January 28, 2011

holiday keepsake

photo originally from here

isn't it sweet? soon to be chopped.
anyone interested in the extra when it arrives?
or maybe i can turn the extra into a mini blanket for Dinara. lol.
created by a very talented mama =)

p/s. frust punye pasal i can't score a red kasuri til now, hahaha.


szarihan said...

jap, apekah ini? nak chop sorg dpt brapa panjang?? byk nye otw fluffies lol

E`n1x said...

pah, this is the last one. need funds for car repair this month =(
this is a hemp, i wanted the POC one tp sold already. and i malas nk stalk becuase stalking will lead to more damages iykwim.
it's a 6, tp i'm thinking i want a 3.4, so i dunno ade leftover brape, but i think paling kurang pun boleh convert into RS.
but converting the extra into a blanky pun bes jugak ehehe