January 13, 2011

this is for meself - RS

ok so i've just justified to myself why i NEED to do this: i can't remember for the life of me if i've missed anything out. thanks God for that spreadsheet of mine, lol. i just hope i don't get too lazy to update it.

just for the record, i started venturing into babywearing since Dayana was 5 months old, i still remember my first babywearing gathering at Tiny Tapir. dragged Sarah along to come for company. met a few veteran babywearers there, including Adrin (who was heavily pregnant in that lovely yellow dress =D - i still remember because at first i thought you were Chinese), rayhana and jess. at least, i think it was Jess. whoops. correct me if i'm wrong.

anyway, i've done wraps. now moving on to RS. despite the kids getting heavier, i still love them, they make quick trips easier to handle, easy to bring around, and they come with sleepy dust too =). i used to love short tails, now that i'm used to BFing in an RS i prefer my tails long. material-wise my collection consists of shijiras, pure linen, soft linen, wrap conversions, a silk and a couple of others. in terms of shoulder preference, i seem to favor my SBP shoulder alot more than the others, i have a mixture of Jumpsac and Pslings as well. my silk is Eesti, the CJs are hybrid.

i'm thinking of adding another kasuri and a couple more WCRS before i can declare myself RS-stashified =P.

two is currently not in the photo, one has yet to arrive, the other is my CJ silhouette, which i've borrowed to Kakak to use.

rs = 11 + 1

added 14/01:
L-R: brick blue shijira, marshmallow shijira, cherry drop avant grad, green kasuri, cj grad, eesti silk, js pure linen, js softlinen, chococabana wcrs, ulli wcrs, cj silhouette (not in photo), shijira (otw)

the last hook: for my planning 2 wcrs =P


szarihan said...

err tak brapa nampak, y dont u list which's what hehe...12 is a lot okeh...still want to add pulak tu lol

Rozy said...

ha ahhh..bila bertindan nampak tak banyak..
list down laa.. :p