January 23, 2011

Dayana's first hand painting

we bought some color paints from Toys R Us ages ago but we never got the chance to utilize it until recently. i didn't want to imagine the messiness that i would have to handle so i kept delaying this activity. one weekend Dayana seemed bored so i decided to bring out the paints once the younger one took her afternoon nap.

i didn't have proper art supplies for her to use so i improvised with A4 papers, plastic containers to put the paints, newspapers and used one of my old smallest sized tshirts for a smock. the A4 papers got soggy after awhile, so i guess proper art paper would be more suitable.

since it was her first time, every single one of her masterpiece turned out to be a big mess, haha. and she kept straying to only one color when i already prepared several colors to choose from. i guess you could say she enjoyed the experience. at least it didn't occur to her to start hand painting the floor, the walls, the furniture, etc.

let's get dirty!!!

some of the masterpieces she created - the neater ones, i did =P

adding more color to her masterpiece

purple seemed to be her favorite color at the time

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