January 17, 2011

back carries!

for the record, i have recently started braving back carry in the house. lol. once i've started, it's addictive. and like galileo, i now feel like chopping all my wraps into a shorter size *evil laugh*.

thing is, i have yet to learn how to carry without the initial help of a mirror and the bed. the first time i tried, i only managed to get her on my back before i admitted defeat due to backache. kah kah kah. the first carry i attempted was RTIF. ok so i followed an RUB tutorial but i had excess tails. so ikat lah sana sini keliling pinggang lol. the first wrap i tried was with a 4.2m. wayyy too long.


second attempt was with a 3.6m. wayy better, but still with a little bit of access.

zara infinity

a friend of mine commented it was like i was bringing a back pack. haha. it's actually soo much easier to be able to carry her and yet be out of your way as you make your way up and down the stairs doing chores and whatnot.

i just haven't tried attempting it outside yet. all dolled up and nowhere to go. summore i don't think 'some' people would have the patience to wait for me to do up the carry. too bad i can't pre-tie in the car. hahahahahah.

can't wait for the 3.4m and 2.6m to arrive. and then i'll be able to decide which length suits me best =).

ok ok... lepas ni i should be shorty-shified. unless a cool 50% linen comes along.

no cicaks, snails and fishies for me anymore please.

yesterday we went to watch The Green Hornet at GSC One Utama. jay chou = chunnnnns =P~~~ the main actor has this aura which makes me think of only one thing: annoying. i dunno why. not that they're lousy or anything. it's the same feeling i get whenever i see will ferrell acting. probably because they don't come across as having the chun factor. hahaha.

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