo).

so here's to entering 2011:

wraps = 13 + 3 (otw) - 1

update 27/01:
updated for a few that has just recently joint the threshold:
- bbslen fruit cocktail 2.6
- tsf dyed blue 3.4

and otw:
- flower 3.7
- metal 2.6
- azur 4

recently sold and will be leaving soon: emerald island azur, soon to be leaving for sampan country. lol!

currently fs:
- natibaby turquoise-grey butterflies 5 $130
- natibaby pink purple butterflies 5 $120
- red-ivory indio 5 $130

thanks for looking =)


Rozy said...

wahh banyaknyaa wrap you..

Dina said...

is my baby too big/old for a ring sling?
i havent utilised mine
what's the max weight/age for an RS?

E`n1x said...

deens: i have a friend who still carries their 12kg+ child in RS... great for short trips =) so don't give up on RS just yet. RS doesn't really have an age/weight limit, it depends on whether u larat or not =P and what type of material ur RS is made of =)

rozy: =P and ada hati nk tambah ikan to the koleksi tu LOL

szarihan said...

huh crazy u! lol byk gile wrapss jeles i