January 14, 2011

ramblings from the mouth of Dayana

while reading her handy manny book:

Dayana: mommy, apa ni? (pointing to the orange wrench)
me: itu Turner
Dayana: (contemplates for a while) tu Nasty (Rusty) lah!
me: aiyak, sorry, mommy silaplah

lol, even she knows better than me. hahaha.

her favorite phrase: apa ni?

apa ni?
apa ni?
mommy, apa ni?
apa ni?
apa ni???????

@_@ = me

@_@??? = me

T_T = me

it gets frustrating when she wants something but i don't know what. like the other day she was asking me for something that sounded like 'eko'.

what the heck is an 'eko'??

her Atuk storied that the other day at my parent's place she wanted to ask my mom for milk... but her Tok Ami was busy in the kitchen, she got so frustrated for being ignored that she plainly asked my mom, 'Boleh takkkkkk, susu?'. hahaha.

she sudah pandai say 'No'. chis. and the more we tell her not to, the more she'll do it just to irritate me.

yesterday i was busy on the PC (as usual) when i overheard Dayana mumbling behind me on the floor. so i decided to stop what i was doing and focused on what she was doing. Dayana was on the floor sitting smack in the middle her Aqua Doodle and was naming each of the pictures that represented the alphabet as best as she could.

lol, i didn't even know she could do that.

on the Aqua Doodle, apple represented A, ball represented B, cat represented C.

me: (pointing to the Apple) ini apa?
Dayana: tu Apple. nyam nyam.
me: (pointing to the Ball) ini apa?
Dayana: Ball.
me: clever girl! (pointing to the Cat) ini apa?
Dayana: tu Nasty.


i was surprised she could name some of the other pictures too. oh here's another one i wanted to laugh at.

on Aqua Doodle, rain represented R.

me: (pointing to the rain) ini apa?
Dayana: sim-pool.

sim-pool = swimming pool.


on the Aqua Doodle, box represented X (i think this is abit dumb because X should have been represented by xylophone), yacht represented Y, Zebra represented Z.

me: (pointing to the 'box') apa ni?
Dayana: tu pesent. (present. at first she told me it was Dibo)
me: (pointing to the yacht) ini apa?
Dayana: tu.. tu... uhhh... *babbles in her own language* --- yoyoyo boat! (dengan penuh bangganya hahahahahhahahaha)

yoyoyo boat = row row row your boat. lol.

me ---> T_T!!!!!!!! rotflmao

me: (pointing to the zebra) ini apa?
Dayana: itu zee-ba!

haiz. she's still in tak-reti-nak-sebut-R mode.

and then we spent the night dancing to 'sorry sorry' by that korean group and 'nobody' by the wondergirls that Daddy played on youtube. despite all that, Dayana still slept late. haiz.

she's growing up reallll fast. in the following photo these two looks pretty much the same. i remember me not looking anything alike compared to my second sister. so of course they're sisters, they're supposed to share a bit of resemblance, right? =)

before bedtime

oh and another thing, Dayana likes to address herself as 'meh'. like,

'mana iPhone meh???'
'mehh nak tdo adikkkkk'

i dunno where she got this. my mom addresses herself as 'mek'. but then Dayana hasn't been around her grandparents for awhile. so mana blaja...? hmmm.

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Maneesa said...

OMG Cute!
Like twins!